Polish PM-63 “RAK”

Michael Bane got to play with the Polish PM-63

The Polish PM-63 “RAK” in 9 x 18 Mak…man, these things so rock! I gotta say that in the balance, I like them more that Czech Skorpions, which I like a lot.

The flat disc in front is the compensator. The compensator is attached to the slide and so the gun can be cocked by pressing the compensator against a hard surface.

The PM-63 is right up there in ugliness as the MP-443 β€œGrach”. The Polish gun aesthetics have thankfully improved since then.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    Well, our subguns were never beauty queens. The one in use today, PM-84P/PM-98/PM-06 (the first one is the original in 9mm Luger, the second one has a different magazine release and a light/laser socket molded into the front grip, and the last one is a PM-98 with a rail slapped on top of it) looks a tad outdated too, but hey, as long as it works…
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Submachine_gun_PM-84.jpg – here’s a picture.

    • atri

      dude what u talking about?
      Pm-98 loooooookss so fcking awesome, it’s my favorite submachine gun

      • bbmg

        Beat me to it, I really like the foregrip swell on the ’98.

      • Mike

        Fun fact, the PM-98 ended up in one of the Resident Evil movies. Beats me how, but it’s there.
        Hell, I’ve even seen a $10 cheap airsoft toy modeled after the PM98, and as far as I know no serious airsoft manufacturer ever released a replica. There was a classic airsoft replica of a PM-63, though.

  • hikerguy

    Well, it would never win a beauty contest for subbies. But, being in the former soviet sphere of influence, the gun was manufactured to be simple, rugged, and reliable. I always thought it was quite nifty myself despite it being a Makorv caliber design.

  • Denny

    Back to back with my previus ‘criticism’ of Polish.338 concept shown here recently; this is well designed and practical weapon. I would not directly compare it to Skorpion (although thry share the basic purpose); that is for .32ACP – way to anemic.

    The later designed Polish subguns such as M84 certainly look better and more capable. I think they did in comparison to HK or Beretta rather good job. However, as we know these calibers are on the way out; its merely recollection of history.

    • Mike

      Well, if the 6.5x25mm cartridge isn’t a fairy dust con job, 9mm guns may have a second chance. I’m not completely convinced, but the benefit of doubt is firmly in effect here.

      • Denny

        If you refer to old Skorpion, this thru itterations has made it as far as to what euros call 9mm Browning, meaning .380APC. The fire rate reducer was innovative feature for its time but that was about the only thing to admire.

        This of course does not apply for Skorp Evo 2 which is in 9mm Para. 7.63×17 had been (in old times) standard police pistol round in most european countries. It was meant not to harm seriously. I do not believe that any thinking cop would pack it novadays. Bad guys have much heavier calibers an they use them.

      • Mike

        No, I’m referring to the CBJ 6.5x25mm ammo that some people wrote about like it’s the best thing since powdered milk, which of course made me suspicious. Some Swedish guy invented ammo that at cartridge size identical with 9mm para (the casing is longer and necked) has unbelievable ballistic properties (comparable with the modern PDW rounds from FN and H&K). And it’s possible to readily convert 9mm Para guns to the new caliber with minimum parts replacement (IIRC, you only need to swap out the barrel).

  • Komrad

    Got nothing on the Shevchenko PSh-4. It never advanced beyond prototype , but it was uglier than a baked turd. http://world.guns.ru/userfiles/_thumbs/Images/handguns/ukraine/1287751307.jpg

    By comparison, this looks sleek and modern.

    • Mike

      Why, it does look pretty sleek anyway. Uzi is a brick and the Czech Sa-23 is a chunk of pipe with controls bolted on.
      Grach has nothing on the PSh-4 either. I mean, look at it. In the sixties, there were capguns made of stamped sheet metal over here that looked like the PSh-4.

      • Denny

        I can only speak of guns I know from personal experience; Sa23-27 were actually suprisingly well ‘groomed’. I would not call them ‘piece of pipe’. They may not have been as rugged as Uzi, true, but they performed quite well (200m with 7.62Tok) and were reliable. Of course, the 9mmPara version was better allaround.

  • noob

    weren’t these the guns used in the london iranian embassy siege?

    • 6677

      I can’t find either a) a good photo or b) a definitive listing of the weapons used. According to wikipedia though the weapons where soviet made so it is plausible

    • Mike

      I know that the Italian Red Brigades got their hands on RAKs. Not sure about the Iranian embassy siege, though.

  • Jeff

    I dunno, I find the MP-443 acceptable aesthetically, or at least in the same category as a Ruger P89

  • milo

    it serves its purpose as a weapon correct? and we are talking about it that it was designed for wars (more than likely SF missions) right? therefore it is a weapon of war not a barbie doll.

  • Bill

    eh what? “the flat disk in front is the Compensator”? That’s the folding stock butt plate. and the block under the barrel is the folding forward grip.

    • Jeff

      Here’s a digital rendering albeit a pretty good one


      See the lip right below the barrel? That’s the compensator. The one on the bottom shows the gun out of battery. you can imagine you slam that lip against a flat surface to charge the weapon.

      It also shows how conventional, and close to an semi-auto pistol the design really is (in fact, it looks pretty much like an oversized autoloader with a forward grip and stock)

  • Sam

    The P-63 and P-64 are both good small pistols dispite being replaced in standard service many Polish police use them as a back up weapon there a good pocket pistol.

  • Lance

    I like both Makarov and there East European copies the reason they are still used they are a good pistol.

  • Mike Knox

    Looks like something from a sci-fi film..

  • Tony

    I remember seeing this in True Lies, the bathroom shootout scene.

  • Foetus

    Neat. Could be useful for one-handed reloads πŸ˜€

    • bigwhiteyeti

      And pray tell, how does one load a magazine with a single hand?

  • Johnny

    I believe the BRS-99 is an updated version of this and they are being imported into Canada.

  • agitap

    I heard a rumors about new version of pm-98 comming next year.
    Will be presented at ShotShow or MSPO.

  • Hanz
  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Gentlemen :

    The point is that the PM-63 is a thoroughly practical, functional and reliable weapon that fulfills its intended role admirably, as do the Czech vz.63 Skorpion and other successful military-grade equivalents. As for aesthetics, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The PM-63 might look ugly to some, but I think it is a sharp and purposeful-looking gun.

    In case anyone starts to protest too much about this, we should remember that when the Hi-Point 995 carbine was first introduced to the market, almost everyone openly condemned it as being downright ugly and cheap-looking while grudgingly acknowledging it’s functionality. Now most of the same people are extolling the weapon’s practical virtues and actually think it has a certain purposeful beauty in it’s own right.