Remington RAHG Spotted in the wild

A keen eyed reader spotted the Remington Defense RAHG hadguard in a real life segment of a video promo for the upcoming Medal of Honor:War Fighter game.

Are far as I know, Remington has no plans to make this handguard available to consumers.

The full HoH:Warfighrer promo video is here (the handguard is can be seen at 1:09 and 1:43)…

[ Many thanks to Joseph for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Higgs

    Very possible it is just an air soft prop.

    • KC

      in most cases I’d agree with you, but this particular game, EA has REALLY focused on authenticity. They got Magpul, Surefire, Trijicon, Larue, and a bunch of other firearm related companies involved in the game. The used “real steel” the entire time for their promotions so far, why would they suddenly switch now?

      • Higgs

        Key word was possible. Didn’t see it firing, though on my phone screen there isn’t much detail.

      • Joseph

        It’s true Remington has no deal with MoH. Moreover the in-game footage shows standard rails so far.

        A big proving point for these being legit is the fact Remington as far as anyone knows does not make an airsoft version of that rail at all. It being on an HK416 is a big deal to see right now as opposed to a standard AR which can be found in one picture on the internet so far.

    • Could be, but remington have been known to get product placement in video games, so I would not be surprised if it is real.

      • Trev

        Yeah no kidding. Most video game makers have to change the names/logos on firearms to avoid royalties ect.

        It would not surprise me if there were advertising deals tied into how well weapons preformed in games or if they had the logo on the weapon.

  • Gidge

    Not surprising. Remington has been making a point of getting product placement in video games.

    In the last Call of Duty 3 they made a point of getting a few of their rifles in there with very fisible Remington logos on the weapon models

    • 15yroldgunman

      Not cod 3 man that was mw3 on the acr and msr sorry to bust ur balls

  • JMD

    1:39 hand in contact with the suppressor on the MP7.

    • AC

      Pardon my ignorance, but is that considered bad form?

      • Chase

        Only insofar as burning your hand is bad form. It might be as embarrassing as it is painful.

  • Gidge

    Good point. All the modern COD/MW play almost exactly the same with minor cosmetic changes. Makes it hard to keep track

    • Nmate

      By and large you are correct, but Battlefield plays a lot differently than Call of Duty. It is like the difference between a Michael Bay movie (Call of Duty) and a Ridley Scott film (Battlefield).

  • Doug

    Yes, that handguard would be too dangerous for the general public. Just like the “shoulder things that go up.”

  • jdun1911

    If you’re good at CAD it will only take you about 30 minutes to design your own custom rails. Put it on a CNC machine and wait an hour or two.

  • Lance

    Not bad Remington made it for the new M-4A2 the army is developing. not bad set up.

  • FormerSFMedic

    MOH has gone a LONG way to make this game the most authentic Special Operations based game ever. With that said, they worked right along side active and retired Special Operations folks to get everything right. So, it is no surprise that the Remington RAHG is featured in a promo for the game. The title of the trailer is ST6 Combat Training. I guess I’m confused about this article a little bit.

    As far as Remington not releasing the RAHG for commercial sales? What did you expect, Remington is one of the most anti American gun owner companies out there. Remington is the American HK.

    • Anonymoose

      This is just lame tacticool product placement, pure and simple.

      • FormerSFMedic

        I’m sorry brother, I read my comment back to myself and just realized that, out of context, it sounds opposite of what I was trying to say. No disrespect to you. I respect your opinion
        but I think you may change your mind after I put the information out there.

        Last year some JSOC units began searching for a slick forend for their HK416’s. They held a selection process and ultimately chose two systems. Delta went with the Geiselle forend and ST6 went with the Remington RAHG forend. The selection was made just recently and both of these units now accept their 416 orders with the new forends already installed. So, actually, the video is up to the minute on what these guys are actually using. If you think about it, showing these guys running the 416 with the HK quad rail would have shown a lack of authenticity. Again, no disrespect, just thought the story might change your mind.

      • Anonymoose

        Huh…I did not know that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Anonymoose

      I agree with you on every point. One would think actual DEVGRU members would have done a better job in consulting for this game though, but then again, you’d also think Richard Machowicz would object to the silly crap he’s scripted to say and do on TV…