Public Hunting Area Named After Federal Premium

A new public hunting area located a few minutes away from ATK’s Federal Premium factory has been named after the company.

From the press release

The City of Anoka officially dedicated the property on Friday, August 10 after the City Council recently amended their ordinance to allow bowhunting and waterfowl hunting there–within the city limits.

“For a company like ours there is no higher honor than naming a public hunting area after us,” said Conservation Manager Ryan Bronson. “Our employees and neighbors will be able to enjoy this jewel on the river for generations and be reminded of the investments Federal and Anoka are making for wildlife every day.”

A habitat restoration and recreation enhancement project now has the city owned property along the Mississippi River ready for bowhunters and waterfowlers alike.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Federal makes the best US made commercial ammo so good idea.

  • Michael

    Funny, I live right across the street from them – can see ’em from my window.