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  • Lemming

    Well the naming system is creative at least 🙂

  • Nadnerbus

    These guys are starting to out magpul Magpul.

  • KC

    I never heard of these guys before. I like the look of their AR15 carbine handguards, I wonder if they’ll make a midlength?

    • Reverend Clint

      yeah i was wondering that myself, ended up going with magpul anyways

  • gunslinger

    so this is a plate that helps with pulling a mag out of a puch? interesting.

    not a glock fan, but i’m sure with the glock market the way it is, they will not have a problem finding customers.

    • Other Steve

      Not really. Since most people don’t pull pistol mags from a pouch, rather usually a molded mag carrier. The main advantage of ‘tactical’ mag baseplates are the notches on the front or sides.

      During an inline double feed or some other malfunctions, the proper method to remove is to hold the mag release and tear the mag from the gun. This can be difficult on some guns (impossible on others like flat plate 1911s and guns like 22/45 where the mag sits inside the grip almost entirely). Having a notch makes it easier to get your hand/fingers on.

      So to aid in grip for normal and malfunction clearing, but I’ve found really only handy for one handed malfunction clearing. The lip on the front of the lower parts and the side notches on the first are to “hook” on to something you have on you like your gear and rip the mag out. This is tough with smooth mag plates like Glocks, easier on M&P and Walther PPQ, but really easy with notched/ramped baseplates.

  • Mike Knox

    Now this seems unnecessary. I did carry a glock 30 for a short while, short enough that I didn’t have to use it. But in drills I didn’t find the need for something like this. I can’t say the same for other glock users.

    Why doesn’t glock just put finger indexes in the grip like HK USPs? Found that more useful..

  • Tekkie

    I’m all for innovative new product, but this seems to be one of those ‘solutions-looking-for-a-problem’ kinda things.

    Also, I’ve always been of the opinion that when performing a speed-reload you should allow the magazine to drop feel, not strip it from the magwell. Granted, the guy on the website’s video is crazy fast, but the technique just seems to be creating added (i.e. unnecessary) movement.

    I don’t know, is mag stripping a common practice?

    • JMD

      Stripping the magazine out manually is the recommended practice of every competent instructor I’ve spoken to. Magazines don’t always drop free on their own, especially in harsh or dirty conditions, or in the event of certain types of malfunctions. Your support hand is already on the gun. Why not just strip the magazine out on the way down? It’s cheap insurance.

      • Tekkie

        That’s strange, I’ve never heard that from a firearm instructor before. I know that mag stripping is protocol when clearing a double feed, but I had the impression that during a speed reload your thumb should be depressing the mag release and at the same time your support hand should be reaching for a new magazine.

        You can see here that during his speed reload, Haley never strips the mag. As you can see, reach and depression happen simultaneously.

  • Nicks87

    Gadgets for people that have more money than sense.

    Folks, all you really need is a decent trigger and good sights and most people dont even need that.

    Even more important is practice, practice, practice. Spend your money on ammo not crap like this.

  • Brandon

    I feel like they don’t really do much to differentiate between the 4 ‘flavors.’ What’s the difference between Honey Mustard and Cajun? They have the same description and look similar.

    • SJC

      Different angle to the back of the addition piece.

  • JMD

    If they could make a version of these that incorporates a +2 extension, I’d be all over it.

    • Mike Knox

      Why stop at just two?

  • That’s fine but I would like to have more grip flared out under the little finger, then perhaps this cross sectional device to strip the mag. What do I know after 22 years in the Marines, I was just a winger, LOL Wait, pistols are my TO weapon, hummmm, but then so wasy the Gal2B. I miss that baby. I did read about palm supports and they seem to be effective. I don’t want something bulging from under my shirt either. Hey is SW thinks a fat grip gives you more purchase on the weapon, then I can have my fat butt plate to crack some freaking sculls now and then, LOL.