Silver Shadow Gilboa 9mm Submachine Gun

Silver Shadow, makers of the double-barrled Gilboa AR, have developed a 9mm submachine gun. The Gilboa’s lower receiver is almost identical to the AR-15 lower receiver, although the magazine well has been shortened to accommodate Glock-compatible magazines.

The upper receiver contains a blowback system. It features, strangely enough, both a side charging handle and an AR-15-style rear changing handle.

Caliber 9x19mm
Capacity 30
Fire control Full / Semi
Finish Black
Grip AR-15 style
Barrel 8″
Stock Folding
Overall Length 25.4″/ 16.4″ (Stock Folded)
Weight 4.1 lbs (without magazine)

[ Many thanks to Joe & Fyodor emailing us the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    whats wrong with the sights? They look cockeyed.
    I do like the idea of a mini ar type weapon

    • C3P0

      The sights are and also aren’t. this pic doesn’t have any perspective to it, which is either a photo lens trick or, much more likely, a render from a CAD program. because of that, things look a little funny. The front slight is angled forward like the magazine, the back is angled back like the butt of the shoulder stock. similarly, if you look at just those two pieces, it doesn’t look like they could possibly be aligned in the same plane. This is because your brain has lots of experience looking at things in the real world and is warning you you’re about to enter the uncanny valley. . . it’s realer than real.

      • Reverend Clint

        looks like they poorly photshopped the sights on there

  • Higgs

    Just in time for the majority of the world switching to rifle caliber short barreled rifles from sub machine guns. Short of the AR similarities, brings nothing new to the world.

    • bbmg

      Too true. The 9mm submachinegun will undeniably be a feature of modern warfare for many years to come, if only because of vast worldwide stocks of weapons and ammunition, but it’s not the way of the future.

      That being said, Sturmgewehrs being used in Syria, Marines carrying a pistol whose design is over a century old… you never know!

    • noob

      will people throw things at me if i were to suggest having a combination gun with 5.56mm on the left barrel and 9mm on the right? if anyone can do it, it’s this company.

      trajectories would be wildly different, so only one barrel is selected at a time. with the double barreled ar they had an optic rail for each barrel, so different zeros is no problem.

      then we can time shot to shot times between the combination gun, vs a transition to sidearm stoppage drill.

      • higgs

        Not as high speed as your silly idea, but those crazy Israelis will try anything.

      • Joe Schmoe

        @ Higgs –

        Actually, there was some very solid logic behind the pistol-rifle combo attachment. The idea being is that one of the weapons could be loaded with less-than-lethal ordinance during violent riots while still offering the shooter an immediate lethal option should the necessity arise.

  • KC

    I wonder what the price-point would be if they entered the US market as a 16 inch barrel carbine or a stock-less pistol

    • Higgs

      More than just getting a 9mm upper.

  • Holy cow, that’s exactly what I was going to design when I got around to designing it!

    Except for the double charging handles; that’s kinda janky.

  • Alexander

    This is awesome! Maybe slim down the rail a little.

  • Nadnerbus

    Man, when can we get rid of the frigging short barrel NFA restrictions? I can own a pistol, I can own a long gun, but somehow if I combine the two it is unacceptably dangerous. This thing looks like it would make a fun little gun, maybe even a slightly overkill backpacking gun. I’d take mine in .40 SW thank you.

    As to the T charging handle in addition to the side charging handle, if you are going to make an AR pattern sub gun, might as well keep the features that AR users are used to using. Helps to create an easy transition from one platform to the other without having to learn a whole new manual of arms.

    • Tahoe

      Agreed on the NFA bit (though I’d extend that to suppressors as well…protecting hearing is never a bad thing!), but as far as manual of arms they’d have to remove or redesign that stock latch; otherwise it’s going to get broken or injure hands.

      The stock does need a redesign as well–cheekweld looks nonexistant, like a AMD-65.

  • A.g.

    Does the angle of the mag won’t pose problems on reload ? Straight or froward seems more natural.
    Nice firearms.

    • A. Hodges

      Well it does appear to have an “over-sized” mag-well so it looks like the lips from it would accommodate a little wiggle room while reloading. I think it would reload just fine after minimal practice. This is all based on observation obviously and no first hand with the weapon. 😛

      • noob

        probably for compatibility with the glock mags that are raked backwards to fit in the glock pistol grip.

        also, the lever that goes from the mag release button on the other side of the weapon to the glock mag notch looks a little vulnerable.

        i do like that the magwell is proportioned and doesn’t need a magwell block.

  • Gun

    Superb! The most stylish gun i have ever seen.

  • topher

    Holy ‘shopped’ sights batman…

  • hikerguy

    Nice! I like the idea of having a submachine gun that can share magazines with your service pistol. Good looking design. A version in 5.7 x 28 might catch the interest of PDW fans.

