Henry Lever Action Sight Upgrade

Many years ago gun companies stopped shipping their rifles with decent iron sights, if they included sights at all, assuming that their customer would use them with optics. I frequently seek out improved iron sights for the rifles I buy. Mr. RevolverGuy has written about his Henry Lever Action sight upgrade. He replaced the stock front sight with a Marble Bullseye sight and his front sight with a HIViz fiber optic sight.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mechman

    I do love a good set of iron sights. At this point, I’ve actually takes the scopes OFF some of my rifles so I can use the irons better.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    That is a very nice upgrade to the Henry’s iron sights — an upgrade that befits the rifle’s high-quality fit and finish and general mechanical excellence. I hope that Mr RevolverGuy will keep all of us posted as to how well it performs at the range and in the field!

  • jacob

    I get put off by the color of the fiber being green and very modern on a classic gun. And the ridges in the front. Maybe if the front had a look more like the rear I would be interested.

    • Burst

      You can get much of the same functionality out of a gold bead sight.

      To me, that option really shines on more traditional guns like these.

  • I like ’em. The HiViz does look a slight bit modern, but on the whole they set looks pretty on the gun. And since we have this to compare it to – http://www.mossberg.com/product/rifles-lever-action-centerfire-464-spx/41026 – I think Mr. RevolverGuy has availed himself quite nicely to be able to see what he’s shootin’ at.

  • derekb

    ” He replaced the stock front sight with a Marble Bullseye sight and his front sight “

  • derekb

    My marlin 39a wears a williams receiver sight with a fiber front and I think it’s just dandy.

  • Cymond

    The front sight does look very modern, but also very practical. The rear sight? I’ve never seen one before, so no opinion. Why the double-ring? What is the advantage over a standard peep sight?

    • Zincorium

      My guess would be that the outer ring on the rear sight is basically a protective hood, to keep the actual aperture from getting dinged up through hard use. Same logic as the protective rings on the front sight.

      If you’re actually using the rifle out in the woods and you’ll be moving through brush, it helps to have something between adjustable sights and any given branch or tree that might knock them off true.

  • The older I get, the more I like the fiber optic front sights. I’ve got fairly good vision, and on a good day can use iron sights accurately. But on a bad day, I need glasses or a fiber optic.

    I like the protective hood over the fiber optic. I’d like to be having a few of these on several of my long guns. I’ve got fiber front sights on a a few handguns and really like them.

  • This is the base model Henry which does not have many front sight options at all. As a matter of fact HIViz is the only company making something for the H001 Base model Henry. If you get the octagon barrel there is all sorts of options like a gold bead. I have just found out Andy the new owner of Skinner sights can take the iron sight version and cut a dovetail for one of his gold or black iron sights. Again mine was the plastic barrel band but if you call Henry they will usually ship you a metal one for free which then could be sent in to Andy at Skinner for the dovetail to be cut in. Though honestly I believe I am going to stick with the HiViz sight.

  • iMick

    Anyone know where to get that Front Sight hood? Just done a firesight upgrade on my Winchester 9422 and need to replace the hood with one like this one to let more light in.

  • Hi. Where do I put the micro sight on my rearsight?