Bud’s Top Selling Guns In 2012

In their latest newsletter, BudsGunShop.com revealed their top selling guns of 2012 (which are currently in stock) …

  1. Mosin-Nagant M91/30 7.62X54R
  2. Ruger LCP .380
  3. M10-762 Semi-Auto AK Style Rifle 7.62×39
  4. Soviet Nagant M1895 Revolver W/ Accessories
  5. Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12g 20″ 8rnd CB PG
  6. Ruger LC9 9mm w/ Lasermax Laser
  7. TG International FEG AMD-65 7.62×39 AK Variant
  8. Ruger LCP .380 w/Lasermax Laser
  9. Ruger LC9 9mm
  10. Hi-Point 00916 9MMC/P
  11. Used S&W Police Model 10 38sp Square Butt
  12. Hi-Point 34510 45ACP
  13. Bushmaster CAR15 .223 16″ BSH REDDOT
  14. Rock Island Armory GI M1911A1 Mil Spec .45

This is a very interesting list. I would not have expected three of their top five selling guns to be of Russian origin.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for sending us the newsletter. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Mr. Obvious

    I’d expect their top guns to be Russian / Soviet. Why? Because they’re “why not” purchases. As in – “I’m buying an $1,300 AR-15, why not just pick up the Mosin Rifle / Pistol combo pack for $250…”

  • Janis Petke

    Unlike the 1300$ AR these russian guns will fire every time you pull the trigger, in any condition, after any negligence.
    Exaggaration? Yes. But not much.

    • Fritz_on_da_Ritz

      Lots of envy from many firearms owners on this site. I also did not realize that Americans were so fond of cheap junk. No I do not mean inexpensive (such as a Savage Axis or a Ruger 10/22) firearms, I mean cheap junk.

      Just because you cannot afford a firearm does not make it a bad firearm. Stop trying to convince yourself that a $100+ Mosin Nagant is a quality firearm; there is a reason why they sell for the price they do.

      Save your money and get something that you would be proud to pass down to your children. Call me an elitist snob all you want but one day when you own a quality piece you will look back on yourself and wonder how stupid you were.

      • noob

        if it shoots, makes you happy and you shoot it till it falls to bits, then i’d say that’s a win. if it costs little to replace it, that’s an even bigger win. all guns will become nonfunctional eventually, they are physical objects like everything else

      • The Specialist

        The Mosin Nagant is a cheap because there are several hundred thousand of them laying around collecting dust…

      • nobody

        Considering I can take mine and put 5 rounds within a 3.5 MOA group at 100 yards using the sling and iron sights with standard surplus ammunition (russian 1971 silver tip), I would say that it was well worth the $100. Not to mention I can load it with stripper clips, what modern rifle besides the $1500 M1A can be loaded with stripper clips?

      • Bob Z Moose

        It’s a gun that will be a range toy or project gun. There’s been millions produced in Russia alone. All this combines for a gun that should have a price point around $100.

        Would you consider a Lee-Enfield to be junk? If not, hop in my Delorian time machine and let’s take a trip back 5 or 6 years ago. Enfield were going for about what you can get Mosins for now. Difference? There’s a ton more Mosins and they just don’t stop coming.

      • nobody

        @The Specialist:

        It is a lot more than several hundred thousand, the Soviet Union alone made 37 million.

      • John Doe

        A Mosin is quality. For $200, you can pull the trigger until your finger falls off. I’m a big fan of a good AR, but you’ll break before your Mosin does.

      • schizuki

        Truly one of the most ill-informed comments I’ve ever read, on this blog or any other.

        I’d wager that if a modern gun company tried to make Mosins new, they couldn’t do it for less than five or six hundreds dollars.

      • Andrew

        Fritz, if you knew anything about soviet arms you would know that they sell for this price point because there were 37-40 million of them made. I have owned several higher dollar rifles and I still can’t get the same accuracy that I get out of my Tikka mosin sporter.

      • W

        mosins ARE a quality rifle. if they werent, then they wouldnt be sold today. If you dont believe the testimony’s of the Nagant’s ruggedness, just crack open a small arms book pertaining to the eastern front during WWII.

