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  • TangledThorns

    RIP, Mark was an innovator with his Crossbreed holster.

  • Haezeus

    Mark was all about customer service. My mother ordered a OWB holster for my Christmas present, but she got her order in later than recommended. Mark called her personally to assure her that he would have it there by Christmas day. He was a very nice man.

  • atm

    How are stories about a bra holster and a man shooting his penis related posts to this????????

    Prayers to Mark’s family. By all accounts he was a great man.

    • gunslinger

      probably because they all talk about holsters?

  • Mark Walters and I talked about Mark Craighead during the first hour last weeks Armed American Radio Show. He was a great friend and exemplary man:


  • Paul O.

    I’ve bought Crossbreed holsters for years and have three Quikclip appendix holsters. Always the best customer service. Sympathies to the family. God bless.

  • Dean

    Man, product, and service were all top notch. God bless him and his loved ones.

  • VT1032

    I got my supertuck in the mail yesterday. RIP to a fantastic holster designer. best IWB holster I’ve ever used.

  • Our prayers go out to his family. I’m sure he’ll be missed.

    As an aside, I own a super tuck IWB holster. I was very pleased with the customer service and quality of the product.


  • Razor

    Taken from his website:
    “Mark is often asked about the origin of the name CrossBreed Holsters. He is not ashamed to answer that, although there is some reference to the hybrid nature of his designs, the larger meaning behind his company’s name references the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice upon the cross which was made for all mankind.”

    All is well with him now. Prayers for his family and friends in their loss.