Syrian Rebel DIY Pistol & Rifle

In the video embedded below, a Syrian rebel explains how to operate two DIY weapons. The pistol looks like it may once have been a flare gun. The rifle looks to be one of the most complex single shot guns I have ever seen, I think the optics were taken from binoculars.

Can anyone tell us what he is saying?

[ Many thanks to Nic Jenzen-Jones for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Nick H.

    Is that a Trijicon SRS on the rifle?

    • Chase

      Is that a FAMAS?

      • John

        It’s clearly a BAR.

  • Ed

    how do they make rifled barrels? (or do they just take it from scrap guns) and what caliber was the rifle in? (It didnt look like a 7.62×39)

    • Komrad

      As I understand it, crude rifling isn’t particularly difficult, but for what they’re using these for, smoothbore would work just as well. Salvaging barrels is another definite possibility. A mostly ruined rifle barrel may have enough intact rifling to make a pistol barrel or short rifle barrel.

      I have some Paladin Press DIY guides for home made guns and several suggest salvaging barrels from or surplus rifles or whatever is handy.

  • Chase

    That’s a crazy optical sight. I wonder how well it works.

    • Max

      The sight looks so disjointed from the barrel that it should be impossible to zero. They might be better off with iron sights.

  • bbmg

    “Can anyone tell us what he is saying?”

    derka derka derka allah muhammad jihad, derka derka.

    • Mike Matheson


      • bbmg

        Just chiming with the thought that fills the room 😉

      • Mike Matheson

        The Firearm Blog has too many mature and intelligent followers for that thought to “fill the room”. If there really were that many idiots here the site’s name would be

  • Jefe

    No, you’re chiming in with the thought that makes everyone else in the room stop and stare at you like the emo kid that always said weird crap in high school.

    • bbmg

      “Team America made $12.1 million in its opening U.S. weekend. The film eventually grossed a total of $50,907,422, with $32,786,074 in U.S. domestic receipts and $18,121,348 in international proceeds.”

    • anthodge

      bbmg, congratulations on being able to Google grossing figures. Now if you could just learn how to Google common decency, courteousy, respect for others, self-respect, and appropriateness, then we’ll be in business. The guys in this video made no personal attack against you or any other American and yet you felt compelled to insult them. For what, to make a funny? You failed miserably at it. Now, hurry up and get back to class before your teacher misses you. Grow up, kiddo.

      • bbmg

        Yes, of course charicaturing middle eastern people as people who “don’t have anything except a goat, a basket, and a rock” as you did in another post is a more sensitive and scholarly approach.

        Thanks for assuming I’m American 🙂

  • AD

    I’m having some trouble with the dialect, but I’ll try to translate.

    He starts with a bit of Quran, then he pretty much just gives a quick description of using the weapons – nothing complex, “open here, put the bullet in the firing chamber” sort of thing. He mentions that the bolt is pulled back then down before pulling the trigger.

    He calls the pistol the Kareem 1 and the rifle the Kareem 2 (kareem is an Arabic name, the literal translation of which is something like “generous”, so I’m not sure if the gun is named “generous” or just named after someone).

    When he loads the rifle chamber he seems to say that they don’t have any actual bullets (I don’t know exactly what he means by that), so he’s using a dummy or a fired shell.

    Sorry, I couldn’t make out much more than that.

    • AC

      Do you which area of th Qu’ran he was quoting from?

      • AD

        I believe it roughly translates to:

        “And He (God) taught man what he did not know.”

        I assume the idea is to bless the passing on of knowledge, what with it being an instructional video and all.

      • AC

        Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

    • Zen

      Yes, it’s from the Quran. It’s part of Surat al Alaq.

  • FailBlog

    Hopefully they use them to blow their own primitive brains out.

  • anthodge

    Hello there fellow country-men!

    Do you want to rebel against the government, but don’t have anything except a goat, a basket, and a rock? Solve that problem today! Abu-rig that shiz! Just start taping stuff together until it can fire a bullet!

    Seriously though, I’m actually curious how the firing mechanism works. I’m trying to wrap my head around it, but I’m drawing a blank. Any ideas? Either way, I give them a 10/10 for sheer creativity!

  • mark

    The effect that the praise of Allah ,after Introduced two weapons.

    Highlights the second simple rifle parts and use.

    The some similar liberator pistol strategies, and also reflects the scarcity of their weapons。

    However, the role played by the Chinese-made plastic telescope doubtful

  • calool

    the stock, bolt and barrel seem to be stripped from another weapon, by the looks of the stock and length of the barrel it could have been some kind of sniper rifle, i’m thinking gun breaks down or is heavily damaged, guy goes back to base and fixes it back together using scrap, while modifying it to make it more comfortable for him to use.

  • Fred

    “Rebels”? Is that what they call Al-Qaeda now? Shortly after 9/11 they were called “terrorists who hate our freedoms”…

  • SethBullock

    Ignorance appears to be the order of the day in the comments. 🙁

    Props to the ingenuity. Kinda makes a malfunction on your new semi-auto seem trivial doesn’t it?

  • tincankilla

    to think that he’s going out there against a trained and well supplied military! shows what people will do to arm themselves in the pursuit of liberty against genuine tyranny. It might not be today, or this year, but somewhere out there is a lump of lead that will end Assad’s life.

    • FailBlog

      Only for a worse sunni theocrat to take his place.

      People who lionize and support the Syrian rebels are clueless morons.

      The real reason Syrians hate the (left-wing socialist) Assad regime is because he’s a member of a shi’ite minority sect ruling over a sunni majority country. Sunni’s hate shi’ites. They view them as infidels.

      And even though the Assad regime is essentially “islamist” due to it’s genocidal hatred of Jewish Israel and support for islamic jihad terrorist groups, it’s still nowhere near fundamentalist and militant enough for the desires of the depraved population it rules over.

      Not to mention the sunni’s loathe the Assad regime due to it being relatively tolerant of the ancient Christian minorities in Syria.

      Just like we’ve seen with every other so-called “arab spring” popular uprising, relatively secular regimes will be overthrown just so evil sharia theocracies can be erected in their place.

      Both sides in these conflicts are evil. Supporting either one is suicidally stupid and naive.

      • tincankilla

        Wow, that’s a lot ethnic vitriol. Given the number of public servants on this blog (military and otherwise), I really do hope you don’t work in a profession that requires wisdom or good judgment.

        • XF22B

          Sad part about your comment is, that he’s completely correct. It’s nice to see someone who actually understands what Assad is all about, and more importantly, what Al Nusrah and the rest are all about.

      • bbmg
  • Andrew Racek

    Firearms: Not Politics.

    • truth

      That’s easy to say until your politics trys to ban my guns

    • charles222

      Because some guy giving firearm instructions in Arabic is just such a political topic.

  • mosinman

    Sons of Guns- Arab edition. coming next spring!

  • Nicks87

    He says: “The CIA and MI6 taught me how to build this weapon and helped me and my Al qaeda buddies topple the Assad regime.”