        Hell, the Finns even preferred the Russian mosins during the Winter War. Many German soldiers also did.

        If its Russian, it works. plain and simple. It has to because its was a matter of life and death.

      • Cymond

        “Save your money and get something that you would be proud to pass down to your children.”

        I would sooner pass down a surplus war rifle than a budget-level hunting rifle (like the Savage Axis). At least the Mosin-Nagant served a role in history. I love seeing the 1943 stamp on my M-38, wondering about the history it saw, and knowing that the next year was the introduction of the M-44.

        The price point of surplus Russian firearms is very low because there is an economic surplus. As supply increases, the market price decreases. Well, in this case, the supply is numbered in the millions.

      • David/Sharpie

        Guys, I think he’s just a troll, leave him alone.

  • Risky

    Just to nit-pick, the M10’s aren’t Russian… they’re Romanian. 🙂

    I’m actually surprised that the little Ruger pistols are still completely blowing their competition away in sales despite being split up by being sold with and without lasers. I believe this is solely due to Ruger’s ability to actually produce to keep up with demand. Being such a budget minded list, I suspect the main reason no Keltecs made it is due to them always being unavailable.

    • El Duderino

      The Rugers have better fit and finish than the Kel-Tecs, not to mention about 100x the marketing and name recognition. And yes, you can walk into any gun store and they will have Rugers.

      Does Bud’s not sell 10/22s? I’ve read it has been the best selling rifle in America for many years…?

  • au

    no.11- “Used S&W Police Model 10 38sp Square Butt”… why “This gun is not legal in Calif.”??

    • Beefalo

      Likely because California blows.

    • Brian P.

      Probably has to do with the lack of a safety. If I remember correctly, they do not use transfer bars, but rather have the firing pin integral to the hammer. There’s no other safety device, so that’s probably why it’s illegal in California. That’s my guess, anyway. I’m not well-versed in California’s gun laws.

      • Beefalo

        I’ll educate you on California laws:
        Four legs good, two legs (and guns) bad!

      • au

        i don’t think that’s the case, as far as i know revolvers with hammer-mounted firing pin have hammer block safety.

      • dan

        If the revolver was already in cali it could be sold party to party, as it is likely off of the “safe” gun roster. Same probably goes for most of the older smiths and colts.

      • Cymond

        In California, gun dealers can only transfer handguns to us peasants if the gun it is on the ‘Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale’ or if the handgun is exempt (more on exempt guns at the end). Please see http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/

        It should be noted that the roster only impacts dealer-to-individual tranfers. The roster does not apply to private-party transfers between individuals. The roster does not apply to handguns imported in to California by people moving from other states (but we still have to register our handguns and we have to be careful that none of our handguns are ‘assault’ weapons). The roster does not apply to Law Enforcement Officers, even for personal purchases.

        For a handgn to get on the list, the original MANUFACTURER must submit 2 guns for testing and pay a fee. In the past, the handguns just had to pass a safety test including a drop-test. Now, semi-autos must have a loaded chamber indicator and a magazine disconnect.

        However, the ‘certification’ must be renewed every year. Renewal requires a fee that can only be paid by the manufacturer. Once a handgun is on the list, it can stay on the list indefinitely as long as it is renewed each year. Hence, many Gen-3 Glocks are ‘grandfathered’ on the list, despite their lack of loaded chamber indicator or magazine disconnect. The Gen-4 Glocks, however, can never be on the list because they lack those same features.

        The really stupid part? Certification is recorded by specific model, including color. In some cases, a handgun may be on the list in one color while not on the list in another color. Want a special edition? No way it’s on the list. All those Talo special edition Rugers? Forget it. Example: The 22/45 Target models with polymer grips are CA certified, but the 22/45 Target model with Cocobolo grips is not CA certified.

        Even stupider? The Walther P-1 (post war alloy version of the P-38) is only CA certified if it was imported by Legacy Sports or PW Arms. In this case, the importer acts as the ‘manufacturer’.

