DIY Game Controller Rifle

A redditor built a XBox 360 controller into an airsoft rifle. He used an Arduino Pro Mini and whats looks to be a Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 9 degrees of freedom (3 axis gyro + 3 axis accelerometer + 3 axis magnetometer/compass) to replace the analog sticks and allow it to be aimed naturally.

I have stripped the main board of a 360 controller, rewired all of the buttons and joysticks, spliced a micro controller and gyroscopes in to replace the look stick, mounted everything in an Airsoft Rifle making the controls as natural as possible, and will be mounting a screen just in front of the users face so that as you aim your field of view moves just as it would if you were aiming a real rifle!

This would make an amazing, and cheap, engagement training setup. Someone needs to Kickstarter this asap.

[ Many thanks to Reginald for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • darrel

    Woah! What kind of rifle is that? Looks like an FNC, an AR18 and an AR15 rolled up into one!

    • Max

      It is a Korean Daewoo K2

      • Bob Z Moose

        I think it’s a Type 89. I haven’t run across a K2 airsoft lately. It’s a bit of an expenseive controller. I’m only aware of one high end manufacture that make that model and is goes for $300+! Really cool, though.

        • Phil White


          It’s a Daewoo. Take a look at the left side controls/configuration. It’s different than the type 89.

      • Bob Z Moose

        Indeed it is, Phil. Needed to zoom a bit more on the pic. Wanna know where he got it! 😀

  • Rjp

    you know? for the movement joys, grenades .etc he could use a foregrip. or even just hack a wii nunchuck into a foregrip into those controls.

  • Rjp

    and maybe that ads button could be on the stock under a cheek pad? so when you went to look through your irons it would? just a thought.

    • SJC

      Hell. Yes.

  • There is already an existing setup that’s been around for a few years, This guy’s actually functions, he has just been lacking funding for a while, he needs to get on Kickstarter.

    • Bob Z Moose

      Whoa, whoa, whoa! That there is a gun! Kickstarter will have no part of this culture of violence! /sarcasm

  • 6677

    I read about this over on yesterday. If you find this stuff interesting you should check the site out.

  • Anonymoose

    I have an airsoft XM177 and airsoft P228 that I would like to gut and turn into PS3 controllers, although at this point I might as well wait for the PS4 and its version of the PS Move come out…

  • gunslinger

    why use this in simulators? why not the laser tag that’s already available?

    i can see this as cool for “personal use” but i don’t see why the army etc. would want this type of setup.