Damage Industries P90 Extended Optic Rail

Damage Industries are now selling a rail for the FN P90 that extends further forward than the factory rail and provides an under-rail. It allows larger optics to be mounted on the top and flashlights and/or lasers to be mounted underneath.

It will be available in black or OD Green for $99.

Steve Johnson

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  • fitz19d

    I hate the PS90 personally, and hate people going overboard with rails like they are want to do on shotguns these days. But that seems like a very nice upgrade. When I handled a friends PS90 I hated for a giant like me having it so tight up in my face, with this an optic even if it’s small could be mounted more forward.

  • gunslinger

    i’m not completely familiar with the PS90 fit. but it looks like the optic is quite high, compared to where iron sights would be.

    or am i just not aware of the “fit” of the rifle?

    • 6677

      That’s the standard location for a P90 rail to be, if you look part of the magazine goes under it so it has to have some clearance for that.

    • Chuck

      Yep, they do sit kind of high. But you can always get a mag coupler to boost your line of sight. :). Looks like Damage industries makes one of those too.

  • Chuck

    Looks like it is for the tri rail, or replaces the standard optic?

    • 6677

      That’s a tri railed gun there, whether it can replace the standard optic though I haven’t a clue

      • Chuck

        Had to check it out at their web store, and it does replace the standard optic. It would be perfect if it had back up iron sights built into it. The stock backup sights are interesting on the PS90.

    • Yes, it does replace the standard optic rail and yes, it does have back up iron sights built-in. Here’s a link to another picture showing the sights: http://damageusa.com/sites/damageusa.com/files/product-image/img_0514_0.jpg

  • West

    $99? Thats less than a box of ammo.
    Kind of.

  • Kevin

    Seems like it would be difficult or impossible to work the on/off switch on the light with your hands in a firing position. Might work well for lasers though.

    • noob

      probably have to move the support hand off the vfg/triggerguard. you can still shoot with just the strong hand on i think.

  • Lance

    I see more and more that dipite FN protest americans are making new improvements to FN firearms.

  • Mike Knox

    Why not a receiver/frame that replaces the foregrip and finger stop with a rail?

    • FourString

      From the looks of it, it may be because, unlike the FS2000, that whole receiver is one piece (the foregrip/fingerstop is integrated into the body).

    • FourString

      Also, IMHO a rail replacing the fingerstop on the normal P90 or an SBR’ed PS90 would not be the most safe configuration out there…

  • Jeff Smith

    I don’t like that it places your light infront of your muzzle. It seems like like that could pose a potentially dangerous situation under stress.

    • Jefe

      Always use a suppressor, I guess… But no, you’re right. Someone trying to manipulate the light could easily sweep in front of the muzzle downward to the support grip