FPS Russia Branded Rifle

Youtube star FPS Russia looks to be getting a rifle named after him, reports Aftermath Gun Club

The teaser photo indicates an AR-15 upper receiver with a forward return spring and non-reciprocal folding charging handle.

Steve Johnson

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  • Flounder

    Not to mention it is an AR style rifle… WITH A SIDE FOLDING STOCK!!!! O.o I know it’s been done but this looks like it folds to the right and down… As if to not cover the ejection port… Meaning maybe it could operate while the stock is folded? OOOOHHHHHH PRETTY.

    But on a more serious note It looks like a good rifle and I can’t wait to see it!

    • raven

      I’ve been running a Para TTR/ZM LR300 AR15 that has a side folding/collapsable stock for years. It shoots just fine with the stock folded to the left. I have added a Magpul BAD lever so I can manipulate the bolt catch lever when the stock is folded, essentially making my rifle operate fully when the stock is folded.

      This rifle does look cool, but I’ll take my TTR any day.

      • Flounder

        I was actually thinking about the Para rifle when I made my comment. I was also thinking about the AR pistol that RRA made; I think they have a rifle version that can be fired with the stock folded to the side…

        It’s pretty much just a fun new AR. Kinda hard to get exited about but hey it is different than most AR’s out there so I like it!

        And the para’s are discontinued now right? Meaning this rifle will compete against RRA’s offerings an no others. Right? If i’ve forgotten anything please refresh my memory!

  • Big Daddy

    The FBS Russia guy cracks me up, he doesn’t take himself that seriously and is fun to watch. For the life of me I cannot figure out if that accent is real or put on.

    I’m waiting for him to for one moment talk like a New Yorker or something, like Pee Wee Herman did once during a skit.

    I’d rather watch a short of him than anything Red Jacket does, that’s for sure.

    • Justin

      His accent is fake. His name is Kyle and he is from Georgia.

      • Alien426

        Just for added clarity: Georgia the US state, not Georgia the country that used to be part of the Russian Empire.

        I guess we’ll soon know how many of the viewers that “subscribe, like and share” his videos are old enough to buy guns.

        I kinda like that it seems the rifle will have some unique features instead of just being an AR with a logo.

      • Bob Z Moose

        You’ve ruined my whole 20’s-hood…

    • Big Daddy

      Only 6 down-rates, things are slow here.

      I have to say people here have no sense of humor at all.

      In fact I would have to say this place has too many trolls which rhymes with a**holes.

    • Mobious

      Yeah but in Wolverines! Georgia was invaded!

      And yes Russian friend of mine couldn’t tell that was supposed to be a Russian accent, fake fake fake.

  • ankle

    It should come with “Ear protection is for wimpy capitalists” engraved on the side.

  • I’m now thinking the side plate may be removable and swappable from side to side. Look at the brass deflector as well; it seems plausable. I’m just guessing based on that one drawing though.

  • Pepin the Short

    The FPS Russia Rifle, the first weapon designed specifically to be fired from the hip, one handed, at a line of watermelons.

    Don’t bother asking how it works. We won’t tell you.

  • Anthony H.

    I’ve sat here and stared at this trying to break it down and I’ve determined that as of now I don’t much care for a majority of the updated features this rifle offers. Here’s why:

    1. While I’d LOVE to see a side-folding stock that actually works for an AR platform, this one looks flimpsy at best. It’s a relatively tiny hunk of metal that is holding the stock to the body of the weapon and I could foresee it being bent or broken and becoming non-functional. If it can survive an “oopsie”, it’s not for me.

    2. While the folding, non-reciprocating side-charging handle is interesting, I’d rather keep my t-handle. If I have to re-charge the weapon, I can simple grab the latch, flip my wrist, and it’s done. I’d rather not have to fidget with it to get the handle unfolded and then go through my steps. However, that is strictly preferential and has nothing to do with its performance.

    However, the feature that I do like is what I think I’m seeing on the bolt carrier. It looks like it has fluting on it. The reason I’m cool with this is that in cold weather shooting there is less surface area for the bolt to make contact with its housing and thus less potential for it to freeze. I’m just wondering now how that would stand up to wear.

    • Anthony H.

      If it CAN’T* survive an “oopsie”. Stupid typos. lol

    • noob

      doesn’t the standard AR-16 bcg only contact the upper in the four corner rails? At least that’s where I’ve been told to lube it.

