Izhmash AK-74M, AN94 Akaban, SVD and PP-19-01 Vityaz Airsoft Guns

Izhmash have created a video showing their upcoming AK-74M airsoft gun that is said to be made with many of the same parts as their “real steel” AK-74s. The AK-74M will weigh 8 lbs, has a magazine capacity of 600 6mm BBs and has up to 3 joules of muzzle energy. The video also says that AN94 Akaban, SVD and PP-19-01 Vityaz airsoft guns will be coming soon.

I think Izhmash is onto a winner with this.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nugroho


    • DW

      An94 the prisonor of Azkaban? /joke

  • Lemming

    Considering how many airsofters like to be as authentic as possible when they play, I can definitely see these guns getting a lot of attention.

    Thanks for sharing Steve. 🙂

  • Johannes

    This is very interesting to us who are looking to get authentic AK-74M airsoft replicas. There are some OK ones, but they are far from as accurate as for instance Systema PTW or WE GBBR is if you want a AR-15. Here’s to hoping that they make it more right in the details and not just clone chinese guns with better materials.

    • Mike

      “Up to 3J output power”.
      Wonder how many rounds at 3J you can pump out of it before the gearbox falls apart.

      • Johannes

        I don’t think the gun will shoot 3J, it’s probably the legal limit in Russia and they’re just saying that it’s within parameters to be legally used.

  • Johannes
    • Johannes

      That’s a prototype mind you, the final product might look different.

  • nikonmikon


    • nikonmikon

      now if only they’d stop making toys and bring the real thing to the US

      • Chucky

        Sadly, the reason why they’re selling toys is because nobody seems to want to import their real guns.

      • Esh325

        What do you mean bring the real thing? It’s impossible for them import an AK-74M because of US law. The closest you’ll get is an Arsenal.

      • NI Shooter

        I’m willing to bet that someone is going to be smart enough to make some of these into 10/22 conversions, so something that acts like a PP-19 but in .22LR is always welcome, that and an AN-94 conversion would be some nice range toys

      • For 8 months IZHMASH sell arms to USA on 2.7$ millions that on 25% more than in 2011.


      • Chucky

        Yes, the Saiga rifles and shotguns are making good sales in the US (and everywhere else) but that’s not the bulk of what Izhmash produces. It’s the good stuff that’s being barred from importation either by wonky laws or political douchebaggery. Take the Philippines for instance. I want an AK74M but they don’t sell them here for some reason. All that’s available are cheap China knockoffs by Norinco.

  • How airsoft-player, I can say that Russian airsoft community very upset, and has sceptic look to this product. First prototype was very far away from original product in sizes and marks. For authentic airsoft team – it’s a major factor. LCT or VFC makes AK-series airsoftgun more realistic either IZMASH presented. The only hope on materials that can be used while producting this airsoft stuff.

  • Mobious

    Could this also be for training exercises where they want to “shoot” but not with live fire? If they’re built to spec and with such durability then why not

    • bigwhiteyeti

      Well yeah you could do that, but armies tend to use a version of laser tag with blanks loaded into real rifles fitted with laser attachments.

      Airsoft is just a game – I don’t know of anybody who uses it for training. It’s damn good fun though.

    • Kav

      At the above… it might not be a popular training solution for military, but it definitely is for law enforcement. There’s definitely a lot of use of airsoft for training in my area due to cost and availability.

      Also, who knows? Maybe the Russian military would use them for training, not every country wants to use simunitions when airsoft is a fraction the cost and might be reasonably good for live fire in comparison.

  • Jeff Smith

    I hope they don’t run into the problem that another company (their name escapes me) did when using interchangeable parts with the real gun. Apparently, if you can change nearly every part of the gun (including the receiver) and make it fire, it’s still a machine gun.

    • Mcameron

      the thing you have to remember, izhmash isnt just a firearms manufacturer….they make everything from toasters to lathes to winches…..they also happen to make firearms.

      • Mcameron

        damn, replied to the wrong comment

    • Esh325

      Izmash tried to import their Yunkers airsoft gun years ago and was banned from import for the reason you mentioned. If they intend this rifle for the US market, I’m sure they’ll make sure it’s importable.

    • Mobious

      Sounds like Western Arms (WA) of Japan, where in the states their M4/16 receivers were confiscated as they were “too close” to the real deal. To the point where if you lined up the mechanics with a real-steel upper then you supposedly get yourself an unlicensed working firearm. Just anther load of garbage about airsoft or any replicas possibly being converted to real weapons. But I do say that’s a testament to how well WA makes their ARs if it “fools” even the experts :p

  • DD

    not sure is a real breakthrough or a epic fail
    for such a large firearm compary

  • Mike

    Abakan is going to sell no matter how shitty it’ll be. Vityaz is a little harder to sell since the airsoft version of Bizon came out, and the two are similar enough to be easily retooled from one to another. As for the AK74, they might as well give up, unless they’re willing to match Realsword’s level of detail.
    That and standard parts. They have to use at least standard barrels, magazines and hop-up rubbers. Non-standard gearboxes may be forgiven (see Realsword), but as far as I know airsofters, they’ll be rightly pissed about nonstandard barrels and hop-up. Not to mention magazines.

    • Kav

      I disagree… if they can even match VFC/LCT levels with the AK74 then it will sell. Right now the only real options for them are G&G (broken stock tangs) CYMA (Chinese fit and finish) or CA (little bit dated).
      That’s with the modern AK74s, though. I agree the AKS74s would be a hard sell.

