In Range Sight-Bloc

In Range Supplies sell range and shoot house equipment, including ricochet preventing material made out of recycled rubber. Someone at the company figured out that if you cut the rubber up into a block it makes for a nifty shooting rest. The company is now selling the In Range Sight-Bloc made from recycled rubber. Each block has been cut on three sizes so that it can be rotated to give different in height shooting platform. The MSRP is $50.

Steve Johnson

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  • Murdock

    that’s a neat idea!

  • Geoff

    You’ve actually got 5 different heights of you’re willing to shoot on the flat side instead of the grooved side. Based on the picture above you could flip the block completely over to raise the rifle another inch. Turn it 90 deg and put it in the groove for more height. Flip it 180 from there to get the tallest setting. Use it on the flat side fr a live low setting.

  • Reverend Clint

    how heavy is it and if you use a rifle with a rail will it tear up the rubber?

  • We ordered several of these at SHOT last January and have been using them quite often. They weigh about 15 pounds and seem to be as close to indestructible as it gets. Like Geoff suggested above, we have used just about every side and have been able to somewhat “fine tune” the height for different shooters. The somewhat matte rubber surface hasn’t damaged the finish/furniture on any firearms we’ve shot and seems to provide a good balance between preventing the firearm from moving too freely and being too tacky (like a smoother rubber surface might be.) We really like them and I expect their utility will long outlive mine…if it already hasn’t!

  • jacob

    Every time I see recycled rubber I think ground tires. Ground tires smell and have metal wire fragment in them amoung other issues. Any that uses this notice if that was an issue?

    • There was no wire visible anywhere, the rubber appears to have been rendered into “flakes” and then processed which would make it fairly simple to remove the ferrous metals from the material. I generally don’t sit around sniffing my gun rests but I didn’t notice any overpowering smell of rubber (I have a pretty sensitive nose.) If you sniffed ours I suspect they’d smell more like burnt gunpowder.

  • boskone

    I’d have to use one, but I agree with most of the posts so far: looks pretty neat.

  • bob?

    I’d pay $10 for it…

    • Brandon

      I think $50 is a lot for a block of rubber

  • The Army has had those on zero ranges for years… (at least at Ft. McCoy. And I mean they look almost exactly the same, except they have one more cut for a really low rest.)

    They’re ok… but I like sandbags better.

  • Fred Johnson

    A local shooting range I go to every now and then has these same rests on the 50 yards bench rests. It seems they are aimed at rifle shooters with long magazines since you can get some height out of them. Once I figured out the height that suited me, it was easy to use. There was no way to use a rear sandbag unless it was stacked I imagine. So, it’s almost like using an improvised rest in the field and you still have to shoulder the gun well.

    A bonus for smooth bottom hunting rifles is the Sight Bloc is long enough where you can just balance your gun in the Bloc’s U-shaped cut outs if you need to make a scope adjustment.

    As a side note, I don’t recall any rubber smell or any material protruding from the Bloc that would mar a typical gun’s finish whether wood, poly, or metal.

    • sgt fish

      yep. most of the m16/m4 ranges ive been to have a variation of this block. they are pretty nice and last a lot longer than sandbags. i prefer to shoot off of sandbags but these are a lot better for versatility and ease of use.

  • Jon

    Army’s been using them for years. It seems that although there are 5 different heights, none of them are optimal, and it’s light, so it doesn’t feel particularly sturdy. I preferred sandbags my self.

  • Anon

    Been using them locally for a while on the range, and they’ve survived the dumbest of idiot rifle shooters quite well. Sandbags and carpet-covered wooden rests wound up getting eaten up from muzzle blast/low strikes every few months, but thus far the sight blocks seem to be holding up. They’re not an ideal solution, nowhere near as precise as a set of sandbags, but like a Glock it’s an ugly, durable, reliable means of getting the job done for anyone and everyone.

  • Jason

    for what it’s worth, I do think
    “cut on three sizes”
    is supposed to be
    “cut on three sides”.


  • Lance

    Nice but id prefer wood less chance of scrapping the finish.

  • OverWatch

    $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see blocks of this similar high-density crap in my local business recycle dumpsters used for packaging sensitive electronic assemblies. $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Range Sight-Bloc, congratulations to you for getting blokes to pay that kind of money for something thats less than $5 in reality. Awesome marketing! I can ONLY IMAGINE how much of our tax dollars is being spent for something like this that had to go through Mil-Spec qualifications. Remember the $436 hammer and the $640 toilet seat. Exactly

    Shooters, spend the money and a little extra on a good quality adjustable bipod or forward grip with retracting bipod. No muss & no fuss. Do your really want to lug this foam block stand around with you along with your weapon(s), safety gear, targets & ammo? At the very least, pack sand because its waaayyy cheaper.

    • SheepDog

      Agreed, I would rather untilize a bipod or at the very leads sand bag it.

    • M4Sopmoder

      It’s okay but your right, I wold not want to carry that thing around with my kit. Yea, $49.99 is overpriced for what it is.

  • Tony

    LOL, I will make my own and sell for $10

  • Mike Knox

    What is it with companies trying to sell people something they can make themselves?

    • ArtOfWar

      Just like the 5 recent posts below, waste of $50. This thing will eventually end up in the garbage.
      Get a bipod.

  • fizz

    I say kuddos to the entrepenuer of an american made product, if someone wants to buy it, great, if you want to make ur own cheaper, great. The block is made of recycled material and is heat/flame resistant, keeping the shooters safety in mind. Our state police academy has several, which makes total sense considering the long life of the product and the target audience using the product.