Russian Sniper Rifles

There are some nifty sniper rifles being developed in Russia. Vitaly V. Kuzmin took some beautiful photos of rifles at the Armorer’s Day Snipers’ Contests in Russia.

ORSIS SE Varmint
7,62мм снайперская винтовка МЦ-116М (7.62mm sniper rifle MTs-116M)
Еще одна СВ-98
ORSIS T-5000 7 RSAUM (Possibly a typo for 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum)
ORSIS T-5000 .338LM
7,62мм снайперская винтовка СВ-98 (7.62mm sniper rifle SV-98)
That rare creature, the Russian Glock (Glock 34 Gen4 assembled in Russia by Promtechnologies Group under Glock license)

Many more photos from the event at Vitaly’s blog.

[ Many thanks to Boris for the tip. ]

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  • KC

    …. I kind of want a Russian Glock now

  • Nathaniel

    7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum. Sounds right to me.

  • I only had the chance to see and use this in online games and never had the chance to even at least see it in reality. I hope I can handle one of these snipers soon and hopefully I can be able to do firing. 🙂

    • NI Shooter

      Does the sniper know you want to handle him? Or did you mean the sniper rifles? 😛

      • bbmg

        😀 😀 😀

        “to do firing” eh…

    • sniper

      you want to handle me? WHAT THE HELL MAN?!

      but in all seriousness if you want an SV98 you can get one from red dragun its a damn fine rifle to own and always turns the newbies heads.

  • NI Shooter

    Always loved SV-98s, beautiful rifle and the action always seemed so smooth, plus the brake gives the 54R a nice thunderclap sound when fired 😀

  • Lemming

    Oh boy, the things I would do to get my hands on that ORSIS in .338. .

    EXTREMELY high quality rifle from what I’ve heard.

  • bbmg

    Funky bipod on that T-5000! Can anyone identify it?

  • Máté

    I believe “МЦ-116М” is MC-116M, not MTS-116M.

    • bbmg

      The “Ц” in Russian has a “ts” sound, therefore the translation is correct.

      For example:

      The Russian designation is written as “E-166”, but in Russian the “E” denotes a “ye” sound, so the correct English representation would be Ye-166.

      • Máté

        I believe that’s Ч, like in Чернобыль.

      • Máté

        Excuse my idiocy, my first language is Hungarian, and it’s also phonetic, so Ч is spelled as C. My comments can be deleted now, sorry.

      • bbmg

        “Ч” is “Tch” – Чайко́вский is Tchaikovsky, not Tsaikovsky.

        • Máté

          Yeah, sorry, I got confused, because in my first language Ц is spelled like C.

  • mac66

    Flipping through the tv channels recently and ran across an episode of Burn Notice. The plot was about the main character trying to find out who was running “Russian Sniper Rifles.” Of course they were talking about the super secret and deadly Dragonov which you can still find at any big gun show (albeit at high prices these days).

    • Esh325

      You’re highly unlikely to come across a Dragunov at a gun show. They haven’t been imported in almost 15 years due to some import ban. The closest you can get to a Dragunov is the Romanian PSL, which isn’t really a Dragunov. Many people mistake the PSL for a Dragunov.

      • Reverend Clint

        no actually it was a Dragonov

      • Reverend Clint

        oops read that completely wrong

    • W

      Reminds me of the PSG-1 ban.

      Pretty ridiculous stuff.

      Im sure those bloods and MS13 gang members would be using PSG1s and SVDs to rob 7/11s and wage gang warfare LOL.

  • Mike

    “RSAUM” is an acceptable abbreviation for “Remington Short Action Ultra-Mag”, which is the full name, though I mostly hear it referred to as the “SAUM”

  • Vitor

    Those ORSIS rifles look beautiful and extremely well made.

  • neblogenso

    It’s a pity Lobaev rifle is missing. I’v heard they are an excellent rifles.

  • Lance

    Most of those are not Russian Army sniper rifles but long range target rifles. The CB-98 and SV-98 are but mostly used by Russian Police and Military special units. The SVD is not mentioned and is the standard DMR/Sniper rifled used by Russian infantry.

    • Lemming


      Common squad-based marksman are still equipped with the SVD. (not that that’s a bad thing) 😉

      Long range sniper units on the other hand mostly use foreign-made rifles like the Sako TRG chambered in .338, although there are likely some SV-98s in use with them as well.

      I know as a fact that the MTS-116M is in use by the Special forces of the MVD (internal affairs), as well as the SV-98 and 99 like you mentioned. The SVD and VSS silent rifle are also fairly common sights.

      FSO (VIP protection) and FSB (counter-terrorism/intelligence) personnel have both been seen using some of Lobaev’s rifles.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a few very elite units were equipped with the ORSIS T-5000. Actually I know there are, as a team of the FSB won the world championship of sniping in 2012 using the T-5000.

  • gunslinger

    i’d like some rangetime there

  • Will

    It’s worth noting that many of the scopes are ITAR controlled….

  • NightEye

    ORSIS SE Varmint looks so sexy to me. I like the design.
    I wish someone one day will make a good detailed review on some Russian military sniper rifles like VSK-94, VSSK, SVDK, OSV-96 and brand new VS-8.

  • darrel

    7,62мм снайперская винтовка МЦ-116М (7.62mm sniper rifle MTs-116M)

    It might be the wood stain, but I like this one a lot.