  • Lance

    Looks cool wish they make a semi auto AK a real Russian AK. But this is nice for airsofters.

    • Bob Z Moose

      All the more reason to push for reforming the ATF. “Sporting use” is the biggest PoS policy to ever hit the shooting world.

  • sdog

    airsoft “guns” are not real, why is this on the “firearms blog”? why is there so much intentional conflation between the two on most gun blogs recently? why is “playing army” so popular now? war is not fun, deploying is not a game, and guns are not “toys.”

    • Brian P.

      Because many people who like, collect, and shoot guns also like airsoft. No, real war is not fun, but airsoft games are. My guess is that you’ve never even tried it, and if you’ve never tried it, then you shouldn’t be bitching about it. If you don’t like it, either get over it, or go somewhere else.

      • sdog

        sorry i’ll go wherever i please thank you, did not answer my question about why playing army is fun, it sure was with my nerf gun when i was 7 or 8 however.

      • Chucky

        It’s fun because it’s like playing first person shooter games with your friends only everything is real except the bullets.

    • Likvid

      Air guns are still guns and airsoft ones are certainly firearm-related, so I don’t see any problem with them on firearm blog (well, I wouldn’t have any problem even with crossbows etc..). There was article about game controller, or about chocolate guns and other non-firearm things, did you complained about them as well?
      “Firearm” blog is just a site name, it’s kinda like complaining about shotguns and pistols on web site with “rifle” in it’s name, or complaining about AR15.com as it’s not only about AR15..
      Also I’m pretty sure there are readers from countries, where you can’t get real guns at all. No one forcing you to read that article after all as title clearly says it’s about airsoft.
      Be a bit more tolerant please.

    • Reverend Clint

      other than saying it can be fun i dont think anything anybody says will persuade you. Why do anything that can be or is connected to anything dangerous? Its not like airsoft players are rigging IEDs or coming in on a hot LZ. Its fake, like your anger.

    • NickB

      airsoft “guns” are not real, why is this on the “firearms blog”? why is there so much intentional conflation between the two on most gun blogs recently? why is “playing army” so popular now? war is not fun, deploying is not a game, and guns are not “toys.”

      “war is not fun”, that’s why Call of Duty, Battlefield, Metal of Honor, and 1,000 more make billions of dollars off of war simulations.
      “deploying is not a game” Hold control and press F, then type in the word deploying or deployment, didn’t find it? Neither did I.
      “guns are not “toys”. Hold a standard airsoft gun that shoots 400 fps up to your eye and fire it, if it was a toy I don’t think it would make you lose that eye or worse.
      why is “playing army” so popular now? It was popular in 2 BC, it’s just now they can show how mili-realistic they can make it, and it’s not just playing army, it’s all about tactics, judging distance of the shot, factoring in hop-up and more. If anything airsoft is a military based sport.

      This whole artical is about Izhmash, a russian weapons plant that is now making airsoft guns on the side. So it’s still about firearms not airsoft, that’s like if you were looking at nuclear plants and you read “Nuclear plant now makes icecream

    • Bob Z Moose

      Silly goose, airsoft guns are the closest thing you can get to life fire without felonies, moral bankruptcy, and a one way ticket to heck. It’s also really challenging and fun. Hurts life a b**** when you get shot, but you lean quick. It’s also great exercise and a good excuse to buy stuff you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t justify (a full combat vest with pouches? Might come in handy).

  • Mike Knox

    I find it rather odd to hear that whirring sound when they shoot, it’s almost unsettling..

  • Garrett

    Forged barrels? I think these will probably be in the $500 range if they can withstand being climbed on. I will be highly interested to see what the gearbox is made of, and if they plan on doing up a gas blow back rifle in the future. Most of the time the shell is a die cast zinc alloy, so maybe for once someone can come up with a CNC’d one out of the box.

  • Nick

    Looks like the PP-19 Bison with it’s Helical Mag is going to be a real butt kicker.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Dear Izhmash,

    Ship these to America in time for Christmas or I will fly to Russia, spit in your face(s) and buy them from you there.

    Warm Regards,
    Bob Z Moose

  • Ivan

    Why doesn’t Izhmash start to sue all the existing airsoft Kalashnikov manufactures. They could make a monstrous profit by doing that.

    • Cymond

      It is true that Russia claims they have patents on the AK system and that every other country that builds them is infringing on Russia’s IP. However, those claims don’t hold up to scrutiny for reasons I don’t want to discuss to right now.

      I don’t really see where Izhmash has any standing to sue. It isn’t lke Glock or HK which make exclusive and distinctive firearms. The AK pattern is probably the most common small arm in the world. It’s hard to claim exclusive rights.

      • Karina

        I’ve always wondered if that meant the AK design entered into some sort of gray area close to the public domain. I wish!

    • Chucky

      Izhmash doesn’t own IP rights to the AKs design. Mikhail Kalashnikov does though he never filed patents for it nor pursued companies or individuals copying it as he is a firm believer of socialism and wants the AK to be free. Now, the AK12, that’s something Izhmash can claim and protect as their own.

  • Steve Day

    ATF will ban these before they even make it to U.S. shores – saying that they can be easily converted into real guns. The dictators at the ATF frown upon anyone owning guns (except themselves) and is opposed to our Second Ammendment rights.

    • Zach

      You’re right; They have the third hole, and would be considered “machine guns” according to the ATF. I do think though if they do ever make it stateside to snap these up, I doubt they’ll be around for long.

  • These guns are rare to find,they are hard to play and there sale is also rare.It is rare to find and some or the other way it has been banned by US law.