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  • “One…

  • Tom
    • GeoffH

      Better grammer: I have no idea of the origin of this photo.
      Oh, and I love the photo. Who says Marines have no sense of humor!

      • Or rather: “I have no idea from where this photo originates”.

  • gunslinger

    so i mustache you a question….

  • Lance

    Comes from Kit up on funny the new mustache M-4 upgrade.

  • Rob in Katy

    So, do you think that they have empty mags in their pistols and one bullet in their shirt pocket?

  • Bob Barker

    No mag and still exercising proper trigger discipline? Does anyone know how we can get this posted on every NYPD precinct’s bulletin board?

  • DW

    Me Gusta!

  • LR Hutchins

    No Mag, and proper trigger discipline? It’s all in the training, habit will follow. Just as you noticed the ‘Trigger Discpilin’ it’s training HABIT!! And you also keep your finger off the trigger! right?

    LR Hutch

  • Travis

    Gotta love the Marines. XD

  • Sam Suggs

    odd one of them (the first one) has a modern 1911 and another (2nd one back) has a magpul ACS but tstock on what I assume is an m4. I now you can carry a personal sidearm with the concent of your comanding offcier but an aftermarket buttstock is somthing of a grey area i imagine also a concent of your comanding officer thing

  • funwithguns87

    so gay. bunch of POGs at Leatherneck or CAX pretending to be hard.