        About ‘exempt’ handguns: A single-shot pistol with a barrel at least 6″ is exempt from needing to be on the Certified roster. One way to get an off-roster pistol is to convert it into a single-shot pistol with a 6″ barrel. A single-action revolver is exempt from Certification if it has at least a 3.5″ barrel. Most double-action revolvers can be converted to single-action by removing a small part inside that pushes the hammer back when the trigger is pulled. Without that part, pulling the trigger merely rotates the cylinder without moving the hammer. The revolver will only fire if the hammer is drawn back manually. However, these conditions only apply for the TRANSFER from dealer to purchaser. Once the purchaser transfer is complete, the handgund can be refitted to normal function.

  • The Mosin is a no-brainer purchase, it’s cheap, reliable, cheap ammo and needs a minimum of accessories.

    Of all my guns, its the one I would want if something goes wrong.

  • Andrew

    You would know about the mosin being Buds top seller 3 years in a row if every other blog post on this site wasn’t about an AR. It’s a $100 rifle with history to boot, no brainer that Buds sells them by the crate load. Look deeper in the list and you will see something even more noteworthy, the prevalence of Rugers is a welcome sight.

    • Murph

      Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog. But Andrew makes a good point, sometimes I wish the news was a little more diverse. Some weeks it seems like a lot of ”Mag-pul Announces Rail Mountable Beer Bottle Opener” or some trinket for admittedly wildly popular black guns.

  • x

    I am worried when I get my FAC here in the UK all you damned Americans would have bought all the decent Mosins. Stop buying them now!!! Or at least only buy one a week please. Thank you.

    Seriously though they perform don’t they? They might not have bench rifle accuracy but what common easily carried rifle has? They shoot better than the majority of their owners. There is some prejudice against them from experts whose concerns I can understand. But in a country where we are only allowed bolt guns from where I sit they look fine?

    Do any of the big US manufacturers chamber their rifles for 7.62x54r ? I bet they don’t. But by not doing so I think they may be missing potential sales.

    • Bob Z Moose

      Haven’t checked ammo catalogues lately, but I know Winchester has made 7.62 Russian for a good while know. They might be the only one.

    • AR

      If you want 1.5MOA or better accuracy with an out-of-box Mosin-Nagant, you can always pick up a Finnish M39.
      Regarding the ammo. I am not sure if it’s still true, but years ago U.S. ammo manufacturers were not good at making ammo in eastern bloc calibers. e.g. primer is too soft on U.S. commercial 7.62×39 rounds causing slam fire on AKs and SKS.
      I use Prvi if I need brass, non-suplus 7.62x54R, or Lapua if long range accuracy is the goal.

    • schizuki

      I’ve got two Mosins, and the bolts are butter smooth. Just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’re “cheap.” I don’t think of it as a primitive repeater, I think of it as an advanced rifle-musket.

      • Phil White


        The top two Russian snipers of WWII used Mosin Nagants to great effect.

      • Kosme

        And some german sniper actually preferred the mosin, Josef Allerberger for example.

  • Other Steve

    Just like their 2011 list, not a single gun I would buy or even remotely passes by my want list. I apparently have more expensive tastes?

    • Zincorium


      And the thing is, once you get past around 800 dollars, your options as far as what you can buy explode. There’s only a single centerfire, bolt action rifle you can pick up for 99$. How many manufacturers make a >$1000 AR? Basically all of them, right?

      That means the cheap guns are usually going to focus on the few that are known for having decent, or at least acceptable quality, at their price point. The more expensive guns will struggle to get even 20% of market share, and most of them will have less than 5%, just because they’ve got more competition, and their competition is harder to dismiss as junk.

    • El Duderino

      This is a gun blog for gun enthusiasts. Just like readers of Road and Track won’t consider a Kia (even though they are selling like hotcakes right now), most of us hoplophiles don’t want $450 AKs, Hi-Points, or $300 concealed carry guns. A lot of gun nuts have Mosins though, the thought is…why not? Their dads/uncles/grandpas got M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, 1903s, Mausers, etc for pocket change, the Mosin, and maybe the SKS and Yugo Mauser, are the only bargains left.

