Hog Hunting in Style with SIG 550 & FLIR T-50 Thermal

Thom emailed us these photos of his high-end coyote and hog hunting rifle. His SIG 550 is fitted with a ACOG 4X32 LED behind a FLIR T-50 Thermal Sight.

The FLIR retails for about $10,000 and the ACOG for about $1,500. What a setup!

Steve Johnson

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  • Denderwuz

    You have over $6k in optics on that rig and put that cheesy stock on it? WTF

    • MacK

      “You have over $6k in optics on that rig and put that cheesy RIFLE on it? WTF”

      Fixed it for you 😉

    • Tuulos

      Apparently you haven’t tried ACE Skeleton stock (or that’s what I assume it is by the looks), those things are rock solid and great stocks.

      • Bryan S.

        I agree. Solid and if you need to offset a red dot or irons to that huge IR unit, then all you have to do is roll the rifle, cheek weld does not change.

  • milo

    when you want to find a 600lb hog without really using your eyes…

    • SkyPup

      Taken quite a few 450-475 pounders with it:


      • milo

        impressive, im not knocking thom’s skill, im just saying that for the most part a person doesn’t really need FLIR if they have patience. yeah, i do get the need for it in situations such as hunting in the dark or in heavy brush but its so darn expensive that id rather get myself a shiny new P226.

  • Bondmid003

    Sorry but that’s a SIG 556, not a SIG 550. You can see the SIG 556 right on the side of the rifle.

    • Munkfish

      Indeed. Even more specific I think it’s either a Sig 556 SWAT or DMR, seeing as it accepts AR-15 stocks instead of the Sig furniture.

      • SkyPup

        It is a SIG 556 Commando.

      • Winston Smith

        All of the first gen US made SIG 556s used that style of stock before adopting the (superior) Swiss SAN stocks.

  • Nadnerbus

    Man, it must be nice to have money.

    Can the FLIR be head mounted? That looks like it would be a lot of fun for night hikes and whatnot. Would be a little bulky, but doable.

    • SkyPup

      You can use the FLIR as a hand scanner since it is a Clip-On sight, with the QD it take two seconds to remove or install it without affecting POA-POI at all. The FLIR PS-32 is better for hand scanning though.

  • Nathaniel

    Too bad he put all that cool, pricey kit on a SIG.

    • SkyPup

      Actually, instead of too bad, it is too good.

  • Max

    I couldn’t make that kind of grouping in broad daylight! Wow.

    • SkyPup

      It shoots like nobody’s business with handloaded Barnes 70 grain TSX.

  • Alex-mac

    Given the weight of the accessories, a bullpup would increase handiness quite a bit. A Steyr Aug variant is a good choice given their accuracy or the RFB in .308.

    • TopGun

      With those kind of optics, I’d want the best trigger I could get. Which is difficult in a mushy bull pup

      • matt

        The trigger on the RFB isnt bad, albiet a bit heavy, mine is 6 lbs. People on the forums have made the adjustment inserts which KT hasnt released yet. And if you’re dropping over 10k on optics, you can probably afford a WA-2000. With a $40,000 – $80,000 price tag, I would assume the trigger is stellar.

  • D

    I’d be so afraid of breaking it, i’d never want to take it out of the house. Thing’s worth more then my car!

    • SkyPup

      It is tough and nails and very light weight with a ten round magazine, I normally hike 1.5 miles out to my stand and another 1.5 back again with NV helmet gear on too, so not a problem…

  • Ani

    That’s exterminating not huntIng. Nothing wrong with that, hogs need exterminating in many places. But it is not hunting.

    • Tinkerer

      I believe that defining “hunting” and “not hunting” solely on the weapon used for the activity could be a little arbitrary. For example, some people may argue that using anything other than a wooden longbow can’t be considered “hunting”. Some other only consider it “hunting” when a muzzleloader is used. And so on.

    • Adam

      In my book, the difference between the two is what you do with it, use it or dispose of it, which you can’t clearly ascertain from this post.

    • SkyPup

      Well, I do drive a 25 year old pick-up truck that I have owned for 25 years around the ranch doing chores, I know it is really not driving, just clunking along, but it sure beats a Porsche in the mud slogging through the swamps…..

    • Alex-mac

      The word hunting has changed. So it’s probably accurate to call that hunting.

      What was considered hunting in the past, should probably be called stalking.

  • raven

    That’s an amazing weapon system you have there.

  • John Doe

    I will wet my pants the day a FLIR thermal sight is easily attainable at $1,000… We can all dream.

  • gunslinger

    wish i could drop that kind of coin…

  • إبليس

    Looks a little front-heavy with the skeleton stock. Nice rig either way.

  • MacDeth

    What a jackass. He dropped that kind of cash to kill the most dangerous threat to human civilization , the man eating coyote… Bet he gets all hard shooting animals too. How about you put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger please!

    • Jimbo

      Someone’s jealous :B

    • kjjohn

      Uh-oh. Looks like someone from the anti-gun/anti-hunting blogs stumbled here.

    • MacDeth

      I’m all for guns. But just not using them against perceived threats such as coyotes.

      Guns are meant to smoke fascist, Zionist, capitalist, and 1%ers.

  • SkyPup

    That is one of the first original SIG 556s that came out in USA back in 2008, it has functioned flawlessly over the years of hardcore predator and vermin hunting on our ranch.

    The FLIR T-50 Thermal Combat Weapon Sight was purchased from Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC), which is an outstanding source of NV and Thermal gear and a great place to do business with.


    The LDI DBAL-D2 0.7mW IR and Visible Green laser with 600mW IR Illuminator was also sourced from TNVC.

  • SkyPup

    The FLIR T-50 also has an NTSC 30Hz video output for digital video recording:

    Coyote @ 175 yards:


    Hog @ 80 yards:


  • Mike Knox

    Typo on title..

    Heh, nifty optics are nifty, heh-heh, nifty..

  • Brandon

    That is a really expensive hog gun

    • Steve Fitzgerald

      This is the perfect wolf gun for when they pull your livestock down. I want one!

  • targ8ter

    How does a magnified optic behind a thermal scope work? My impression was that thermal imagers use a sensor tuned for the longwave IR spectrum which is connected to a small CRT or lCD screen. The fact that the T-50 has VGA video out seems to confirm that it’s basically a camera. Doesn’t pointing a magnified scope at the eyepiece just give you a zoomed in view at a video screen?

  • Alan

    The optics setup is spectacular, but I can’t help but think it would be a little cumbersome, particularly with a front-heavy rifle like the Sig 556.

    Why not mount it on a lighter, better-balanced 5.56 platform, such as the FN SCAR 16 or the KAC SR-25? Clearly, they’re in your budget.

  • Steven Jarris

    I am trying to get done with hog hunting in Orlando, Florida sooner than later. I just need to pay attention to the basics. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • IXLR8

    A couple of questions… What was the thermal source on the target for point of aim, at 175yds? If it was an IR scope you would not need one.
    It is just me, or does it seem like the ACOG is sitting pretty far back on the rifle?
    A very nice setup just the same!