Poll: Will The 2012 Presidential Election increase demand for guns & ammunition?

Last year I ran an almost identical poll. I will be comparing the results from this poll and last year’s poll and publishing them.

NOTE: This poll is not political. It is not asking what you think the presidential candidates will do if they win, only how people will react before and after the elections.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • freeman

    Which candidate actually signed a gun ban again?

    • Mike

      Which candidate was on the board of an anti gun fund again?

    • Chase

      As far as I know, both of them did push for severe anti-gun legislation at the state level when they held state offices. Romney signed Massachusetts’ “assault weapons” ban into law, and Obama supported anti-gun legislation in the Illinois state Senate.

      Neither one will ever be a friend of gun owners, and as a result, the upcoming election is going to provoke even more nervous buying than is already going on.

  • Billy Bones

    Poll is flawed, 2 qustions left out…
    Will demand increase both before and after the election.
    Obama or Romney

    we are already seeing an increase in purchasing.

  • Ducksquad101

    Kinda pointless poll … Just go looking around for guns and ammo, pretty obvious people are buying the stuff up already

  • Brian P.

    Of course it will.

  • Wyatt

    I work in a local sporing goods store in the hunting/gun department. We have seen an increase in sales already, some saying because of Obama, several after the Aurora Colorado shooting and others say with the current status of the world they just want a gun. I worked at the same store at the time of the last election and if history shows us anything we will have in steady increase before the election and if Obama gets a second term we will see a major increase after the election.

    • Phil White


      It will probably be just like last time. Like you said if Obama is elected sales will be greater than last time with shortages of ammo etc. Of course prices will go up again and not fall very much once the rush is over.

  • Tim

    Sales are on the rise right now.

    My prediction is that a Obama win rush will be far larger than a Romney one. While both are no friend to gun owners, only one has shown that he is willing to go behind Congress to get things he wants done.

    Then there was fast and furious….

    I do not claim to know the future. I don’t claim that either president will do anything. I only speculate how people will react.

    2008’s rush will look small by comparison

  • Abram

    I get your desire to steer clear of politics, and just talk guns, Steve. However, t
    he two are ultimately inseparable, until the firearm is as obsolete as the wooden club.

  • Nelson

    Demand will increase in the run-up to the election, as well as after the election if Obama wins. The same exact thing happened in 2008, because a lot of gun lovers are paranoid conspiracy theorists that think Obama is going to somehow take their guns, despite being one of the most gun-friendly presidents we’ve had in a while, and despite Congress being overwhelmingly pro-gun (all Republicans and a lot of Blue Dog Democrats are pro-gun).

    But THIS TIME, he’s got a secret plan to do it, I bet. Right? Anyway, check out stocks like Smith & Wesson, it’s been shooting up all year and will continue to do so, especially if Obama wins. Beginning of this year was a great time to buy gun stocks.

    • W

      “because a lot of gun lovers are paranoid conspiracy theorists that think Obama is…” a murdering, jackbooted imperator that is just as bad as his predecessor and nothing meaningful has been accomplished under him.

      The big thing i strongly disagree with is the idea that obama is is ineffective. that is not true in the least bit. he is extremely effective at what he does and what he is: a banking, corporatist president.

  • MacM

    Our Gov’t can’t agree on bills that help out Vet’s (Vet’s Jobs billed that recently failed to pass). This seemed like something EVERYONE in gov’t could get behind.

    So if they can’t pass legislation that most people would support why on earth would people think any sort of gun ban would have a chance of passing?

    Just saying there’s such an impasse in gov’t that LOGICAL things that NEED to be passed don’t, what are the chances such a hot topic thing would change? Zero I think

    • Adam

      A well-reasoned line of thinking!

