Gun Laws By State

Bryan L. Ciyou, Esq. has written a book called “Gun Laws By State” that can be purchased or viewed online for free. The online version will be continuously updated and allows readers to ask questions about any paragraph in the book. Other readers or the author can answer the questions. These questions and answers are displayed to the right of the page so you can see what people have been discussing. It is a very nifty site.

I hope people will support the author by buying the book because the interactivity of the free website make it a better resource than a hardcopy (or the offline e-book on a kindle).

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Nick

    I hope that one day, California’s stupid laws would be repealed.

    -A Gun Loving Liberal

  • A.Lentz

    in australia, we have something similar, but all it says inside is.
    “NO, you’ve been Naughty so no toys for you….(smack!)”

  • CUrob

    Great resource Steve! Thanks for sharing it! This is now the number 2 spot on my bookmark bar behind TFB. Keep up the good work!

  • gunslinger

    i love the concept. hopefully it will be updated correctly and in a timely manner. nothing like having incorrect firearms facts.

  • I am afraid I found the online version to be incomplete and incorrect. I don’t recommend relying upon it.

    • Thanks for your feedback, we greatly appreciate. What specifically did you not find accurate? We’d be happy to update and correct.

      Our goal is to make the website and book the most comprehensive resource available. Thanks again for your feedback.

      • As an example, I looked up a state I’m very familiar with: Colorado. No mention of purchase laws such as Colorado’s quirker “gun show” law. No mention of vehicular carry – where Colorado has its own unique laws allowing concealed handguns in a car w/o permit but not allowing loaded longguns. The “Preemption Statute” paragraph discusses preemption of concealed carry laws but the reader would be uninformed that open carry laws by municipalities are not preempted. The paraphrasing of the statute regarding where concealed carry permit holders may not carry is not correct.

        I could go on, but the entry is not useful for someone wishing to be informed about Colorado law and some omissions could lead a reader to incorrectly assume they are in compliance.

      • Skinnedknuckles

        Additonal issues – the CT information about temporary pistol permits has nothing to do with pre-emption and the information about criminal penalties is woefully incomplete, though the link to CT’s incomprehensible statutes does work. For North Carolina, the reciprocity information is amost 2 years out of date – today NC recognizes ALL states concealed carry permits regardless of whether the other state recognizes NC’s.

        Sorry, but not impressed with the research. Trusting this site could get someone in serious trouble.

  • lex

    “Preparing you for the time when ‘what if’ becomes ‘what is.’ ”

    Looked interesting right up until I read that. Sucks that there are so few books for those of us who like guns but aren’t militiamen who want to be a war with the US government.

    • Cymond

      Militiamen? War with the US Government?

      More like “What if I get a speeding ticket with a rifle in my trunk” or some other encounter with law enforcement. It is NOT a book about rebellion, revolution, and insurgency. It’s a book to help us comply with gun laws as we travel with our guns.

      So often, gun owners think about defending our law-abiding selves from wrongdoers. This book is intended to help us from inadvertently becoming wrongdoers ourselves.

      • Nick

        This paranoia about the possibility of martial law or war with the government is what is what’s making me worry about the image of gun owners in the public eye.

  • Charlie

    I’ve tried to use this source before to check out gun laws for states for which I am passing through and in many cases it is completely worthless.