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  • Garden Hose

    Looks like a pretty cool piece of rifle bling. I’d rock one.

  • KC

    why didn’t I think of that?

  • James

    Those are some pretty slick designs. I would buy those. As soon I get my rifle.

    Unrelated note, I have the St. Michael pattern on a RangerUp shirt. Its awesome.

    • James

      I cant edit, but I did see they will do custom images too.

  • Harald Hansen

    How about printing a ballistics table on one? Surely more useful than “bling”?

    • Other Steve

      There you go, now someone is thinking.

  • D

    I fully approve; that looks like both a nifty idea, and a nifty product.

  • Alex-mac

    Eat your heart out Jihadists!

  • gunslinger

    like the images… but if they could put ballistic data or other useful info…

  • Dave D

    Decided to buy the 9-11 Flag and 9-11 Pentagon decal. They also represent the two different sized rail covers. Thought the price was a little high, but I also understand the price is because the likely low volumes. Hope the quality is high. Almost bought the St. Michael cover pictured above, but figured I already spent more than I wanted to spend and would wait to see if I place another order.

    Hope to use the Pentagon decal on my patrol rifle and the 9-11 flag on one my personal AR.