SCCY CPX-2 9mm Pistol

SCCY has announced the CPX-2 compact 9mm pistol. The CPX-2 is essentially just a CPX-1 without the manual safety. By removing the safety they were able to decrease the MSRP by $20. Some customers the lack of a manual is a feature. Those that disagree can pay the extra $20 for the CPX-1.

Stainless Steel Two Tone CPX-2

The CPX-2 MSRP is $319 for the two-tone model and $299 for the black model.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    Announced? These things have been out for awhile now. I’ve held several already.

    • Yes, I work in a gun shop and we have carried them since at least April if not May. We got them shortly after SHOT.

  • lunaticfrosty

    Found one of these locally and had a chance to handle it (Safety Version…). If you have larger hands, the finger grooves are not comfortable at all. The gun also feels rather bulky. I’ve decided to pass on this, add another $100 to it and buy an M&P Shield. (When I can actually find one)

  • John Doe

    *some customers (think/believe0 the lack of a manual is a feature?


  • I own a CPX-1, and they’ve also improved the ergonomics with the CPX-2. The safety on the CPX-1 has the annoying tendency to rub the soft area of your thumb joint raw after just a few rounds downrange.

    And as for the size, it’s a a bit wider than a Shield/LC9, but it holds more than any either gun.

    My gun was one of the first off the line and has had some issues (it’s gone back to the shop 3 times for cracked receivers), but Sccy’s service has been great and each time it’s come back with an extra mag tossed in. However, I’ve heard good reports about this model’s reliability from a number of sources.

  • Pepin the Short

    There’s a pretty significant problem that I’ve noticed with the CPX-2. The trigger spring, which is housed in the pistol’s grip, is exposed, which means that, every time you slide a magazine in, you rake it against the spring.

    This is a problem. Eventually, that damn thing is gonna break.

    • Get it Right

      There’s not a chance in hell that it will ever break. It absolutely never touches
      the magazine in any way. This is just a stupid assumption by someone who
      has never actually even held a CPX-2.

  • Dale

    I have the cpx2-tt stainless which has not been fired yet.

    The reason for not firing is the magazines (2) are terrible to load.

    The springs are so strong you need a device to force the shells in, 10 being the maximum. After loading all 10, the mags will not fully seat in the gun no matter how much you try (do not force).

    Next step contact sccy for help.


    I just got a new CPX-2 so far it has surpassed my expecations.I wish it had a 7.5lb trigger instead of a 9 other than that I am very satisfied.

  • dale

    My bbl of a cpx2 looks like it was not cut correctly. I will upload a picture and hope someone has a idea of what is going on.

  • Tom Snyder

    My 9mm is on it’s third trip back to the repair shop, misfires, jams, blow back in your face. The gun is not for big hands, the price is right, but if the gun does not fire when you need it to fire it is !00% worthless. I would not bet my life on this gun. I like it but it needs more design corrections.

  • OldNorthState

    As an experienced handgun and longarms shooter, I own and carry a CPX2TT, and have enjoyed shooting it. Perhaps best of all, the company has what must be the best customer service in the industry, and backs the Lifetime Warranty (stays with the weapon – doesn’t end with the original owner) of their pistol with it. I’ve talked with their customer service, and they’ve quickly handled any question or need I’ve had. Nice folks building a nicely finished pistol and apparently trying to improve it as they go. Like every firearm out there, all being mechanical, there will always be “something that can go amiss”… but these folks take care of whatever it might be with their product. What more could you ask for, often for less than $300? (I paid $275 for mine, brand new, a couple of months ago.) The folks on here who’ve complained publicly would be more well served to complain to SCCY, who’ll “do right by them”, in my experience. Nicely designed 11-round firepower in a compact, handsome configuration. I like it.