Springfield XDs Reviews

Packing Pretty has written an extensive review of the Springfield XDS.

Gracie writes

Carrying the XDs is a pleasure. Of course, I am used to my full-sized, 4.5 inch XDm and my 4 inch XD, so the downsize is a huge change for me. On the same note, I didn’t find it all that much easier to conceal and carry than my XDm .40 compact that I like to carry as a backup.

Chris of Lotus Gun Works has created a video review …

Steve Johnson

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  • Frank Martin

    I love mine!

  • ChrisB

    i cant recommend anything SpringapartField. A springfield 9mm 1911 (made in Brazil ) 10″ groups at 25, and a .45 that had slide separation. If i wanted cheap plastic then i’d buy something cheaper and more reliable.

    • Beefalo

      Yeah, but the Croatians are better designers.

    • alannon

      Sounds like a personal problem. My XD9 service hasn’t been cleaned in about 10k rounds past running a snake through the barrel…I dunno how much money I’ve put down-range with it total. It still shoots 3″ or so groups at 15yd with junk ammo, no gun-induced failures to feed, fire, or eject.

      I’ve recommended XD pistols to several people, and none have had issues.

      • BLG

        My friend also hasn’t cleaned his, in .357 Sig, for years and hasn’t had any issue with it. I haven’t had any issue with mine either, although I do clean mine.

    • Coco

      It’s only the Brazilian Springfield 1911’s that have quality issues. The ones made stateside do not. I’ve put about 7,000 rounds through my TRP and it still has a tight action and excellent groups. An 8″ steel at 100 yards is not even a challenge for it.

      • Rambo Rich

        Humm! Maybe we mean Taurus??, All XD series are made in

  • gggnotaz

    I don’t trust them. I have fired 4 personally and two had problems. In addition, a local range at the time had two XD rental slots empty at the time because they were down for repair.

  • Abram

    Rental firearms needing repair is not necessarily indicative of a design/material shortcoming. No firearm is capable of indefinite service without maintenance, especially with regular use. One faulty example does not equate to poor quality across the board. The exception proves the rule.

    • gggnotaz

      That is fair. I don’t know how well those rentals were maintained at that range or another one I went to. Everything else seemed to shoot fine on those days though. I understand my sample size is extremely small and gobs of people love their XD’s and have no problems with them.

      However I still maintain that if every other time you pick up a particular tool made by XYZ brand it has some sort of malfunction, I imagine you will regard it with suspicion until your experience proves otherwise.

      Whenever asked my response is always that plenty of people love them, but I personally have not had a good experience with the XD line of pistol.

  • Mike Knox

    Heh, I call this pistol “The Hilarious”..

    • Jaro

      You ok? you need a hug?

  • shanks

    i have shot 1200 rounds of various type 230 grain loads through my xds with no ftf or light strikes. I have not had any one problem as can be read on several reviews. I have shot both left and right handed and one handed . Muzzle flip no issue, Several females in my family have shot no issues.I did clen my gun from the factory before using inital time. I shoot consistent 4.5 groups at 30 feet. This said I would like to comment on reviews from all sights, If you want to shoot a Glock shoot it, It also not US made. You want to shoot a Sig, Buy and shoot it. My thoughts those who have a CCW and pack,when the time arises would freeze up. It,s a fact! Those who mouth and gloat on weapon of thier choice, We don’t needtohear it! your the ones. You so called MEN who whine about this 45 not fun to shoot,think about what it’s made to be used for! You so called Men who whine are prime example of whats wrong with, the x,y and now z generation.If they reinstated the draft and found yor A$$ on enemy ground you would wine also,hope your not packing a 50 cal through the jungle,it might cause a blister. Get A Grip be a Proud USA Man



  • eichenlaub

    I’ve had rental glocks fail on me.
    Maybe it was the gun or ammo or me.
    Id still buy a glock

  • TxDog

    My XD40 subcompact has been nothing but a pleasure to shoot and own. I can understand if they are not your cup of tea, but in terms of mechanical reliability, it is one of the most reliable guns I’ve ever owned or dealt with.