      The non-gun nuts who just want a gun and have very little cash find the Hi-Points, Mosins, and Mossberg 500s work just fine. Why anyone would buy a Nagant revolver is beyond me though. They were fine for shooting prisoners and political enemies but have no place on the battlefield or for home defense IMO.

      • RocketScientist

        Yeah I agree totally, why anyone would want a piece of history they can hold in their hand, that fought in WWI and/or WWII, helped to defeat the Nazi empire, and is a unique revolver design (gas-seal), all for less than the cost of a nice dinner and a bottle of wine with the wife is beyond me.

      • RocketScientist

        Oh, not to mention that with a C&R license it can be mailed directly to your house.

  • Anthony

    The Nagant was a given. They’re cheap, easy to use/clean, and they’re a great starter gun into the “big-boy” calibers. 🙂

  • Sol

    The weapons of the proletariat comrades. Cheap and disposable. Yet another sign of our times.

  • Beefalo

    The Mosin is on the list because it’s Minute of Nazi at 200 yards.

    • Bob Z Moose

      Bravo, good sir.

  • Nice list; always interesting to compare my personal favs to the consumer market demand.

  • Lance

    Most can’t hemp it the Russian weapons are cheap reliable and fun to shoot.

  • HEP-T

    If you wanted to arm a lot of people with a standard rifle and make your own ammo or buy it from a source who has a lot of Warsaw Pact ammo to sell or give you then you would buy Mosin Nagants in bulk.
    I bet every Mosque, and Islamic center or camp ground has an armory full.

    • Paranoia much?

      • HEP-T

        Ya like it better with the Obama government line of, “neo NAZI, white racist stockpiling guns” better?
        Common sense Bubba, if Militia units are buying quantities of obsolete arms to arm the Militia and their families as are the survival groups then it stands to reason Islamic centers are stockpiling arms also.
        There was a survval group in the Ozarks that armed all their females with a standard rifle, The Ruger 10/22 The men folks and what boys who could carried SMLE as a standard.
        Not to mention the encampments of Islamic American’s.
        There are at least 35 radical Islamic encampments in the United States today suspected to be engaged in some form of anti-American terror training, off-limits to non-Islamist outsiders.
        A covert visit to an encampment in the Catskill Mountains near Hancock, N.Y., called “Islamberg” found neighboring residents deeply concerned about military-style training taking place there but frustrated by the lack of attention from federal authorities, said the report by the Northeast Intelligence Network, which worked with an Internet blogger, “CP,” to publish an interim report.
        Ads by Google

        The neighbors interviewed, who asked not to be identified, said they feared retaliation if they were to make a report to law enforcement officials.

        “We see children – small children run around over there when they should be in school,” one neighbor said. “We hear bursts of gunfire all of the time, and we know that there is military-like training going on there. Those people are armed and dangerous.”

        The resident said his household gets “nothing but menacing looks from the people who go in and out of the camp, and sometimes they yell at us to mind our own business when we are just driving by.”

        Paranoia? No, I own firearms, served my country and know who and what Islam is and wishes to do.
        But, you can trust them if you want.

      • W

        youre really that worried about muslims???

        I hope ALL Americans of differing faiths and ethnicities start training and accumulating arms.

        You do know why we have a 2nd amendment right? Its to keep tyrants that would otherwise impose their will upon the public in check.

        If Muslims somehow got the hair brained idea of instigating a armed uprising in a attempt to expand the global islamic caliphate like many statist chuckleheads think they do, then you can bet armed civilians from the other side would resist them, even excluding the feds.

        But they wont and have no desire to do so.

        youre being taken advantage of. The government would love you to cling to them, giving them more power, just so they can make the monster in the closet go away. Youre too stupid to realize that very government is forging the shackles while you revel in fear.

    • W

      “I bet every Mosque, and Islamic center or camp ground has an armory full.”

      no they dont. if they did, the FBI and ATF would concoct terrorism charges against those “evil global caliphate islamic fascist terrorists”.

