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  • WVM

    They look cool, I’ll give em that, especially with a full length rail going right up to the muzzle end. I wonder how effective they are though, or if they are more for show than anything else.

  • alannon

    -03 looks like it belongs on the end of something from a scifi movie, IMO.

    But as WVM says, if these are actually effective, they’d look good on a rail that runs all the way to the comp.

  • Other Steve

    They won’t be effective with that outside diameter and port size. This is just mall ninja bling. They lost me at “dummy suppressor”.

  • burner

    ha ha i thought that said fat camp

  • FourString

    These muzzle breaks remind me of Star Wars blasters. very cool

  • Trev

    Mall ninjas are whipping out the wallets.

  • Mike Knox

    Man, some sompanies just love their CNC machines..

    • Fmonk

      Wouldn’t you if you had one?

      • Mike Knox

        Well, Maybe..

  • jasond

    any range reports on any of these items? the descriptions on fheir site, talks alot about aesthetics, but doesnt talk about performance. which leaves me apprehensive.

  • Ian

    My personal favorite is the Tremors one (03). I applaud SI for making very low machining time parts but I see one slight possible problem. How do you torque them on (assuming you’re supposed to do more than hand tighten)?