Diamondback DB380 Review

The Armed Lutheran has reviewed the .380 ACP Diamondback DB380.

He writes

The first time I saw the DB380 I thought it was a Glock. Glock makes two .380 caliber models, but does not import them into the US for civilian consumption. Why? I don’t know. In any case, what I do know is that Diamondback is a Florida-based company founded by former Kel-Tec employees. Unlike SCCY Industries, however, Diamondback decided to imitate Glock rather than Kel-Tec and they have a better product to show for it.

I am sure its Glock-styling has helped sales.

I had not realized that Diamondback was formed by former Kel-Tec’ers.

Steve Johnson

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  • Komrad

    The .380 Glock isn’t available for civilians in the US because it didn’t meet import requirements.

  • ARL

    The reason Glock doesn’t import the Glock 28 (G26/G27 sized .380) because it doesn’t make enough points on the ATF’s pistol import test. IIRC the Glock 25 (G19/G23 sized .380) makes just enough points, but really, who would want a .380 Glock that’s the same size as a G19? The only reason to get one would be if it was a smaller gun. Also, .380 is more expensive ammo than 9mm and from what I understand the G25 has just as much recoil as the G19 because the G25 is straight blowback vs. short recoil. The only reason the .380 Glocks exist is for countries where 9mm is banned for the general public.

  • BJ

    I’ve had a couple of Diamondbacks. I love the design, the trigger, accuracy and the overall feel of the weapon. However, none of them functioned well no matter what ammo I fed it. The current pistol I have is a replacment sent by DB. After a couple of hundered rounds it functions OK with a vice like two handed hold, but unsupported it will malfunction every time. I just don’t feel comfortable carring it, so I don’t. A carry gun just has to work, everytime and I can’t be sure the DB will. Its a gun I’d really like to be able to like.

  • McKenney

    I had their nickel boron coated version of this pistol and it do not function reliability enough for anyone to bet their lives on them and not cheap enough to keep them for the novelty they are. I put 400+ rounds though it of various target and defensive ammo and I continued to experience jamming issues. Diamondback has been given enough time to get their bugs worked out and the long and short of it is they to not put out a reliable product. I would stay away from the brand all together, as their are so many other attractive options that function reliability and will not give you the headaches. If you are looking for the novelty of a mini glock, enjoy, but please do risk your life or that of your family’s on this firearm. Regards

  • 2Wheels

    I wouldn’t take a DiamondBack for free. They copied Glocks looks but not Glocks reliability… Every DB owner I’ve met tells the same sad story about sending their pistol back to the factory time after time and still not ending up with a reliable gun.

    • rlb1130

      Just bought the pretty pink one (DB 380 compact) for my wife. 1 day at range and we will be looking for new one. First three mags jammed at one point. Sight horribly out of line. The mag looks like it is made from cheap pop metal and you only get one mag with the gun. Not many average women will be able to work the slide. After 3 mags she was done firing. She did put 4 mags through my Glock 27 without much complaint.The gun feels cheap, the mag looks cheap. If interested we will part with ours <50 rounds! LOL

  • Reliability_Wins

    This company is an offshoot of Kel-Tec. They’re made in Cocoa, Florida.

    This gun, for me, spent more time at the gunsmith than the total time I owned it. Worst gun ever made. Stay away from this. Don’t run the risk of carrying junk. Avoid this like the plague. I highly recommend you NOT to buy this.

  • Will Carry

    The story that Diamondback was started by ex-Kel Tec employees is not true, I asked the guys at Diamondback. I am on my third DB380. The first two broke and they have sent me replacements. I love the way it shoots, it’s accurate and very concealable. Hopefully my newest DB380 will be reliable.

  • Bernie Butt

    I wish I had read the reviews prior to purchase. Mine is failing to load/cycle with most ammo. I’ve tried three different brands, ironically the most expensive performs the worst.
    It is on its way back to the factory for warranty work as soon as I get a mailing label from the factory.
    I love the weight of the weapon, it is a very easy carry, but I’m carrying a much heavier weapon until I am confident that it will function flawlessly.
    I’m hoping that the returned weapon will inspire this level of confidence, otherwise, I’ll take the loss and get something else.

  • paul

    Check out this video as it explains my experiences with a DB380 http://youtu.be/ZMQlN4wCtLs

  • I purchased a DB380 on 12/18/2012 and really loved it! But, after putting about 200 rounds through it, it started malfunctioning constantly (FTF, FTE, etc.). My dealer sent it back to the factory. After 4 weeks, DB sent the gun back saying that they replaced the ejector and that it was fixed. My dealer quickly found it was NOT fixed — it was still malfunctioning as it had when they sent it to DB. My dealer video taped what was happening and sent the video to DB. DB has YET to respond (after 6 to 8 weeks) to my dealer.

    I can understand that at times something can break. BUT, to send a gun back saying it had been fixed when it wasn’t says something TOTALLY different about the manufacturer. And, on TOP of that to NOT respond to the dealer when the dealer proves what is still happening. My impression: DB does NOT stand behind its products.

    In the meantime, my dealer sold me a Sig P238 at a reduced cost — minus the total amount I spent on the DB 380. It is working flawlessly!!!

  • Cowboy488

    Sure wish i would of read this sight first before buying my DB .380 it is a piece of junk, jams, miss fires, I am just going to get me a much more reliable gun….. DB needs to get off the market!!