      • HEP-T

        FBI, You mean Fooled By Islam don’t you?
        ATF? They are looking at us as the terrorist threat.
        Did you not hear that the government spent $70,000.00 of taxpayer money to apologize for a movie, America’s first amendment rights and put it all on a TV commercial for Pakistani’s to see?
        The Federal government is not investigating Islam in America.
        Muslim American’s have the right to bear arms and will do so.
        The Mosin makes a good collection of rifles to arm every swinging Richard in their clan it stores well and always works it is simple to use.
        Secret Service? Hell they are chasing whores in South and Central America.

      • W

        “FBI, You mean Fooled By Islam don’t you?
        ATF? They are looking at us as the terrorist threat.”

        Im not saying otherwise LOL. Thats why I said that terrorism charges would be concocted if a group of muslims assembled large quantities of mosin nagant rifles. The government is good at covering its own ass and presenting a image to the media that they’re doing their job. a la DEA.

        “Did you not hear that the government spent $70,000.00 of taxpayer money to apologize for a movie, America’s first amendment rights and put it all on a TV commercial for Pakistani’s to see?”

        Im not surprised. If this is indeed true, its pretty disgusting. the 1st amendment is a double-edged sword; it seems to me that ALL religions are guilty of believing that because the 1st amendment guarantees them freedom of worship, they’re somehow immune from criticism. such is not the case. Nor should it be.

        “The Federal government is not investigating Islam in America.”

        Actually it is. The extreme of this is the racial profiling of Muslims in airports, which is absolutely unacceptable and anti-american.

        With the evidence presented, it is my strongest contention that Islam is a scapegoat and the american people have been fucking hoodwinked into believing them as the scary boogieman. They have much more to fear from a government that can now indefinitely detain, torture, and assassinate them if they are deemed a threat to the state. hmmmm, still afraid of those muslims?

        “Muslim American’s have the right to bear arms and will do so.
        The Mosin makes a good collection of rifles to arm every swinging Richard in their clan it stores well and always works it is simple to use.
        Secret Service? Hell they are chasing whores in South and Central America.”

        They should be armed, alongside every other american. You can bet that any collection of arms by a neighborhood or mosque of muslims would result in a michael bay-esque raid alongside phony terrorism charges and government pats on the back for stopping those “evil muslims”. What a fucking joke.

        Americans have a lot more to fear than Muslims accumulating mosin nagant rifles. they should be more worried about the sadistic, power hungry, greedy bastards that supposedly represent us that will kill as many as possible to maintain the crumbling status quo.

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    “I’d expect their top guns to be Russian / Soviet. Why? Because they’re ‘why not’ purchases.”

    Quite correct.

    When I slung guns across the counter we called them “popcorn guns” because the inexpensive stuff sold like popcorn, almost an impulse purchase like gum at the checkout counter at the grocery store.

    If you don’t know how guns are sold it is easy to say “well, the cheap crap sells because it is the South or because they are Kentuckians”. However, I would not be shocked if a list from a large gun shop from north of the Ohio River did not look the same.

    • El Duderino

      Mosins are very popular here in Pacific Northwest. Not for hunting deer and elk (although they would be fine for that too) but almost every time I hit the range there is a gaggle of younger guys shooting Mosins, AKs, Hi-Point carbines, and Glocks. It’s the old fat guys with the feathered hats shooting benchrest rifles, $2000 ARs, and nice pre-MIM (sometimes pre model number) S&W .357s & .44s. Different strokes for different folks, I’m somewhere in between these two stereotypes.

  • Gabriel

    One thing they all have in common. Inexpensive.

    • tincankilla

      I’d modify that to be “reliable and inexpensive.”

      • Sam J

        Even the Hi-Points?

      • David/Sharpie

        Sam, yes, everyone who owns one has preached about their reliability.

    • Beall

      Yes, even the Hi-Points.

      • Nmate

        Hi-Points are not what I would call reliable. Granted, someone that buys one of these turds probably isn’t going to shoot it much, but they’re not reliable weapons. Not at all. There is a guy over at Gun Nuts doing a one or two thousand round test with one, I haven’t read anything on it but I’m sure it’ll be ugly.