    • Bob Z Moose

      Have to agree on legislation. Nothing will make it to the President’s desk if the legislative branch remains in the hands of the GOP and Obama is reelected. Where a ton of fear comes from, though, is who will be running th DoJ (hence, the ATF), who’s running the Senate ( they vote on international treaties, like the UN arms control treaty), and executive orders (Obama seems to enjoy being willy-nilly with these). Obama in a lame duck terms rightfully scares a lot of shooters. He’s pretty much free to do as he pleases without fearing a reelection. Look at what happened with the Healthcare Law. Tons of Democrats lost seats in the midterms, some of them in “safe” disricts. He doesn’t care about making sure Democrats keep power in Washington, just about his agenda. I’m in no way saying Romney is gonna be better, but unless Gary Johnson comes out of f***ing nowhere and wins, he’s the most “pro” gun candidate running. Elections have consequences and the primaries aren’t any different.

      • W

        The problem with the current paradigm is that somebody like Gary Johnson would never get into office. The various complexes in our current system have too much at stake and will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo maintained. Pretty sad.

        Wouldnt it be nice if somebody like him got into office though? im sure constituents in the defense industry would disagree LOL.

  • W

    Expect significant demand for firearms and ammunition in the next five years.

    I think its interesting how folks that took measures for preparedness were labeled as “crazy survivalists” back in the pre-millenium era. After 9/11 a few more thought it was sensible. Then hurricane katrina happened, and somehow preparedness became more and more of a good idea.

    Dont expect good things from either candidate. especially on the firearms and ammunition end; both of their records are abysmal.

    • Esh325

      There are so many possible things in this world that can kill you because you weren’t prepared for it. Am I saying you shouldn’t have any degree of self preservation? No. Am I saying everything is going to be peaches and cream and an economic collapse SHTF can’t happen? No. However, I don’t think a person is living if they are living a life of worry. There are more realistic and immediate threats to your life than not being prepared for an economic collapse. I see a lot of fat survivalists that spend thousands of dollars on survival equipment, when they are more likely to die of heart attack walking up the stairs or die sitting on the can.

      • W

        “There are so many possible things in this world that can kill you because you weren’t prepared for it.”


        “Am I saying you shouldn’t have any degree of self preservation? No. Am I saying everything is going to be peaches and cream and an economic collapse SHTF can’t happen? No.”

        Same here. I believe self preservation is the most important trait that even takes precedent over long term storage of anything.

        “However, I don’t think a person is living if they are living a life of worry
        There are more realistic and immediate threats to your life than not being prepared for an economic collapse.”

        Nobody is arguing that. You cannot do anything to alleviate “realistic and immediate” threats but you can improve your odds of successfully transitioning from the post-infinite growth economic paradigm. It really makes me wonder what a lot of people think though when their survivalism consumes their entire life and free time though. One of the most predominant lines from the show “doomsday preppers” is: ive given up a lot of hobbies.

        “I see a lot of fat survivalists that spend thousands of dollars on survival equipment, when they are more likely to die of heart attack walking up the stairs or die sitting on the can.”

        LOL…jesus i know right!?

        what really amuses me is the guy that stockpiles hundreds of pounds of fried beans and MREs and expects to live off of those. By himself. With a room full of weapons and ammunition.

        Anybody who takes post-transition scenarios seriously bands together with other like-minded people and plans on growing their own food.

    • Esh325

      I agree with what you’re saying. There is a big difference between being prepared and letting prepping consume your life.

  • John Doe

    Firearms and politics are intertwined nowadays. Neither candidate is the gun owner’s friend, but so far Obama has done nothing to hurt gun owners.

    Vote for the candidate that you think is right, not because you think Obama/Romney will take your guns.

  • Jaymes

    Demand will obviously increase, but I doubt anything would happen with either Candidate Romney or President Obama. I think Obama knows he can’t or should try and deal with guns, and Romney might be cocky enough to try and do it. Romney has passed anti-gun bills in the past, while Obama hasn’t touched the subject with a ten-foot pole (Maybe he did with a 12 foot).

  • West

    Gun company lobbyist, along with the NRA, pressure politicians to stoke paranoia about this issue in order to jack up sales.