      • Anthony H.

        Indeed it does. I was commenting more on the greater gap it would cause between the BCG and the walls of the upper which could make it harder for condensation to freeze thus causing a lock up. 🙂

  • Foetus

    And he still dares calling himself fps RUSSIA 😀

    • Mike Knox

      He used to be a pintballer named fps kyle..

      • David/Sharpie

        Why I call him FPSFake.

        He has all those YouTube kids thinking he owns 2 AA-12s and M240Bs etc.

      • Mike Knox

        He just works at a gun shop with a range that rents out licenced weapons he shoots in those videos of his..

      • David/Sharpie

        Does he work there or just know the people?

        I know he rents them, I’m not sure why he gets access to all of them.

  • D

    I bet all the gnarly bros are gonna eat this shit up. Russian Ninja Gear dood.

  • Lance

    Proff the USA won the Cold War they make AR-15s now!! Joke. I do say for a foreign AR this would be awesome and good quality better than crappy Chinese copies.

    • Anonymoose

      Needs moar AK-12.

      • NI Shooter

        Everyone needs more AK-12 or at least any surplus AK-200s they have lying around from testing 😀

    • Lance

      The AK-12 is only in testing and the Russian Army said it will not purchases more AKs period. AK-74 is a fine rifle anyway.

      • Zincorium

        Agreed. The AK-74 is a solid infantry small arm, they have all of the parts and armorer training they need, anything past this is just a subsidy of Izhmash.

        And Izhmash really needs to focus on it’s biggest potential market, which is U.S. civilians. Yeah, there are hoops to jump through, but it can make a hell of a lot of money even if all they add to their catalogue are trunnions- imagine how awesome it would be if they started selling new-manufacture parts kits for the AK-2XX series to be assembled into rifles here.

      • vasyan

        kalash 74 and 74M is fine rifle with many fans of it in armed forces, i recommend Belorussian sight PK-ASV optics are good quality and are Electromagnetic resistant. also good if you forgot to install batteries 😀

      • vasyan

        to clarify scope is russian, but belarus makes many of them too. you may buy them online around 210,00 dollars.

    • David/Sharpie

      If you’re talking about the Chinese AR-15s, only the finish is sub-par, and I can deal with a little more maintenance in exchange for a rifle that doesn’t cost $1000.

      • vasyan

        it is traditional rhyme, i cannot say is chastushka. is similar to our drinking toast jokes, no?

    • vasyan

      FPSrussia is not even close to actually being Russian, is just name of actor. he rerminds me of funny rhyme: Маленький мальчик нашёл пулемёт,
      Больше в деревне никто не живёт. it says: little boy found a machine gun,
      Now the village population is none.

      hope this helped

      • David/Sharpie

        That’s a saying in Russia??

        Did you make that up, or is that a well known rhyme/saying in Russia?

      • David/Sharpie

        Oh okay, I wonder is there some history behind that saying…?

      • vasyan

        soviet ROTC and young pioneers, you got time i can tell loads of jokes about soviet ROTC, even jokes of militsiya or you can use google for it bro 😀

  • Cameron

    FPS has a branded gun, and hickok45 does not.

    Why, God?! Why such brutal japes?! How have we displeased you??!

    • Zincorium

      I don’t think Hickock45 would be able to settle on just one gun. It’d have to be an entire series.

      • David/Sharpie

        I think he would choose a lever gun.


  • Trev

    Ill stick with Colt, Noveske, BCM and DD.

  • Jason
  • Mike Knox

    No offense but it would only be worth noting if done by a major manufacturer..

  • It would be very cool to see a very well known gun enthusiast on Youtube have such and honor held. The likelihood however that anyone in the general public will be able to afford or want to afford the firearm is very unlikely.

  • Sean

    But how many of his actual fans can own a firearm permit.

    • David/Sharpie

      My guess, not many.

      By the time they get the permit, most will have grown out of his BS.

    • Samopal

      Probably not many since there’s no thing as a “firearm permit” in 99% of the US, and many (most?) of his fans are American.

    • Cameron

      Even his fans that are old enough probably burned all their gun money on Call of Duty Elite and BAWLS energy drink.

    • .303British

      Well I don’t know what you mean by “Firearm Permit” but I am a fan and I have a conceal carry.

  • Chrontius

    Not sure I’m a fan of FPS Russia, but I really do like the design.