      • W
  • Todd S

    I SOOOOO want number 10 just to confuse my shooting buddies.

  • this can’t be good for Mosin prices in the future.

  • Sam J

    The data is incomplete without a percentage breakdown, which is probably sales info they want to keep private. As an extreme example, it means two different things if #1 was 50% of sales and #2 was 1% (e.g. Mosins are wildly popular), versus if #1 was 1.1%, #2 was 1.0% and so forth (Mosins are very slightly popular).

    At least knowing what total percent of their sales is the top 14 is necessary to interpret the data.

  • Richard

    I am not surpise people want buy what can afford shoot. After all what fun owen wants pricey pretty papper wight that look good that can not afford shoot at gun rang alot. Fancy stuff is nice but cost to much shoot owen gone be wall hanger gun safe queen. All list prove me people want buy shoot guns they can afford owen have fun with. If can not afford shoot what owen than what point buying gun can not afford shoot. I took note best selling 1911 on that list is not Colt or Kimber, Springfield Armory, Taurus it Rock Island Armory low price point for 1911 style handguns. Why is that becuase how many people really gone take uper cost 1911 out there gun safe shooting living hell out of them after spend grand for them.

  • Matt

    Simo Haya thought the Mosin was pretty good. Just because you piss money away on something “American” doesn’t mean its great. You really think the Remington 870 of 2012 is that much better than a clone? It IS a clone, of a 1950 870.

    • David/Sharpie

      Simo also used irons.

      I don’t think it can be considered a “clone” if it’s made by the same company.

  • dan

    hi point in the top 10? wtf.

    • Samopal

      They’re cheap and they work, so why the surprise?

  • westczek

    If I am reading the note on this list correctly, it is the top ten sellers of guns currently in stock.

  • SM

    Russian surplus = cheap guns

    • Mike Knox

      And Cheap guns = Happy yanks..

      • David/Sharpie

        No, cheap guns = Happy everyone.

      • Mike Knox

        A lot of peeps in third world countries disagree..

  • schizuki

    For a c-note, I don’t get why EVERY gun enthusiast doesn’t own one. It’s worth it for the history alone. I’ve got a hex receiver Finn capture – I often wonder what happened to the original Soviet owner.

    I also have a Polish 1953-made ’44 carbine that doesn’t look like it was ever issued, and somehow escaped getting importer marks. I’ll never shoot that one.

    Set aside how cheap the ammo is – they’re interesting pieces just hanging over the mantle.

    • Zermoid

      I have one of those flat top receiver Finns too, by dumb luck!
      Ordered 3 91/30’s several years ago to sporterize into hunting rifles, $40 a piece at the time and as a beginning gunsmith cheap rifles to practice on were greatly appreciated! It’s marked Sako 1941 if I remember right.

      Now that I’m older and a bit wiser I really regret cutting that rifle down…..

      Wish I had a spare $100 right now, my local gunshop has those Mosins for under $100, and the Hi Point in 9mm for $158, explains why they sell fast!

  • El Duderino

    Not surprised about the Russian guns, but surprised that one of them isn’t an SKS. When friends of mine ask about getting an inexpensive rifle for home/property defense I almost always say get an SKS and plenty of FMJ for practice, JSP or JHP for defense. I guess the cheapo AKs are the new SKSes.

    • Cymond

      The SKS is getting expensive since the flood of Yugo 59/66s ended. It’s been a few years since I really looked, but I started seeing average grade SKSes selling in the $350 range. For that price, many people will spend a little extra for a WASR AK or whatever Century Arms is selling.

  • Pepin the Short

    Good to see the Mosin on top. Elegant, reliable. A primer on firearms engineering and a rifle with some genuine history.

    My first, and my favorite, of my guns.

  • W

    Mosin Nagants. gotta love them. They may be crude, but they are sure rugged and reliable.

    If youre building a SHTF collection on a budget, i would strongly recommend a mosin nagant and ruger pistol. For anything else besides shooting large game, x54R is a overkill round (certainly for two legged predators).

    that doesn’t surprise me with the inexpensive AK variants and mossberg shotguns. All excellent choices for those on a budget.

    as far as the nagant revolvers go, i wonder how plentiful the ammunition is?