    • jpcmt

      Exactly this. It is soooo friggen boring to see all the fear-mongering by the NRA, gun shop idiots who think they know something, and gun manufacturing lobbyists play up the boogeyman crap. Obama has actually given/restored 2 gun rights that I’ve noticed over his first 4 years. ANyone who doesn’t see that democrats are scared to consider legislation (presented by NY, IL, and DC reps) against guns needs to because that’s the only place there’s a threat. Obama wouldn’t get anything passed even if he did try. It’s greedy bastard gun/ammo makers, and the NRA, period. Shameful stuff.

      • Mike

        Dude, I was a gun rights activist when I lived in California. We worked closely with the NRA.

        All this whining and BS about how evil the NRA is is a bunch of crap. NRA used to be a screwed up organization, but they have it together. They’ve done more in the last 10 years for gun rights than you probably realize.

      • gun runner

        With all of this libtard hate of the NRA, I know I must be supporting the right gun or

        Thanks you just made me a lifetime member

        And my 2 year old as well

        Hell I might send my anti-gun mother in law a membership

        Happiness Is seeing a hot Asian woman turn right wing after only 1 day at the range

    • Andrew


      I couldn’t agree more. There’s a bunch of fear being spread about hidden agendas and secret plans. All the while the firearm industry is raking in monster profits and Mr. LaPierre is pulling in over a million a year. I guess when there is no real driver for fear-based marketing, you can always fabricate one. In a way, you really have to admire the politics and marketing strategy behind this, even if you do find it a bit insulting to your intelligence.

      I’m still an NRA member, since I think they do provide some good benefits to shooting sports, but I’m no longer going to give them any extra. Their rhetoric is setting off some serious BS buzzers in my brain.

      • West

        If anti-gun laws become an issue then I will vote accordingly. I dont like being lumped in with a bunch of paranoid rednecks. Gun control is not an issue with this administration and its not like they havent had plenty of good excuses to bring it up if it were. Look at the number of mass shootings during his first term, if he wanted to do damage there couldnt have been a better opportunity to do so.
        I understand the concerns but people need to know when to freak out and when to relax.

    • W

      no its common sense.

      you have two candidates on both sides of a quarter that will end up in office. these two candidates happen to have a long anti-gun history.

      gun owners have a lot to be afraid of, even with recent supreme court rulings.

  • Frost

    I think you should stop complaining, even if its get a little harder or a longer waiting time, you will still get hold of a weapon….

    Where i am from, i need to be a member of a shooting club, after six months you can get a pistol of any kind, after two years, you can buy a AR or other rifle.
    To get a hunting rifle or a shotgun, you must be older than 18 AND complete a hunting course.

    Please stop complaining that your Obama/Romney/Darth Vader goverment will take your guns away, because they wont….

    • Phil White


      Are you in Norway by chance? Just curious about the laws.

    • Mike

      And yet, I can walk up to another private citizen and buy just about anything I want, legally.

      Yeah, I think I’ll keep it this way, thanks.

    • Chase

      Tell that to the people of Britain.

      We realize that even in the worst states, like California where I live, we in the United States have looser legal restrictions than in many nations. But trust me, we have to do a lot of hard work to keep it that way.

  • jellydonut

    They’re both on record supporting the AWB. Romney supported the AWB in MA.

    Gun owners are fucked regardless. However, this would be Obama’s second term — nothing to lose. Romney would probably also wait until his second term to throw people under the bus. So, practically speaking, Obama would be the worst result, short-term. Romney will be just as bad in his tentative second term.

  • TangledThorns

    I put more trust in a President Romney to leave gun laws as they are. I do expect a President Obama, if re-elected, to go after modern sporting rifles.

    Moreover, if you’re worried about four more years of Obama are you doing anything about it? Are you volunteering for his opposing candidate, Gov. Romney? Myself, I’m doing phone calls and made a donation to the Romney campaign.

  • Paralus

    Fear sells.

