Wifi-enabled Gun Safe!

Smart Gun Safety Solutions have developed a wifi and web enabled gun safe. The safe can alert you via. email or SMS if the safe is opened or if its internal tilt switch is tripped. The safe is powered by AC but has a built in backup battery. A web interface allows you to view activity history.

I think this is an excellent idea.

Steve Johnson

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  • FoxTrot

    An excellent idea indeed….to be hacked into.

    • Koch

      At least wifi enabled =/= wifi-openable. If there are no wireless controls to open the safe, then the most hacking into this device would do is give the hacker access to your usage data.

      • Freiheit

        So knowing when you’re home. That you have a safe worth stealing. Its not a huge risk, but it is a risk.

      • Sam J

        Look at the top (or Google their janky website). It’s biometrically opened. How much do you want to bet there’s only one CPU in the whole thing? There’s an attack path. Now, find a bug in the webserver that lets you run custom code on it.

      • Komrad

        If you use a good encryption with your WiFi and a strong password, you shouldn’t have any problems. That said, it might be best to treat this as anti-tamper, not anti-theft.

      • Also, use MAC address filtering. It’s hard to hack your password if your router only allows your hardware to connect at all.

      • ParatrooperJJ

        MAC address filtering is worthless. A NIC’s MAC address can be changed easily.

      • MAC address filtering is another layer of security that has to be overcome before anything else can even be attempted. While I assume that reading a good MAC address off of another device while it’s connected is fairly trivial even if someone is also using encryption (and I may be wrong in that assumption), it requires the knowledge and ability to do that and to change the address on the device being used.

        If that address can’t be read from outside my network, then I wish the hacker the best of luck in trying to find one of my half-dozen or so approved MAC addresses out of the millions of possibilities.

      • Bob_L

        All this talk about hacking… While all you guys decide how to best hack it, i’ll just pry it open with a crowbar. 😛

  • gunslinger

    i guess this is basically to monitor if your kids get into the safe? or you check it each day, or email you meaning you probably have been robbed?

  • Stanislao

    I don’t trust gun safe manufacturers. They’re mostly run by people with MBAs and no experience with the product they are dealing with. This results in a considerable loss in quality, all in the name of a slightly higher profit margin. Look up Marc Tobias’ work.

  • Gidge

    On it’s own this is pretty gimmicky. However if this were communicating with a monitored alarm system that could prove very valuable.

    If the safe is opened while the alarm is active, the alarm system looses communication with the safe or if the safe’s tilt alarm goes off it would inform the security company and the police.

    In Australia anyone with more than 5 handguns is required to have monitored alarms by law. As firearm ownership and acquisition is heavily regulated, especially for handguns, owners of handguns have become targets for bikie gangs and other organised crime groups looking to arm themselves. Owning firearms for defense is illegal and firearms must be secured separate from ammo when not in use.

    Having a smart safe that would alert the security company and police, triggering an armed response under these circumstances would be a big deal here. I’d happily pay extra for such a safe.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    I thought the Sharper Image went out of business. Good to see them making products again.

  • El Duderino

    Looks like commercial technology making its way into the home. No big deal. What if some thief merely unplugs it and takes it back to his trailer/crackhouse/cardboard box and smashes it open? Knowing when your wife or kids open it doesn’t concern me as much as burglars when I’m not home.

    • It’s wifi with battery back up so even if they unplug it the signal will still go out so long as your home router is still going.

      • Komrad

        If they wanted to make it really secure, they should make it go off if unplugged too.
        I could envision a thief unplugging it and waiting for the battery to run down.

  • John Doe

    It would be cool if it had a camera, so it could email you a photo of your safe-cracker.

  • Mike Knox

    Before you know it, there’ll be gun safes thet shoot back at unauthorised users..

  • klmspider

    this safe is a great idea. Come on, guys… ANY safe or protection system can be defeated, but, like “The Club”, if you just make your stuff more difficult than another’s, you’ve usually won the battle!
    a cable tie-down system often used for laptop computers would easily make this safe a pain-in-the-butt to steal without consequences.

  • singleactionguy

    There’s also this thing… illegal in my state, but you really must respect his ingenuity.


  • noob

    heh. I read that as “wife-enabled gun safe”

    I thought, “how is that different from my old safe?”

  • BLG

    I just need a safe that keeps people out.

  • Ok, so the safe has an internal battery. Does the WiFi access point have one too? It’s usually not complicated to locate it in a flat or house and power it off or unplug the WAN port.
    This will either bypass the safe security or alarm you every time when your internet connection crashes.

    This really isn’t a secure electronic alarm.