Click, Click, Boom

Long time readers of this blog will know I am a sucker for Israeli defense videos. There is just something about them that I love. This IDF promo video is entitled “Click,Click, Boom” …

Steve Johnson

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  • Joe Schmoe

    Sweet clip.

    • Matt


      • Joe Schmoe

        Movie *clip*… Unless your joke flew over my head.

      • ChielScape

        I think that was Matt’s joke.

  • ยค

    THE JEWS DID IT!!1! lol I can actually say that because it is true… nice video, will now be looking up other IDF videos ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 15yroldgunman

    M203 on a tar21 or x95 is so ugly makes sense but is really ugly and login the camo on the fn mags

  • boskone

    Heh, I like the broken camera lens.

  • 032125

    Like all military promotional videos, they ignore the other 99% of military fun, like PMCSing, Conex layouts, scrubbing out barracks and polishing shoes. Cool video though.

    • Joe Schmoe

      You left out washing dishes.

    • and peeling potatoes!

  • Khoury

    My impression is that advertising and promotion seems to be the only strong suit of IMI.

    • Zincorium

      Eh, their guns seem to be perfectly functional if not wildly popular, with the exception of the ridiculous desert eagle.

      I have heard of their special forces using M4s/M16s, but I would tend to attribute that to “Oh man, the US has all of the cool stuff, obviously they’re using the best gun ever, ’cause they can afford it!” rather than the result of actual weapons trials.

      The Tavor just doesn’t have the same prestige, it’s the grunt’s rifle.

      • Roy Rapoport

        I was born in Israel but left before military service, so I know this only second-hand — I’m told that, by and large, the reason the IDF uses what US firearms it uses is largely due to the fact that much of the US subsidies to Israel come as subsidies for military purchases they have to make with US manufacturers (so the money goes back to us anyway).

        When I was in my early teens, this is what they told us about the Galil as well — that it was a superior rifle to the M16, but that due to subsidies the M16 family was so much cheaper than the Galil that it didn’t make sense to field it.

  • bob

    It’s fun to oppress Palestinians because GUNS!!! YAY!


    Can’t you be a firearms enthusiast without giddy adoration of military shit? Hit up uzi finder and get yourself your own full auto so you don’t have to gush over IDF shit.

    • Brian in Seattle

      Go away, Troll! Keep politics off of this blog. Most of us here love the military stuff.

      • bob

        So go buy some military shit.

    • Tim

      Bob – the vast majority of Israelis don’t give a crap either way about who is in charge of what land. they just don’t want bombs going off in their streets and rockets being lobbed at their towns.

      A vid for the IDF is hardly political, and certainly not oppressing anyone. Take your disguised anti-Semitism and get out of here.

      • Brandon

        While I agree bob’s comment broke the no politics rule, I think you’re out of line to call him an anti-semite. Just because he opposes some of Israel’s actions doesn’t mean he hates Jews.

        I think what he was trying to articulate (albeit, very poorly) is the same problem I have with these IDF videos: they make war out to be glamorous and fun when in fact they are nasty affairs. Even justified wars lead to the deaths of the brave men fighting them, and inevitably civilians also.

      • John Doe

        I don’t want to be political, but not liking Israel now makes you anti-Semitic?

      • John Doe

        I’m with Brandon. Temporarily disregard the no-politics rule and explain why disliking the way the Israelis approach politics turns you into an anti-Semite. Maybe disliking what the Catholic church sometimes does now says that you hate Christians.

  • bbmg

    sweet video, not an original concept though:

  • MacDeth

    Ewww Zionist, shoot em all! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lance

    Israel better boom Iran soon before Iran goes boom on the world!!

    • MacDeth

    • DW

      We should boom boom this comment also!

  • Don

    Sounded like they were attempting the soundtrack from Chicago, Cell Block Tango/ He had it coming….

  • Badaboom

    lol.. Yeah, one little Hezbollah platoon and they’re wiped out. Or kidnapped.