Beautiful Sword Gun

This beautiful sword gun is engraved all over in what looks like names of people. Maybe a family tree? It looks like it is Germanic in origin.

Full size photos and more sword guns here.

[ Many thanks to WhaleOil for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Brian P.

    Beautiful? Not even! This is one of the most hideous and unrefined swords I’ve ever seen! It looks more like a cleaver than a sword. If you want a beautiful sword, look elsewhere, because it’s practically insulting to call this-…this THING…beautiful.

    • Brian P.

      Oh, fuck you people. If you’re voting my comment down, it’s only because you either have horrible taste in swords, or you don’t know a damn thing about them. I collect swords, and studied them for years. This thing is hideous, and anyone who’s serious about swords would realize that.

      • 276 pedersen

        Lighten up!

      • Karl Westinger

        Fool, there are things called books that one should read rather than to videogame or bloat like a goat. Then again, who cares about the village idiot farting.

      • Mike Knox

        @276 pedersen, @Karl Westinger
        Don’t mind him, he’ from the internet..

      • Bob Z Moose


  • Anthony H.

    Let me go ahead and get this out of the way before they invade this page… “OMG! IT LOOKS LIKE CLOUD’S BLADE FROM FINAL FANTASY 7 MIXED WITH THE GUNBLADE FROM FINAL FANTASY 8! LULZ!”

    Does anyone know the blade and hilt length on this? I’m curious as to the dimensions.

    • gunslinger

      not quite. Remember Clouds blade was twice his height. So i’d guess the blade would be about 10 ft or so (assuming Cloud was about 6ft tall)

      And Squall’s gunblade had a revolver.

      I remember when FF8 came out and people said how the gunblade was a bad idea, in terms of usefullness of both a gun and a sword.

      I wonder what the “real world” pros/cons of a weapon like this is.

      • bbmg

        Ask the Spetsnaz 😉

      • gunslinger


        that video seems to not be the same thing. It looks like the bullet is finred from the handle of the knife, i’e 180 degrees from the blade side. i’m looking where the bullet would travel “along/against” the blade.

      • bbmg

        There are plenty of modern iterations of that idea, for example the G.R.A.D which has a 5 shot 22 revolver in its handle:

        Firearms aside, there’s this russian pneumatic two-shot device:

        Or you can just fire off the whole blade:

        … but that leaves you without a knife, awkward if you miss or more than one guest is at the party.

      • D

        Well, the big disadvantage is generally that it adds alot of “fiddle” to the weapon, and in heavy use it’s easy to accidently discharge/damage the firearm, etc.

        plus, of course, it’s not terribly practical to actually aim it and whatnot.

      • bbmg

        @ D

        The NRS knife is chambered in both SP-3 and SP-4 “closed circuit” cartridges that fire a projectile without allowing the propelling gasses to escape:

        This means that without the need to carry and extra weapon, the user also has the equivalent of a single shot suppressed handgun, which is as quiet and more lethal than a 22LR pistol fitted with a suppressor.

        You’re right that it is awkward to aim, but it’s not meant for long range engagements. I can see the convenience of being able to take out a sentry silently from 10 feet away as opposed to having to actually approach close enough to use the knife blade.

  • Karl Westinger

    Hunting knife with wheel lock pistol, Munich, 1546.
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

  • Mike

    It has a chart of some sort near the hilt, maybe it’s an engineer’s weapon with some kind of reference values for cannon fire trajectory?

  • Vaarok

    It certainly appears to be more of a fascinemesser (fascine-maker, engineer/artillerist’s machete) than a sword.

  • Alex-mac

    Told people the pistol bayonet was a good idea.

  • Mike Matheson
    • Mike Knox

      “No file by this name exists”

      • 276 pedersen

        The link doesn’t work because it’s missing the .jpg, if you copy and paste the link it will work.

  • John Doe

    Germanic in origin, but definitely inspired/designed by time-traveling video game enthusiasts.

  • Oswald Bastable

    Sword gun- mightier than the pen gun!

  • Bob Z Moose

    This will be linked to by every anime forum by tomorrow morning. Watch…

  • Wow that sword has swag.

  • Airrider

    Sword-gun, it can sword and gun…

    …mostly sword