The Tramp (2013)

Dima Levanchuk emailed me about a firm he is making called The Tramp. It is about a young woman from a small town who turns into a ruthless killer after being kidnapped by human traffickers. At one point during the film she makes a crude blackpower shotgun pistol. You can see her making and firing it in the trailer …

I am really looking forward to seeing this film.

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  • Tilliam

    film not firm

  • Tom

    Is asian firm?

  • Mike Knox

    Heh, I made an improvised handgun like that once using a brass tube, some wood and zippo parts. Except I used a silver compund instead of black powder..

    • JonathanF

      She looks to be using something other than BP too.

      • Kyle

        Based on the movie this scene is stol- Err, “Inspired by”, it’s probably ground down matchheads

    • JonMac

      Just seen the original – you’re right, he mixes matchstick powder with metal shavings – silver?

  • Kyle

    This reminds me of the russian film “Brat 2” or “Brother 2”, where Danila (The Protagonist) makes a shotgun out of match heads, pipe and what looks like a table leg. This trailer is almost a shot for shot of it

    • Erik


  • RandomInterneter

    I made a lot of stuff like this in my early teens. It’s a wonder that I still have all my fingers. Also, this is scene is identical to a scene in a Russian movie called Brother 2, where the anti-hero protagonist makes a shotgun just like this, including the matchstick ignition system, and metal wire wrap.

  • RickH

    This vid is the only thing I could find about this film, no synopsis, no nothing. Teaser trailers are supposed to give you some anticipation….I get nothing out of this. It could be a teaser for a new episode of “American Guns”, “Paige goes nuts!!!”.

    • Hey guys, thank you very much for checking out a teaser trailer for my movie! You can find more info about the movie at

      The Tramp is a low budget movie about a woman from a small town who gets kidnapped by human traffickers and has to fight her way out of the gang.

      This particular scene was inspired by my childhood in Russia, when we made a bunch of matchlock guns. This scene does have some similarities with a Russian movie Brother, but this type of a matchlock gun is the one of most popular version of the gun so it’s not a surprise that the scene has similarities. But thank you for noting it! I hope it didn’t spoil your interest for the movie 🙂

      Again, thank you for checking teaser trailer!
      Dima Levanchuk