  • John Doe

    After seeing all those Glock stocks, I want to see more 10mm Auto sub-guns.

    • Nicks87

      Hell yeah!

      The MP-5 in 10mm was just plain nasty. Talk about buzz-saw!

      • noob

        i wonder if a few of the original fbi and secret service 10mm auto mp5s are still in storage somewhere, or if they were all converted to 40 s&w with a bolt group and magazine swap.

        in a carbine, 10mm auto would be more pleasant to shoot than in a pistol because of the extra barrel length getting the flash and blast away from your face, while still being compatable with your pistol.

  • Jesse

    Is it gas or blowback though?If my recent experiences have showed me anything it’s that direct blowjob 9mm guns are unpleasant to shoot.

    • Esh325

      I think your experience sounds rather isolated compared to most people. I’ve never heard of a 9mm SMG that uses gas operation. The vast majority used by police or military use some form of blowback operation.

    • David/Sharpie


      I’m guessing that since it’s 9mm, and its a two handed weapon, it’ll still be pleasant to shoot.

  • Doug

    That’s the best looking pistol caliber carbine/smg that I’ve seen that will accept Glock mags.

  • gunslinger

    looks like it’d be fun to shoot…

  • Mark

    Stock is too low for proper cheek weld.

    • SPC Fish

      I would buy one in a heartbeat with an H&K style side folding stock

    • john

      an easy fix with an cheek weld extender imho~

    • higgs

      Look at the clientele. Many Entry teams wear gas masks that limit the use of straight stock weapons, and a lot of European SWAT wear ballistic masks, which led to the mass adoption of B&T style stocks that allow a proper sight picture while wearing a mask. Also being a compact SMG, the stock was probably designed to fire with the stock folded in a VIP protection function, and formed to not interfere with ejection.

  • Gumby

    Gee Bill, two charging handles?

    • Franpmg

      Gee charging handle, two bills?

  • 032125

    If I lived in a free country, I would buy one. If anybody finds a free county let me know.

    • Nicks87


      I’m still looking as well.

      America was free but Sept. 11 and the nonsense that followed took care of that.

      • CHS

        Right, because before 9/11 we could totally buy new-manufacture machineguns.

      • JMD

        Go read a little about the Whiskey Rebellion. This country was only “free” for eight years.

    • Esh325

      The countries that you can readily and cheaply purchase/own machine guns are usually not the the type of places that you would want to live in.

      • Ben

        Except for Sweden.

        • You mean probably Switzerland, but from far America, this should be about the same….

      • Victor

        And Somalia, great place, fantastic beaches, lovely locals.

  • Ryan

    I bet that there is a vertical rail at the butt of the receiver. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them offer a second version with a 16″ barrel and an AR style buffer tube. Or a Rail mounted plate that would allow you to attached a buffer tube to.

    • Kosme

      why would you want a buffer tube??

      • Ryan

        Just for aftermarket parts commonality. Really no practical reason, more like a marketing ploy.

  • Ben

    The stock shape is probably there to accomadate shooting whilst wearing a helmet with full face protection; riot gear helmets etc.

    It makes sense since the primary customers for this will be police more than military or civilian.

  • D

    I like it. Using glock magazines is clever.

  • bbmg

    What’s the advantage of this over a Glock 18C?

    • Zincorium

      Stock, optics capability, lower recoil, better accuracy. Just because they both shoot the same cartridge and are fully automatic doesn’t mean they’ll perform identically, far from it.

      The 18C is only useful in circumstances in which you cannot carry or use anything larger than a sidearm but still need automatic fire. Outside of that, it shouldn’t even be considered when choosing a primary weapon.

      • bbmg

        It would seem to me that if you’re carrying a short barrelled 9x19mm full auto weapon, accuracy and a good optic is less of a concern than compactness and volume of fire.

        If this is a straight blowback then it has a fairly massive bolt slamming back and forth, so I doubt it would offer less recoil than the Glock.

        This leaves the stock as the only difference, something which is easily available for the Glock:

      • Esh325

        Given weapons of the same weight class and size, a blowback would have more recoil. However, The silver shadows is larger and weighs significantly more than a Glock 18C therefore it probably will have less recoil. It’s harder to be accurate with a light weight full auto weapon with a Glock 18 than a full sized smg.

      • bbmg

        Fair comment, though in this case I suppose accuracy is relative – if you’re using a 9mm auto, you’re not exactly trying to hit a point target at 300 yards, so in practice I doubt there would be any difference…

  • Jeff

    Looks like a modern take on the Colt SMG

    Uzi Mag -> Glock Mag
    Rail it, chop the bolt, make it shorter, and with a folding stock

    It even has remnants of the original AR-15 design (the rear charging handle), just like how the Colt SMG kept its A1 peep sights =P

  • Gilboa Fan

    have you seen it in action?