      I also have the XD40 and no problems and joy to shoot.Will be getting an XDS soon.

  • Larry Crockett

    I own 3 ea 1911 Springfields, 3 ea XDm’s, and just bought an XDs. I also have a M1a1 rifle. All have functioned flawlessly. The XDs is now my new carry firearm. Very accurate and very concealable. The recoil is very manageable but you can’t be limp wristed. All primer strikes were strong and I have not had a single fail to fire nor fail to feed.

    Yes I like Springfield.

    Colonel C

  • ej

    I purchased a XDS a couple of weeks ago, cleaned it, ran 200 rounds of factory 230 grain ball through it, and qualified with it without any problems or malfunctions. Since then I have not found any defense ammo that it will chamber, everything hangs on the ramp. Even Powerball. It is the same with all four of my extra magazines. Has anyone else encountered this problem? It still chambers ball just fine.

  • Slipstream

    My XDS has been back to Springfield twice still a none feeding P.O.S.
    Others I Know are also disenchanted with its performance although I do like the big box it came in.

    • Hkusp

      This xds is designed to rack the slide open , insert mag, than hit slide stop or rack back . The chamber is very tight on them and not designed to rack with the mag installed first .

  • Rambo Rich

    North Carolina CCH & NRA Pistol Instructor; The XD-S is one
    of the few Auto-loaders I will promote at training sessions. For general safety and reliability we usually reccomend a D/A only revolver. This piece will be the exception.
    The little XD-S is great, “what do you carry on a 95-degree-day, and thats all summer in NC”. There is no sacrifice of power and reliability with the XD-S. Civilians need not be concerned
    about hi-cap autos, that is a Law Enforcement and Military issue. Grip purchase on a medium to large hand takes some getting used to. The after market support folks are a little slow on getting out grip extensions and reflex laser units.
    However I was able to adapt a Pearce magazine extension
    for a Glock 26/27 to work on the Springfield base plate, the
    extension piece will be a 90% slide on fit to factory plate.
    A little honing an material removal on the pearce piece will
    allow it to slip on, a small dap of quick set adhesive holds
    it all in place, (passed a double drop test).
    Note that there are 7 round mags available from Springfield
    at $39.50 each but these blow the concealibility out the window, carry as a spare is advised.
    Nice Job Springfield.

  • i have fired many weapons but may i say THE Stoger With The rotation Barell is a FLAWLESS WEAPON…………… Because the Price is Exclent Dont Be fooled ……… Ihave All of them Due To The Rotating barell also the beretts PX 4 Storm dont take my word try one out best made FLAWLESS ………….. i just bought a compact. the only problem is the grip is small barell is 3.6 not to bad i would not carry nothing but the STOGER WHEN MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT………. Laino Detective Agency Pat Laino P.I.

  • strongarm

    It seems that, Springfield has seen the truth a decade and plus after the
    debut of XD models and brought the correct developments.

    The new XD-S has following radical changes,

    – An outside extractor, putting an end for breakages and nightmares to
    extract a sticked live round from the chember,

    – Practical firing pin construction very much like Glock, providing easy
    detail take down with stronger parts,

    – Trigger bar under the axis pin, Glock type laterally acting disconnector
    and Glock type cocked indicator with foremost trigger position, providing
    lower barrel axis, safer firing pin hold up without need a drop safety,

    – Pre cocked firing pin with Kahr type rocker sear, minimizing the risque
    of firing pin slip based accidental discharging,

    – Magazine blocker working with take down latch non-permitting magazine
    insertion at open position, minimizing the possibilities taking the firearm
    into fire mode with an open dismount latch,

    – Grip safety arresting the trigger at rear when the firing pin at its fore
    position, preventing the blockage of cocking with a loose hand.

    If they are useful, why Springfield did not use them within 13 years
    passed and sentenced the sincere, believed users.