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  • Lobo

    $35 ?? No thanks. That’ll buy more ammo in .308, not a piece of paper.

  • Mobious

    Cute, but what is preventing me from recreating this and printing out on a piece of paper?

  • Ben H

    Right click, save image as, open in Ai, live trace, scale to desired size, print. No, I’m kidding. I don’t get it, what ever the idea is here it fall short, I wouldn’t waste the time duplicating it.

  • gunslinger

    35 bucks for a poster? wow. i just don’t get it…

  • Scott_T

    Why is the bullet humility? Cant figure that one out, not very motivational.

    • Sardaukar

      Maybe “stay humble, for if you show yourself too much there may be a bullet just for you”. That’s great for workplace motivation. D:

    • gareth

      I think it’s kind of the best part of this poster. a Bullet, in the chamber or down range, is always something you respect the most and be humble to. You always show the highest respect to the power, the danger, the marksmanship that are embodied by the bullet, also the implication of the lives it’s gonna take. The bullet is ultimately what firearm is about, and humility doesn’t seem to be a bad attitude towards it. To me it helps etch in a good mindset.

  • Spade

    I don’t get it.

  • West

    Hats off to the guy who tried to slip this, whatever this is, by but im not buyin’ it.
    Im also not getting it.

  • jim

    It takes some complicated and expensive super computer/robot, a world class thinker, and an artist of Da Vinci’s caliber to create such a work of art…….that’s where the $35 price tag comes from…….

  • Bryan S.

    “Printed by Dependable Letterpress in San Francisco’s Dogpatch”

    That’s why.. printed in a trendy place on nice paper, probably has some sort of CA registration to print anything firearm related.

    Wonder if its microstamped?


  • RickH

    Other than the funny comments, this wasn’t even worth posting.

  • Martin M

    Put this in full view of your firearms and they’ll shoot straighter, faster, cleaner, cooler, and longer. That is what armies around the world are missing, firearms motivation. Why spend tens of millions on new weapons when you can just motivate your arsenal into better performance. Totally worth the $35USD.

  • John Doe

    $35 of .308 ammo > a $35 poster about .308

  • TZH

    expensive, unless some of the dough is going to charity…

  • If someone has to be reminded what a loaded round consists of, maby they should find a new hobby.

    • Sam Suggs

      its more art than practical informative diagram

  • Sam Suggs

    good idea not well excecuted I would go with the bullet as the acheiment or sume such as this was a metapor for accoplishment up until that