    To be exact, it sells:

    Gun magazines
    NRA memberships
    GOA memberships
    political candidates

    despite the fact that even with a Democratic majority in the Senate and House from 2008 to 2010 AND a Republican majority in the House from 2010 onwards and nothing happened, the fearmongers have their wares to hawk.

    Look at how the 50% increase of the Federal ammo tax rumor turned supposedly rational adults into quivering schoolchildren.

    • Mike

      Nothing happened? Fast and Furious…? Bills were introduced that thankfully went nowhere, but if FnF hadn’t been exposed, and had grown in scope, it could have fostered more support and things could have been worse.

      The other side has actually pushed pretty hard. They’re not doing well, I admit, but we need to keep the pressure on so they won’t recover for a long, long time.

      • jacob

        So I wonder how do people oppose the ATF and DOJ and in the same breath complain that they were not doing enough in Arizona. Arizona is a loosely regulated state and citizens of that state are free to sell their guns. So the ATF and DOJ should be arresting people involved in the legal exchange of arms? Or arresting them for breaking laws in Mexico?

        Obama never passed gun restrictions while in any office and only voted twice to oppose two minor laws. Romney signed the ban.

        NRA is a political group. They use a lot of money they take in on issues and candidates that have nothing to do with guns. Anyone that thinks an organization that rich and powerful is honest and looking out for the little guy is fooling themselves.

      • W

        “NRA is a political group. They use a lot of money they take in on issues and candidates that have nothing to do with guns. Anyone that thinks an organization that rich and powerful is honest and looking out for the little guy is fooling themselves.”

        Unfortunately, ill have to strongly agree. the NRA and other lobbying groups should be thrown out on their ass and have no influence whatsoever in the political realm. Lobbying is the exact reason why our government cant get a goddamned thing done and why our representatives are so toxic and hopelessly corrupt. both of these bastards should be thrown out to the unemployment line.

        Ill also extend your point and say that anyone that thinks a organization as rich and powerful as the United States is honest and looking out for the little guy is naive and foolish.

      • Mike

        Jacob, where the eff did I say any of that crap? Seriously, is your best argument a straw man?

        Weak. Very weak. Obama supporter weak.

        Go home and train some more, kid.

  • Obama has done nothing to hurt gun owners, that is unless you count:

    Nominating Eric Holder to be AG
    Nominating Kagan to the Supreme Court
    Nominating Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

    Romney is far more likely to sign a “common sense” gun control law and would be happy to pass another assault weapons bill. Obama will simply attack the RTKB by nominating anti-gun extremists to the courts, and by placing more anti-gun extremists in positions of power in the regulatory agencies.

  • Trev

    “Firearms not politics” my ass.

  • Dave

    What kind of question is this? The election ALREADY HAS increased demand. I happen to believe this is due to paranoia-driven hoarding, and not any rational response to things that are likely to result from any possible election result, but the effect of the ELECTION ITSELF has been to jack up demand for ammo and guns.
    In fact, this pattern is becoming well-established enough that I may buy stock in publicly-traded gun companies in 2015 with the plan of selling it right after the election in 2016.

  • thehaggis

    Look at this as an opportunity, with a little patience you should be able to get a good deal on some guns. No matter who wins, manufacturers will be ramping up production to meet demand, so there could be a glut with some guns. What happens with overstocked items, sales.

  • Tinkerer

    Steve, you disappoint me. Again.

    No matter how much you write that “This poll is not political”, it is a poll about a political issue, and people will respond to it on a political manner. You just left the door open for that, and reading the comments is proof of it.

    Seriously disappointed.

    • Nicks87

      Open up your mind Tinker, Firearms and politics go hand-in-hand weather you like it or not.

      Without one you wouldnt need the other. The more pro-gun people that make a stand for what we believe in the better.

      What would you rather us do? Bury our heads in the sand and argue with each other over what guns are the best or find some common ground and stand up together for the right to keep, carry and use firearms?

