Brad Pitt Builds Angelina Jolie Shooting Range

The Sun (a British tabloid not known for its accuracy) reports that Brad Pitt has build Angelina Jolie a $400,000 shooting range on their French estate …

The actor has splurged £250,000 on a shooting range and armoury as a wedding present for her.

Well, adrenalin addict Ange was always going to need something more than Swingball to let off steam.

A source said: “Brad had a lot to live up with his wedding gift considering Angelina exchanged vials of blood with her ex-husband Billy-Bob Thornton.

I would say that even a $20 gift card for iHop would be better than a vial of blood from an old rock star.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    damn id like to see whaat weapons she has for $250k

    • Mike Matheson

      That’s £250,000 which = $397,644.23 USD = a lot of fun.

      • Alien426

        Since the 250k are obviously an approximation, you should not apply that much precision to the converted value. 400k is fine.

  • William

    Keep in mind french gun laws… so nothing full automatic

  • fred

    no FA yeah…

    … but what is legal for citizens / non citizens? to own in France?

    Maybe the rich and famous can do what they want?

    • William

      Citizen and NonCitizens enjoy the same rights as long as they have a valid Visa and/or work permit.

      Shotgun/Rifles are easy to obtain, Smei autos and handguns harder but still easy, Full auto is impossible

      • lolinski

        I think that Fred meant that rich celebrities can essentially do what they want, including byppasing laws

      • lolinski

        I think that Fred meant that rich celebrities can essentially do what they want, including bypasing laws, since they are famous and thus unofficialy more important than other citizens.

        I am not jealous but im going to be pissed to see that they will be waving around weapons that us other people can only dream about.

  • kjjohn

    Steve, there seems to be some typos in the post, just to let you know.

    Armory and shooting range in France? I am not very familiar with France’s gun laws, but I know they are certainly not as lenient as laws in the US are.

  • FR

    Sorry but I have to call “bull*” on this.
    The French gun laws are pretty complex… so to keep it simple:
    – you cannot use military or defense weapons on your property (handguns in any caliber, manual or semi-auto rifles in military calibers – 7.62, .223 aso.)
    – on your property you can use hunting shotgun or rifles in non-military calibers (.300 WinMag…) but there are certain rules to comply with (noise emissions, distance from the closest neighbor… )

    So a shooting range and an armory ? OK, if their house is in the middle of nowhere and they only use hunting guns. Mind you it might be beautiful guns, but no AR-15 to train for her next movie…

    • What makes you think they will be using military rifles?

      I am sure it is mostly a state-of-the-art skeet range.

  • A.g.

    She wouldn’t have no more than 6 “first catégories” firearms (firearms designed for “war” 9mm, .223. all in semi auto), and no more than 5 four catégories (firearms designed to “defense”, revolver shotgun etc).
    The kinds of armory who could make laugh a Vermont or Montana citizen.
    Due to European law, the difference between catégories will disapears but the total nomber will not change

    It is really doubtful that she could have his own range in his property. Safety, proximity of neighbour as wrote by FR, ecologic standard (gas, copper, lead etc) make sooooo many restrictions that’s really low reallistic.

    Someone who build his own in the middle of a forest with no neighbour, totally underground, with a “friendly job” have to fight and wait many long time to have the authorization delivred.

  • Brendan

    “…Angelina Jolie a $400,000 on their French estate…”

    I’d love to have a $400,000 on my estate too! 😉

  • Jeff

    I think the majority of the cost would be setting up the actual facility. People here are imagining a wall of guns and some tin cans on a fence. More cost to range, less to armory. I’m betting for the cost its more of something of an indoor range, with portions of the cost to cover legalities of having such a setup on their property. Even if its more armory than range… as far as we know the way they got around firearm restrictions as far as number of guns they can own was to set it up as a corporate entity.

  • gunslinger

    i’d love to have a shooting facility on my property. I’d be interested to hear more of the details about this propety in france.

    what about US laws, i’m assuming it has to be at the state level. anyone got ideas about what you need for a “personal” range on private property?


    • alannon

      Varies wildly by state.

      In TX, which is all I can speak for, bullets cannot cross property lines, but there’s not much else legally at the state level. Functionally, it will also have to be outside of city limits unless you get permits or permission (most municipalities have laws against firing guns except for defense). Neighbors can complain about the noise, but that falls under normal noise complaints.

      Vastly simplified, of course. For example, where I live if you own over 5 acres inside city limits you can (theoretically) discharge firearms as long as you obey other laws. Theoretically, because I don’t know if it’s been tested with an eye towards the police hassling you with other laws.

      • gunslinger

        i kind of figured that.

        my inlaws live up in the mountains, and don’t have a neighbor for about a mile in either direction on the road. so the back “half” of the property there is a bench and a backstop and all. It’s pretty nice. but the place i’m going to be moving to is in a development, and well i think it would be “frowned upon” to dicharge in my 1/3 acre lot…

        and the new house is about an hour away from the inlaws, so it’s not like i could just get up one day and go over and shoot. ohwell. need more money i guess

  • Fred

    2 words for you about this 2: “Casting couch”

    • SKSlover

      your one *@#!ed up individual.

      • Fred

        I almost envy your naiveté…

      • Edohiguma

        Casting couch is real. How do you think some folks out there get roles? Not by skill or talent. Heck no.

  • MrMaigo

    Who said romance is dead? Best wedding gift ever.

  • John Doe

    Lots and lots of newfound respect for Brad Pitt. Doing what a good man would do.

  • Nicks87

    Thats funny because they are both left-wing liberals that support Obama.

    I guess they are allowed to have guns but we are not. Such is the life of an elite.

    • Fred

      Like i stated in my previous comment: “Casting Couch” (a standard in showbusiness)

  • Soda Bob

    Seems highly unlikely. I mean, if you’re ultra-rich and can afford anything, and you’re going to build a gun range, why would you do it in France where you’re gun choices are so limited? You’d do it in the US, in a state like Kentucky, where full auto guns are easily (though expensively) obtained.

    • Spidouz

      Because if you have your own range in France, then you can obtain a license to have more gun… maybe even get the French version of the FFL, and therefor have access to more choice… the kind of things money can buy 🙂

      Also being celebrities and existence of crazy fans, they can even justify the need to have a conceal carry (which is vey unusual in France, but accepted in these kind of situations)

      Nonetheless, there’s no SBR stuff and/or suppressor issue in France. Still better than some states such California, NYC, etc…