FN Tactical Box Magazine Kit for FN SPR Rifle

FN USA has begun selling a Tactical Box Magazine (TBM) Conversion Kit for the FN SPR rifle. The kit can be easily installed, no gunsmith required. The kit replaces the internal/hinged-floorplate magazine.

“We are pleased to offer this new TBM Conversion Kit,” said Ken Pfau, FNH USA Senior Vice President for Law Enforcement and Commercial Sales. “It was developed specifically for owners of the original SPR, which came with 4-round Detachable Box Magazines (DBMs). The ‘drop-in’ capability of this kit not only takes the guesswork out of performing the upgrades themselves, but it also gives them an opportunity to economically upgrade their rifles to better meet their current shooting needs.”

The kit contains one magazine bottom metal, one 10-round magazine, one 5-round magazine, new action screws and instructions for installation. A 5/32” hex bit and inch/pound torque wrench are required for installation but are not included in the kit.

I look forward to FN producing 20 rounds magazines for the SPR.

Steve Johnson

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  • Trev

    Hk may hate us, but FN loves us.

    • Mike Knox

      Yay, internet..

    • MrMaigo

      Assuming you have the money for their love.

      • Mike Knox

        Don’t need money for love. Do you?..

  • D

    does it take special magazines that only fit it, or are they some kind of standardized magazines?

  • JC

    Owner of an SPR A2 here. I just had a look on Midway, and the kit is $400. I’ll probably just be sticking to my standard 4-rnd DBM at this point. Bummer, since the 10-rnd mag would be nice. 🙂

  • gunslinger

    i was going to ask why you’d need a detachable mag kit for a rifle that had a detachable mag. but re-read the post and the gun had an internal mag.

    but if it’s more than half the cost of the gun… is it worth it?

    not sure on pricing of the firearm.

  • Pepin the Short

    I’ve always thought FN to be home to fine engineers, but this seems like a tremendous oversight for a rifle that easily tops $2000. They’re smart folks. A rifle like this should have a simple way to switch to box magazines without a conversion kit.

    Conversion kits are for old rifles that your grandfather bought at SEARS, or that have been languishing in warehouses that smell of cosmoline for half a century. I have always admired the ingenuity of FN engineers, but for weapon called the ‘Special Police Rifle,’ not facilitating detachable magazines strikes me as a tremendous oversight. It would be as if Ford released a line of cars that lacked a gas tank.

    • Beefalo


  • John Doe

    A conversion kit to FAL mags would be nice.