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  • 032125

    There’s a company called Dry-Fire who sells the “TAC2 AR15 Discreet” take down AR-15 and throws in a Pelican briefcase for $1300-ish; and then there’s these guys.

    At the given price point, methinks a lot more airsoft copies of the DRD will be sold than actual rifles.

  • Trev

    Remind me, what does this do a SCAR won’t do cheaper?

    • Anonymoose

      The SCAR’s monolithic rail system won’t let it become as compact as this. However, a monolithic rail system is intrinsically more accurate than a separate railed forend, especially when you’re slapping that railed forend on in a hurry.

  • bbmg

    In a similar price range, I think this one would be of more interest to an individual whose employ or hobby obliged them to carry a rifle in a briefcase:

  • gunslinger

    like the idea, but as been said, cheaper alternatives out there.

  • Lal

    Anyone else noticed the spent cartridges?

    • Flounder

      now that you point it out they do look funny… Did the paratus smash them? The one in the center of the picture looks mangled!

    • Anonymoose

      I remember hearing the PSG-1 has the same problem with mangling brass. Something about a fluted chamber or something, which may be causing the cases to get deformed in this rifle as well.

    • DW

      Violent extraction maybe?

  • John Doe

    Man, that thing is chunky. It’s like the collapsable Rosie O’Donnell of the gun world.

    • Hikerguy

      I was surprised it was only slightly over 9 pounds. It does look mighty bulky. Surely the Joint Operations Group (or what ever that naval enitity is called) could find something as effective for a lot less than six grand. This reminds me of $150 toilet seats and $200 dollar hammers the military bought back in the 80’s.

  • Walker

    Looks like a G3 made it with an AR10

  • george

    That’s really cool, but $6k? Lol!

  • john

    Im sure a bullpup with the takedown ease of the steyr aug can be had for less than 3K USD imho…

  • Mike Knox

    I was really thinking about getting one of these when it comes out. But I keep rolling back when I get to the point of it’s price, then I start to reconsider it again..

  • LJK

    Seems overly bulky and heavy. And that seems to come mainly from the fact that it’s chambered in 7,62 NATO. Which would be fine but out of a barrel that short, you’re not really getting anything that a 7.62×39 won’t. Just a whole bunch of wasted powder.

    A 5.56 NATO version of the same gun could be nifty.

  • Ian

    Best platypus I’ve seen all morning!