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  • 6677

    Not a bad idea really, pretty sure if you took the feed lips off a mag aswell it would make a fairly decent sized storage container.

  • 032125

    (With a stock adapter) this would make a pretty good replacement for the Kel-Tec SU-16’s stock, which “holds” a spare magazine until you start shooting, and then immediately jettisons your extra mag onto the ground.

    • El Duderino

      Yeah I didn’t care for it either and put on a pistol grip + M4 stock on mine.

    • Erwos

      That’s a really awesome idea. If I ever do a PLR-16 SBR, that’ll be the way I roll.

  • Trev

    Sweet! Extra bulk and weight just where I don’t want it for the sake of a low capacity magazine. I’d rather just carry a 20 round mag in my jeans pocket.

    • Joe

      How about you get rid of your sissy skinny jeans and lift some goddamned weights? you sound like a girl

      This is an awesome idea. Those extra 10 rounds might someday save your life.

      • Trev

        If I need a ten round mag to save my ass after the first 28 rounds go down then I am in way over my head and need air support.

      • 276pedersen

        Classy response.

  • Old Goat Patrol

    ” Made in Israel by FAB Defense! ”

    Have you seen the Women of the IDF picks? There is a market in Israel for carrying a loaded mag attached to an AR not in the mag well.

    • Alex-mac

      True their might be a market, but Israel is now using the Tavor, which is much more compact than even a M4.

  • Graham 1

    I was hoping that this was going to be $5,999 like the last two posts…

  • Kevin

    Might be a nice way to balance the weight of a heavy barrel or the 12″ of quad rails that everyone needs so much.

    • John Doe

      Hey! I need at least 16″ of quad rails to mount my bayonet(s), two Aimpoints, 3x zoom, a backup EOTech, 5.5-20x scope, bipods, lasers and flashlights.

      • Tinkerer

        Don’t forget the 12 gauge Masterkey and the 37 mm flare launcher. At the same time.

  • Kenny Blankenship

    Wake me up when they come out with a stock that is also a holster for your secondary.

    • nobody

      Why would you want to do that? Doing so would add an extra 2.5 lbs to the gun assuming you are using the Beretta 92, or 2 lbs if it’s a Glock 17. Why would you want to add that weight to your gun when you can just keep it in a holster?

      • RocketScientist

        I would SUSPECT they might want a sidearm stored on their rifle instead of in a holster on their hip for the same reason they’d want to keep an extra magazine stored on their rifle, rather than in a pouch on their hip. It’s a convenient location, unused space, might improve balance of weapon, and it means that by grabbing 1 thing (rifle) you get all the utility of grabbing 2 things (rifle and magazine, or rifle and sidearm). There’s something to be said for having both your weapons systems bound together for quick grab-n-go situations (also some down-sides I would presume). It’s not hard to come up with plausible reasons for someone to desire such a thing. I’m not saying I personally would want a sidearm mounted on/in my rifle; I haven’t given the topic enough thought or explored the ergonomics of it, and don’t have the personal combat experience to make such a judgement. But I’m guessing those who have, and DO want such a thing are basing that on the above factors. Please forgive me Kenny if I’m putting words in your mouth.

  • West

    I dont really have an opinion on the usefulness of this.
    If you like it then get it, if not then dont waste your time and energy complaining about it.
    Can soldiers in the field modify their weapons to use stuff like this? It seems like it might be useful in combat as a last resort. A scary as hell last resort to be down to only ten rounds but, hey, its something I guess.

    • sgt fish

      it would be mildly useful in a warzone. particularly for the guys that dont leave base much but my need that extra ammo at some point during their deployment

  • john

    Be better if it came with a 20rd mag and was also a gl-shock

    • Erwos

      Not really any room for the GL-Shock springs. But I agree that this is a somewhat underwhelming product.

  • Llewelyn James

    Back when I was a kid I had a nerf gun that did the same exact thing.

  • mechamaster

    What a nice idea ! But ‘survival stock’ is not right how to describe this stuff. Yes, a spare magazine is not a survival tool anyway.

    • Stanislao

      Sure it is. Removing the follower and spring give you a box. A box just big enough to hold your toothbrush and a rubber.

    • Kyle

      I guess survival in the sense that, if your mags are dry, you got 9 for the other guys and one for yourself

  • gunslinger


    will it work with that 100 round mag? or even a 30 round?

    i can’t watch the vid right now…

  • Tim

    Yes, it will work with a standard 30 round mag.

    I’m not sure about the stock yet. I like the concept a lot more than most recent new products: this is far “cooler” to me then any of the zombie nonsense, or the “SHTF brown” colored gear, or the quad stack mags that hold twice the ammo of a pmag for ten times the price and half the reliability. As far as new products alone go, this one is winning for me.

    I’m just not sold on it though. If I lived somewhere with laws like “no chambered round until needed” or required the rifle be unloaded, I’d jump on it instantly. But I don’t.

    I wish that I knew someone local to me with one so I could see how it felt with a 30round mag to tell if I liked it or not.

  • D

    I’m kind of curious how this would affect weapon handling in terms of balance, especially if you replaced the 10 round with a 30 round.

    Other then that, i’s kind of a solution that doesn’t really have a problem to solve. I have to think the edge case where you have an assault rifle, but no magazines, and all you need is 10 rounds to make the difference, is kind of a narrow thing to have occur.

    Could maybe use it to “sneak in” a loaded mag somewhere where guns are allowed but bullet’s aren’t, in some way. Security could look at the gun, not realize it had a magazine in the stock, and pass it through…but there’s no doubt better, easier ways to achieve the same thing.

    Interesting idea, i guess, though.

  • Nicks87

    I think its a great solution for folks that use an AR-15 for home defense.

    How many people have a tac-vest laying around the house with loaded mags in it. Not to mention how long it takes to put it on.

    With this stock you can just leave a loaded mag in the weapon and one in the stock. Now you have two magazines and all you had to do was pick up your rifle.

    Some of you critics out there just love to piss on every new idea when all it takes is to use a little brain power to think things through before you leave an ignorant not-so-well-thought-out comment.

    • Alex-mac

      Duct taping two mags together is cheaper and faster to load, granted it’s not pretty.

      Main advantage of this thing is that it would improve the balance of your rifle by adding some much needed weight in the rear.

    • J-

      I want one, I want one, I want one. I agree with you 100%. Not for home defense but my “truck gun” AR carbine has a 20 rounder in the mag well and another 20 rounder in a Blackhawk pouch strapped to the stock. The pouch works OK but only for shooting right handed. This seems like a much better method.

      I can see why it was invented by Israel. The duck-tape-two-mags-together method sucks for four reasons:

      1) Open end of spare mag is exposed to get filled with sand and garbage
      2) Exposed feedlips can get bend/damaged causing jams
      3) If you bang the mag on anything, rounds can fall out of the mag
      4) With the mag even longer than before, its harder to go prone

  • Cymond

    From what I understand, Israel allows people to carry unloaded rifles, and it is a common practice. Hence, Israeli companies have come up with a variety of ways to carry magazines on a rifle but outside of the magwell.

    Check out – product numbers MH, MTH, & MG20.