    • Anonymoose

      I think you can fire .32s (S&W, S&W Long, and maybe H&R) in a Nugget revolver, but it won’t seal up and be as accurate as the 7.62x38mmR rounds. Fiocci and Prvi Partizan make commercial 7.62x38mmR, and there’s still surplus available.

    • schizuki

      I bought a 1,092-round spam can of the genuine article from Sportsman’s Guide for $300. I figure that’s a lifetime supply.

    • if you’re building a shtf collection, you should kill yourself

      • David/Sharpie

        Well aren’t you a prick.

      • RocketScientist

        Yeah man, being prepared is for dummies and suckers. If you are building a SHTF collection, I bet you’re one of those same idiots who stocks up on bottled water, canned food and batteries before hurricane season. You probably even put money away into a savings account in case you need cash quick. I bet you even have health insurance!!! What a dummy!

  • Esh325

    The only reason the Mosin Nagant is cheap in price is because it’s obsolete,old, and there are millions of them. If you were to make a Mosin Nagant today, it might be in the 800-1000$ range. The Mosin Nagant can be crudely finished some times, but they are quality,accurate, and very reliable war horses.

    • al

      With a C & R license, it is cheaper to keep? (licensing costs and such)

    • Sol

      How about a Swedish Mauser or No. 4 Mk.1 Enfield? They are incomparable to the brutish, unwieldy eastern front cannon fodder mosin. I think they are only popular because they are so cheap and available. Also because people today are not conditioned to recognize true quality, otherwise we may protest all of the disposable garbage that we are programmed to mindlessly purchase everyday.

      • Lemming

        The fact that several experienced snipers of WWll used Mosin-Nagants says to me that it is not as bad a choice of rifle as you claim it to be.

        There were even some famous German snipers who used it. Considering there views of Russia as a whole, I’d say that’s definitely a testament to the quality of the Mosin. Cheap, Accurate, and fail-proof.

      • Lemming


        Geez I need some sleep

      • David/Sharpie

        Mosins are crude, but they’re quality.

        They aren’t as fast as a Lee but they’re still good guns.

  • Richard

    No glocks or high price Ar- 15 fancy 1911 guns on this list. People buy guns they can afford vs stuff to pricey that can not afford. Lower price firearms seem have more value than ones look pretty cost more you can shoot less. Ruger may been on some thing make guns that alot people can afford owen shoot.

  • HEP-T

    Hell An Arisaki rifle from WW2 can be had for $75.00 but it’s obsolete as is the Mosin.
    Rugged for sure, simple as all get out but it’s not anything I’d want to spend $100.00 on.
    Save your money and buy an American made sporting Bolt action.

    • schizuki

      How many Remington 700s were at Stalingrad?

    • W

      right because im sure a modern bolt action is any less “obsolete” than a old one. LOL.

      So you’re saying buy a American Mauser Gewehr 98? oooops, i mean Springfield 03? (sorry about that, my fingers slipped).

  • Avery

    I’m a little surprised at the Nagant revolver making that list. I know those guns are dirt cheap but but the ammunition is unusual (being a recessed bullet, so the gas seal system can work), expensive, and underpowered (most of the available ammunition sold is target ammo, so not even FMJ, let alone jacketed-hollowpoints), as well as all loading and emptying is done through a single-round loading gate and not by popping the revolver cylinder out.

    It’s more of a target pistol or range gun than anything else now. I suppose you could build a suppressed variant if you want to.

    • RocketScientist

      The appeal to me is not just the cost (though that is a factor) but its historical significance (fought in both world wars, helped defeat the Nazis, used by the soviet empire) and its unique gas-seal design (I’m a mechanical engineer and neat mechanisms always intrigue me… I’ve taken my Nagant revolver apart dozens of times just to play with the gas-seal mechanism). Also, they are C&R eligible.

  • gunslinger

    after looking and thinking, doesn’t surprise me.

  • mosinman

    i dont regret buying my mosin. great rifle and im not surprised to see it at #1

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