      • Tinkerer

        Open your eyes, Nicks87, and read on the front page the ideals on which Steve created this blog, ideals which he’s just dismissing with this “poll”.

        “Firearms not Politics”

        “I want this blog to appeal to a worldwide audience and so I will focus on firearms and shooting rather than country specific politics. There are already many great blogs defending your rights!”

        Notice the “worlwide” part. As some other commenter said before, this is the WORLDWIDE Web. Not everyone here is a citizen of the US of A.

      • Nicks87

        Gun ownership is a right all people in all countries should be able to enjoy. The more people who get politically motivated, and demand that their govts recognize the right to bear arms, the better. We can throw off the shakles of oppression as human beings not just Americans, Englishman, Germans, Mexicans, Africans, etc.

        I dont really understand your desire to micro-manage someone else’s blog. Obviously Steve felt that the topic was important enough to bend his own rules.

        If you dont like it, go some where else. It is the World Wide Web after all. 😉

  • Mr. Obvious

    I don’t trust EITHER of them on gun rights. They’re both grabbers.

  • schizuki

    People who say, “The NRA is ginning up groundless paranoia, there is nothing to worry about because gun control is a dead issue” are like the people who say, “Why are there so many people in prison when the crime rate is so low?”

    The National Rifle Association MADE gun control a dead issue. And I remain a member because I want them standing sentinel over the grave with a wooden stake.

    That’s not paranoia. That’s rational diligence.

    • Kurt

      That’s right. Without the NRA, we wouldn’t be reading this blog right now. I don’t always agree with every action the NRA takes (like their current approach to the Fast and Furious scandal), but overall, fear of the NRA among politicians is the only reason we still have guns in the USA. There’s a reason why anti-gun types always demonize the NRA, something so blindingly obvious that if you don’t see it, it’s no use explaining it to you.

      The lack of awareness about this among some supposed gun enthusiasts is depressing. Is it intellectual laziness? Apathy? Or are they just Brady Bunch trolls? Maybe they’re too young to remember the fight we’ve been waging against the gun grabbers since the 1960s.

  • Gumby

    Paul Ryan is kinda pro-gun, I think.

  • Gumby

    Paul Ryan is kinda pro-gun, I think

    • Anonymoose

      lolno. He only answers to Ayn Rand and his idealized neo-fascist version the Vatican, and the Vatican’s position on gun ownership is harsher than the UN’s.

      Politicians will say ANYTHING to get elected, and usually tend to say a lot things simply because they are antithetical to their opponents’ views (or possibly what they perceive their opponents’ views to be), because they believe that will appeal to their voting base and their financial backers. That’s how abortion, firearms ownership, and my other issues became “liberal or conservative” issues instead of just an issue that should be dealt with with common sense, and how the whole “liberal or conservative” division in America began in the first place.

      • Anonymoose

        *”many other issues,” not “my other issues”

      • schizuki

        Ryan unabashedly campaigns as a Republican conservative in a heavily Democratic district. That’s a far cry from “saying anything to get elected.”

    • Anonymoose

      Paul Ryan is not from a Democratic district. His district has been solidly Republican (voting for him in particular for over 10 years) since the Republican Revolution in the early 90s and has gone back and forth many times before that, and has had more Republican reps than Democrats.

  • Nicks87

    It doesnt matter who you vote for, America is run by special intrest groups and off-shore banks. The politicians all work for the same wealthy people/corporations.

    I would buy guns and ammo just for the sake of inflation alone. Guns and ammo are great investments. I have a friend who buys collectable and antique firearms and he has never lost money on any of his investments.

    • Chase

      I presume he also sells collectible guns. Otherwise, while he might not lose money, he wouldn’t make any either.

      • Nicks87

        He mostly just buys but yeah occasionally he will let something go. He has made money because he gets his collection appraised every few years and the overall value of the pieces in his collection have almost aways increased.

