Remington 1911 R1 with Enhanced Threaded Barrel

Two years after buying AAC, Remington are slowly coming to terms with the fact that they are a suppressor manufacturer. They are now selling a version of the R1 1911 Enhanced with a threaded barrel.

The press release says …

“The popularity of silencers is soaring,” said John Trull, Vice President of Firearms Product Management and New Product Implementation. “Shooters are looking to enhance their experience with their firearm suppressed and we are proud to offer them an excellent choice with our Model 1911 R1.”

The Model 1911 R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel is available today with a suggested retail price of $1040. It is shipped in a custom carrying case with two, eight-round magazines. The barrel is shipped with a thread protector installed.

The MSRP on Remington’s website is $1140 (not the $1040 as stated in the press release).

Steve Johnson

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  • Derek


  • bbmg

    YHM appear to making what is externally at least a clone of the original Maxim silencer, looks like it would compliment the M1911 nicely:

    The eccentric baffle setup is claimed to be more efficient, and it certainly allows the original sights to be retained.

  • zack991

    I love the 1911 platform. but for what they are offering Remington are over priced just a bit.

    • sp00ky

      I just picked up and Enhanced (minus threaded barrel) for $800 and its a very nice weapon. Should have waited a couple of weeks!

      • zack991

        Well I consider a Springfield 1911 a better quality over Remington and for their Loaded 1911 for $795 and their TRP Model for 1300 which comes with so much more for the money hands down. As much as they are asking you could get a extremely nice Colt 70 series 1911. There is really nothing special about this 1911 that warrants that price, I can buy a threaded barrel for their 800 model for less than they are charging, I like Remington products and own quite a few of their arms. Yet they are making it easier for people to go to other 1911s for that kind of money and people are likely getting more for their money.

        • Jerr75

          BS I have one and the fit and finish of this gun meets or exceeds any of my Springfields or any Kimber I have ever used. You should get some experience before giving out “advise”

    • D

      keep in mind that a 1911 threaded barrel costs about $200-225, then raised sights $100+ but here it saves you all of that right out of the box. Thats $350+ that you dont have to spend after getting a 1911.

      • zack991

        I found a 1911 threaded match grade barrel for 190-299 depending on length and brand. I also hate those ugly sights. I would def put on Trijicon Night Sights I found for 84 bucks to 126 for their latest model. In my experience they work better as well as they wont snag on clothing if the person decides to carry concealed. I could get a higher quality Springfield or a Colt 1911 and have the same options as that one does for less. The deals are not hard at all to find. I saved over 300 on my brand new LMT Piston rifle and 75 bucks on my NEW 552 EOTECH. If people want to waste their money on this over priced 1911 that offers very little for its cost be my guest.Yet this 1911 is over priced and offers nothing to really warrant that price.

  • sp00ky

    Notice the extra tall sights. I wonder if I can just drop the new barrel into my R1 Enhanced…?

    • Flounder

      The barrel will probably fit, or at least be really close. The extra sights are there so you can still use them with a suppressor attached.

  • gunslinger

    i heard good things about a .45 suppressed.

    i wanna try myself.

  • Lance

    Remington goes MARSOC!!! 😉

  • Bryan S.

    I think this says it all: “Two years after buying AAC, Remington are slowly coming to terms with the fact that they are a suppressor manufacturer.”

    that is huge in my mind… How long has the industry shied away from such things, giving in to Washington and Hollywood?

  • Beefalo

    Exactly what the gun market needed: another $1000 1911.

  • mechamaster

    I spotted this handgun somewhere ..err… In Metal Gear Solid 3 games. Big Boss lovin’ it !

    • D

      Metal Gear Solid 3 M1911A1 Codec Call HD 720p

  • 枪管前面多出来的那个是什么东西 啊?

  • Nicks87

    WOOOO HOOOOO 1911!!!!!!!

    I’m getting that tingling feeling just thinking about it.

    If you buy a 1911 do you get a free drop holster and cowboy hat to go along with it?

    Or maybe just some aviator sunglasses and a tooth pick?

  • CHS

    In California this is an Assault Weapon 🙂

    • Cymond

      Yup, it is. We could install a modified magazine release to make the magazine ‘non-removable’ without a tool. Of course, it’s a bit pointless since we can’t have suppressors in the People’s Republic.

  • george

    Does it come in 9mm? Because that would be awesome.

  • bbmg
  • The MSRP on this is actually $1,140, not the $1,040 listed in the press release. I asked their PR gal (Jessica Kallam) and apparently $1,040 is a typo.