Things that look like Glocks

Being the generous person I am, I decided to take it upon myself to do some pro bono work for Glock’s legal team and find other non-gun products that infringe on their trademark. All of these products feature Glock’s trademarked “blocky and squared-off shape”

Gun artwork
Cake Gun
Glue Gun
Nail Gun
Lego gun
Staple Gun
Wood gun
Soldering Iron

Let the suing begin!

(I am being sarcastic).

Steve Johnson

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  • SAMMY!
  • Michael B

    Fantastic. Plain and simple.

  • Sam J

    Again, your interpretation of trademark law has flaws. Trademark rights only protect against “confusingly similar” products. None of these products here could be mistaken for a gun that is sold by Glock and therefore do not infringe on Glock’s rights.

    • Harald Hansen

      I wonder if there is case law that determines if a blank firing pistol is “confusingly similar” to a real weapon? Airsoft replicas, are they made with the blessing of the original weapon manufacturers?

      • Sam J

        The standards are, of course, rather complex. They also depend on the history of use of the trademark. However, asking whether product B is sanctioned by manufacturer A is a clear indication of the likelihood of confusion.

        The answer is that yes, most airsoft products are licensed. If they mention the brand name and manufacturer of the original gun (and that manufacturer still exists), then the answer is definitely yes.

        Also, many designs are not protected by trademark rights, the M1911 or AR-15, for example. These designs were originally protected under patents that expired. Colt has basically lost any trademark rights on the design and name “AR-15” because they allowed other companies to use it (called a genericized trademark).

      • Cymond

        Sam J,

        I think Colt actually does enforce the AR-15 trademark.

        I’m not aware of any other guns labeled “AR-15” besides the Colt. True, Colt doesn’t seem to start suing is a writer refers to a Stag or RRA as an ‘AR-15’. Likewise, many parts are sold as ‘for an AR-15’ but those parts do actually fit a Colt AR-15 as well as other similar pattern rifles.

    • RocketScientist

      “Again, your interpretation of trademark law has flaws. Trademark rights only protect against “confusingly similar” products. None of these products here could be mistaken for a gun that is sold by Glock and therefore do not infringe on Glock’s rights.”

      Again, your interpretation of humor has flaws. None of these products here were presented as actual trademark violators but as a humorous commentary on an intellectual property debate.

  • Nathaniel
    • Mouse

      Oh you…

  • Tyler

    Whoa, whoa that kid looks serious about copying Glocks! We better sue him and steal his artwork before this thing gets too big.

  • Pepin the Short

    Look, I’m all against the absurdities of an increasingly litigious society as well, but isn’t this a little… Patronizing?

  • Matthew Walker

    The other day, you ran a picture of the starter pistol in question. The EXACT shape of the frame and slide are unmistakably copied from the Glock 17.

    OK, then they went and added some gratuitous football-shaped divots in the sides of the grip, and took a chord off the edge of the backstrap. Gloss finish on the slide. In silhouette, the only differences are the grip safety and what appears to be a lanyard ring on the heel of the grip.

    The EXACT blocky and squared-off shape of the Glock is clearly reproduced. Not just ANY blocky and squared off shape. The EXACT SHAPE. In silhouette (dear reader: If you disagree, you don’t know what the word “silhouette” means in English, so go look it up), many Glock owners would mistake this starter pistol for an actual Glock. They would not mistake any of the objects above, and you know it. So what is your point? That some of your commenters will agree with anything, regardless of how badly it misses the point? Every site has mindless cheerleaders in the comment section. That’s not interesting.

    These guys MAY have sufficiently differentiated the appearance of of their product to win a court case. They’ve clearly added enough differences that a reasonably knowledgeable gun person could not mistake their product for a Glock if he had it in his hands. Personally I’d call it a reasonable good faith effort — but I’m not a lawyer and the courts don’t come to me for advice. But they DID, beyond question, set out to produce a product part of whose appeal is its resemblance to Glock’s product. Otherwise why are the slide and the frame the same exact overall shape? They’ve deliberately flirted with trade dress infringement. The charge is not fantastic or bizarre.

  • gunslinger

    sometimes some people just don’t get it.

    i find this funny

  • Mouse

    Let’s be honest; everything on this list is more ergonomic than a Glock…

  • mosinman

    and somewhere a rabid Glock attorney begins the Reign of Terror

  • It’s sad that Glock feels it needs to act like an American with a neck pain after a car accident. I wish they would just lean on the marrits of their product. It’s been a huge success for going on 30 years and I think they have a lot of innovation they could still tap into.

  • Speaking of things that look like Glocks, I bought a snubby Taurus 9mm a while back. (Yeah, yeah, save your jeers. It shoots great.) I showed it to my cop buddy, who looked over the internals and said, “Hey, this looks just like a Glock on the inside!” So where’s the outrage over that?

  • John Doe

    I’m sure the media could add to this list.

    More things that look like Glocks.

  • Farm.Dad

    I see you cleverly slipped H&K in there with the staple gun LOL

  • Simon
  • Seamus

    I see a lot of clever fun being poked at the company, but Glock is a private business, not a public foundation for the betterment of the blocky and squared off handgun frame the world over. Nevertheless all due credit to the humor on this feed

  • Fred

    I think my cat looks like a glock!
    Is glock going to sue me too?!?!

  • The Lego Gun doesn’t really work with the joke, as it is a model of a Glock, That is like saying an airsoft replica of a Glock looks like a Glock.

  • Cymond

    Ha ha! The cake gun is actually designed like a STI 2011 Edge, a competition type double-stack 1911 pattern gun. As all internet commandos know, 1911s are the anti-Glock!

  • blabla

    you forgot the springfield XD