Exclusive: Beretta ARX 200 7.62x51mm & 7.62x39mm

Beretta has developed a larger battle rifle version of the Beretta ARX 160. The new Beretta ARX 200 will be chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and a 7.62x39mm conversion will be offered.

It will be available 2013. I will post photos as soon as I obtain them.

[ Many thanks to REMOV for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Colin

    Why a 7.62×39 conversion when the arx-160 can already do it (link above)?

    Loving the 762 NATO though 🙂

  • Jim

    Seems like more Beretta vaporware. I would be happy if we could just get the ARX-160 in 5.56 for civilian purchase. Seems like for teasing from Beretta. Also agree with Colin since they already announced a 7.62×39 conversion for the ARX-160.

    • At the least, Beretta is actually MAKING the upper receivers in calibers they promised, unlike the 7.62x39mm ACR upper that has apparently vanished into thin air.

      On another note, I actually kinda like that both the .308 and .223 lower receivers have 7.62x39mm options. Certainly gives those who prefer a battle rifle caliber a little more caliber leeway if they so desire without having to but another gun.

  • Steve don’t stressed that the ARX 200 in 7.62×51 mm and 7.62x39mm will be equipped with the COMMON lower receiver for both 7.62x51mm and AK magazine (via adapter) 😉

  • Doug

    Why would they say the ARX200 will be “available” when they’ve never even made mention of the 160 being an option for civilians?

    • Reason why is that the Beretta ARX-160 has been developed with assistance from the Italian Army; part of the intellectual property is theirs, and they aren’t going to clear the design for civilian sales anytime soon.

      • I don’t think it has anything to do with property rights. Manufacturer’s rely on commercial sales to make the numbers.
        I think it has to do with the carbine competition. When that’s over you’ll see ARX-160’s hit the market. I can’t imagine Beretta giving up commercial rights in any deal.

  • Mike S

    When I read “Beretta has developed a larger battle rifle” my first thought was “how is that physically possible?” The ARX 160 already has the largest receiver in existence — if they make it any larger, it’ll be like carrying around a beach ball with handles and rails!

    • Denny

      Good observation. The thing looks like fetuccini strainer and no wonder why. It is made of (albeit continuously improving) still inadequate plastic. Since plastic does not like heat, the result is obvious. The next one will be just bigger spagetti strainer. I bet italiano soldiers will soon call it that way.

      • Tinkerer

        I advise you to research about “Thermoplastic polymers” and “Thermostable polymers”.

  • Brian P.

    By available, do they mean to civilians?

    • Once again: the Beretta ARX-160 has been developed under imput and assistance of the Italian Army, who owns part of the intellectual property. Any civilian version outside of the .22 variant seen at the latest SHOT Show (which basically is a totally different gun inside of an ARX-alike shell) has to be cleared by the Italian military, and they won’t do it easily.

      • Stu Gotz

        Italy is bankrupt, they will take whatever dollars they can get. It’s not like they will be using the gun anyway except as a paperweight.

        • Claudio

          really a very nice guy, as gastritis!

  • Lance

    No military only. I doubt make sales in Itlay since they have a large mix of guns in use from BM-59s to AR-70/90s to some ARX-160s. but for a DMR make a great gun.

    • The BM-59 is out of use since, now, over 15 years, albeit they still train troops with that.

      The ARX-160 *WILL* become the next Italian service rifle. Rumors actually are that the 7,62x51mm version was developed under request from local SpecOps forces…

      • Guido Vafunculo

        Italian Special Ops? LOL!

        • Claudio

          vafanculo Guido

        • ItOp

          I don’t get what it’s funny im italian special forces… italian comsubin have trained navy seals…

  • Clairon

    Don’t forget that in 2013-2014 some major opportunities in Europe will happen, especially the replacement of the French Famas. The French STAT (Technical Evaluation Office of the Army) tested in 2010 the ARX together with the HK416 and the SCAR.

    It’s obvious that for this kind of market, the fact that till now the ARX wasn’t available in 7.62 NATO was a serious handicap against the different competitors. Espacially knowing that the old sniper/marksman rifle FRF2 will also be remplaced by a semi-auto rifle at the same time of the Famas.

  • Vitor

    The ARX-160 is the ideal platform for the .300BLK, since it barrel change is extremely fast and easy.

    A PMC who posts at the m4carbine forums really loved the gun, and for all I’ve seen it seems the most complete modern assault rifle around, providing all that the ACR promised but couldn’t.

    • Vitor, your are dead on in the sights. The ARX160 screams for a 300 BLK conversion. Dealers couldn’t keep them on the shelves. You should be a marketing guy dude.

  • Not exactly “exclusive”. News of a 7,62x51mm version of the ARX-160 being in development at Beretta, and being dubbed the BRX-160 (where BR stands for “Battle Rifle” just as AR in ARX-160 stands for “Assault Rifle”) has been around for months now. You could just step by at the Beretta stand at the IWA expo in Nuremberg (Germany), last March, and ask. They would have confirmed.

    As far as I am authorized to disclose right now, the 7,62x51mm Beretta ARX-160 version (I wouldn’t call it ARX-200 or BRX-160 until the final denomination is announced) is half-way between drawing board and prototypal stage. It might be put on stand in its early prototype form at the next SHOT Show.

    Any disclosure regarding the new 7,62mm/.308 version of the ARX-160 coming from any source other than Beretta itself has, until then, to be taken as nothing else but as unofficial. And the company isn’t going to like it, if it happens.

    • Its very exclusive when nobody knew what is final name was going to be: ARX-200.

      One prototype exists. Its confirmed.

  • Erwos

    So, if the ARX-160 is the M-16 times 10, does this mean the ARX-200 is the AR-10 times 20? BOLD CLAIM, BERETTA. 🙂

    I really cannot wait for the ARX-160 to get released in the USA, it looks like a phenomenal rifle.

  • Denny

    Polymerases, not polymers. But that’a microbiology, not chemistry. What was once molten to be packed into mould is irreversibly prone to the same when heated.

    However, in my small knowledge the heat is only small issues when comes to plastics on firearms. Much larger one is low temprature strength (namely dynamic or ‘izod’ strength). That varies with moisture contents. So, if somebody wants to be funny, let them feed us with BS that Italy is warm country and their rifles will never see anything below +10C.

    • Denny

      This was my respectfull reply to tinkerer.

  • Gunluvr

    I need one for deer season coming up.