  • Brandon

    It’ll be 08 all over again. I don’t think the increased demand will be rational, it’s more of a market distortion.
    I don’t see any significant gun legislation in the near future, it would take too much political capital.

  • Mike

    … so I see the comments section reflects the overall quality of this blog.

    I’m so disappointed.

    • B

      Yet you still came here and took the time to read (maybe, if you can) and comment.
      Let me know when you have a gun blog. Should be an interesting read.

      • Mike

        TFB started off strong, but has really been going downhill over the past year or so.

        I’ll be over at Vuurwapen reading the good stuff instead.

        Me? Gun blog? Ain’t got the cash to shoot enough to actually go out and do the stuff that makes gun blogs good. I’ve written an article or three here and there, though.

        Good call on the “if I can” read thing, though. Yep, this Texan shore is illit’rate. Dur.


      • Mike

        I mean, the problem is that so many of these comments are ignorant beyond clueless, yet people are so vocal and quick to show how uninformed they are.

        And I’ve seen too many articles on here that are the same way. The M11A1 article a couple weeks back was OK, but the author definitely didn’t know a lot about Sig pistols. He might have been better off either learning more about them before sitting down at his keyboard, or finding someone who does.

        Either way, have fun y’all. I’m out.

      • gunslinger


        i used to see those kinds of posts on video game forums. “i’m gonna /rage-quit because something didn’t go my way…blah blah blah” so in honor of all the QQ i saw, i must post the obligatory, “Can i have all your stuff???”


        if you think this blog is in decline, why don’t you contact Steve or Phil and see if you can become a contributor? I mean, someone as in the know as you, I’m betting you’d be a hit here!

        Let me know when you publish your first article.

    • Nicks87

      Vuurwapen? good stuff? Ok whatever floats your boat. I’m not sure how much a medic knows about firearms but Andrew seems to be ok on most of his reviews. Not so sure on the “phones are better than guns” article, though. It kinda had an anti-gun feel to it but…

      Also, why do you feel the need to tell us that TFB has gone down hill? Are you trying to save us from our ignorance? Kinda like an internet PSA? Lol 🙂

      If you dont like it just be quiet and move on, unless you have another agenda… like… trolling? Maybe?

    • B

      Apparently you took my “maybe, if you can” comment wrong. I was not implying you cannot read, I was implying if you took the time to read.
      Many people only skim through things and take articles/comments out of context, rather than taking the time to actually read, and then understand what they are reading thereby jumping to conclusions that are often incorrect.
      Furthermore, Steve has no control over the content of poster’s comments, other than to delete inflammatory, derogatory, or other content considered trolling. You holding Steve responsible for someone else’s comments on his articles is like me holding you responsible for your friend’s mistakes when you are playing a game.

      If you are so passionate about making this blog better, you can do two things – 1. Write or submit articles that perhaps Steve will publish, and 2. Ignore the comments that contain ignorance.
      I rarely speak out against someone else’s comments, because most people can have their opinion, right or wrong. I just felt that this time was worth saying something as a blog I enjoy, and have sent articles to Steve that he might like having on his blog (not written by myself, but sent links that were appropriate for the blog that I thought everyone would enjoy).
      I don’t talk out of my ass, I do what I preach.

  • Cymond

    I vote for “Significant increase in demand, starting months ago” and “increasing even more if Obama wins”.

  • Vaarok

    Having just come back from running a gunshow all weekend, I voted mild uptick- people are buying, but the economy is terrible and that means they’re not buying like they did last election. They can’t afford to.

  • gunslinger

    i think the demand is going up, and i don’t think supply will match. i doubt the election will cause this to change dramatically. if obama wins…and the dems win congress and the dems win 60 seats in the senate…that may skew it even more.

    but i think it’s more of the gun companies themselves that add to it. do they limit supply? hold back? not increase manufacturing capacity?

    either way, i see the end user of firearms being hurt no matter what the outcome.

  • jim

    people will buy out of fear.. whether that fear is real, or not..

    i don’t think people will buy like 08..