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Backpack Shield

A company called Backpack Shield is manufacturing Level IIIA (9mm FMJ, .44 Magnum SWC) ballistic plates designed to fit into typical high school and collegiate backpacks. The company says that these are carried by Federal Air Marshalls. I can see the benefit of these [Read More…]

New AR-15 Rifles from Del-Ton

Delton has announced their new AR-15 rifles for 2013. The DTI Evolution is a sporting/3-gun rifle that features … 16” CMV chrome-lined, mid-length lightweight barrel and gas system; 1X9 twist HPT/MPI tested Carpenter 158 bolt Samson Evolution 12.37” free float [Read More…]

SiRT Training pistol

Dry fire practice is essential to honing in your skills, and it’s cheap too. While many of us dry fire with snap caps or an empty chamber, we know with semi-auto pistols we have to manually rack the action to reset the trigger. This can slow practice down. The SiRT [Read More…]

Click, Click, Boom

Long time readers of this blog will know I am a sucker for Israeli defense videos. There is just something about them that I love. This IDF promo video is entitled “Click,Click, Boom” …

In Range Sight-Bloc

In Range Supplies sell range and shoot house equipment, including ricochet preventing material made out of recycled rubber. Someone at the company figured out that if you cut the rubber up into a block it makes for a nifty shooting rest. The company is now selling the [Read More…]

Rock River Arms KABOOM

RifleShooter had his Rock River Arms AR-15 go kaboom when he was shooting Ultramax remanufactured ammunition. RRA blamed the ammunition and replaced it at cost … The bolt carrier appears to have split, you will notice it protruding into the magazine well. On the [Read More…]

Russian Sniper Rifles

There are some nifty sniper rifles being developed in Russia. Vitaly V. Kuzmin took some beautiful photos of rifles at the Armorer’s Day Snipers’ Contests in Russia. Many more photos from the event at Vitaly’s blog. [ Many thanks to Boris for the tip. [Read More…]

Remington RAHG Spotted in the wild

A keen eyed reader spotted the Remington Defense RAHG hadguard in a real life segment of a video promo for the upcoming Medal of Honor:War Fighter game. Are far as I know, Remington has no plans to make this handguard available to consumers. The full HoH:Warfighrer [Read More…]

S.I. Fat Comp Muzzle Brakes

Strike Industries continue to release new products faster than I can blog about them. They have just introduced a range of funky looking muzzle brakes for AR-15 rifles. I especially like the triangular Fat Comp 01. The Fat Comp range are retailing for $40.

Crimson Trace InfraRed Laser Sights

Crimson Trace has launched a range of Infared laser sights. An IR laser sight is useful if you are using a night vision scope or wearing night vision goggles and don’t wish to give away your position. For most consumers the use case for these would be nighttime [Read More…]

Beautiful Sword Gun

This beautiful sword gun is engraved all over in what looks like names of people. Maybe a family tree? It looks like it is Germanic in origin. Full size photos and more sword guns here. [ Many thanks to WhaleOil for emailing us the link. ]

Wifi-enabled Gun Safe!

Smart Gun Safety Solutions have developed a wifi and web enabled gun safe. The safe can alert you via. email or SMS if the safe is opened or if its internal tilt switch is tripped. The safe is powered by AC but has a built in backup battery. A web interface allows you [Read More…]

FPS Russia Branded Rifle

Youtube star FPS Russia looks to be getting a rifle named after him, reports Aftermath Gun Club The teaser photo indicates an AR-15 upper receiver with a forward return spring and non-reciprocal folding charging handle.

DIY Game Controller Rifle

A redditor built a XBox 360 controller into an airsoft rifle. He used an Arduino Pro Mini and whats looks to be a Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 9 degrees of freedom (3 axis gyro + 3 axis accelerometer + 3 axis magnetometer/compass) to replace the analog sticks [Read More…]

Army buys 100,000 M9 Pistols

Beretta USA said on their Facebook page that the US Army has purchased 100,000 more Beretta M9 pistols and has confirmed that the M9 will remain their sidearm for the next five years. [ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

WSJ on Gun Sales

The WSJ reports on the rise of gun sales … As demand has risen, supply hasn’t kept up. Manufacturers are experiencing backlogs, even as they raise prices and report record profits. Citing the political impact of the election, Olin said its June backlog [Read More…]

Artists love chocolate guns

Taiwanese artist Tu Wei-Cheng created a candy shop filled with chocolate guns, grenades and military vehicles. I guess these conceptual artists think they are being edgy or something. In time another artist is sure to do one better and setup with their own faux candy [Read More…]

The Tramp (2013)

Dima Levanchuk emailed me about a firm he is making called The Tramp. It is about a young woman from a small town who turns into a ruthless killer after being kidnapped by human traffickers. At one point during the film she makes a crude blackpower shotgun pistol. You [Read More…]


I don’t know where this photo originates from. [ Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for emailing me the pic. ]

National Geographic’s Family Guns

Next week National Geographic will begin airing a nine-part series about a father and son who run a antique weapons business. The trailer looks good … From the press release … Meet the Indiana Joneses of historical weaponry: father-son duo Christian and Alex [Read More…]