DRD Tactical Paratus Clandestine Take-Down Rifle

DRD Tactical’s new Paratus is a semi-automatic take-down .308 Win. rifle designed to meet the military’s Clandestine Break-Down Semi-Automatic Rifle (CSR) proposal specifications. When broken down it fits inside an attaché case and can be assembled and ready to fire in under 60 seconds as demonstrated in the video below.

DRD Tactical Paratus-SBR-12 (12″ short barrled model)

The rifle appears to be based on the AR-10 design with a return spring integrated into the upper receiver and a charging handle on the left side. Other than the charging handle, the controls are the same as an AR-10/AR-15.

With a price starting at $5615, this rifle is not designed for the casual shooters.

Caliber .308 Win / 7.62x51mm NATO
Capacity 20 Rounds
Finish Nickel Boron
Grip Magpul
Barrel Lothar-Walther 16” with 1 in 10 twist
Stock Magpul Folding
Trigger Geissele 2-Stage
Weight 9.2 lbs
Sights Magpul MBUS
Availability Now

The price for the Paratus-16 (16″ model) is $5,615 and Paratus-SBR-12 (12″ model with AAC muzzle brake) is $5,999. The company plans to offer additional calibers in the future.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    60 seconds is a looong time when you need a gun right now… especially considering kel tec makes a 223 that folds down almost as tight and only takes about 10 seconds to get shooting… for 1/10th the price. Obviously this is designed for a different use but I really don’t see it taking off in the civilian market as anything other than a novelty for the overpaid.

    • Supersonic

      I really cannot understand how overly critical people can be when it comes to new defense products. So what if some other company has a different quick-folding model? DRD Tac clearly worked very hard on this design, and I personally think it’s plain disrespectful to hate on it like that, just because it takes a little longer to deploy. Come on, it’s an innovative product! If you’re going to critique it, at least acknowledge that it’s innovative. Let’s see you try to design a new product.

      • I can understand just fine when the price is upwards of 5 kilobucks. Just what’s so innovative about it?

  • Reverend Clint

    Lower+Upper=what 20-30 seconds? Not really innovative.

  • M@

    But, how accurate is it?

  • Trev

    A SCAR SBR broken down will do the same thing much cheaper.

  • Harald Hansen

    I predict it will have a long and storied Hollywood career, no matter how the military contracts pan out.

    Cool-looking design!

    • Avery

      Yeah, the old Arisaka Type 2 paratrooper takedown rifle got so much play as the “covert sniper rifle” back in the day because it could broken down into two recognizable pieces. And the Steyr AUG kinda fulfilled that same role in movies later.

      This thing is going to be in every spy thriller for years to come.

  • Alex S

    Under Specifications you list the grip as Magpul, it is in fact a SAW style grip made by Tapco. My brain sees things differently after 2AM…

    • Anonymoose

      In the pictures on the site, the 12″ version uses a Crapco SAW grip while the 16″ version uses a Magpul grip.
      Also, I, too, have serious doubts about the real effectiveness of 12″ rifle barrels in any caliber. I think you should have as much barrel length as possible for all firearms, but expecting to have a 22″- or 24″-barreled rifle fit into a reasonably-sized briefcase is pretty ridiculous.

  • Chipsa

    I have my doubts about the ability of the gun to hold it’s zero, given that it appears to be a bog standard AR-10 interface, but with a variable amount of pressure put onto the barrel nut. Not to mention that most AR-10s don’t have the barrel repeatedly removed from the upper reciever. Also, I’d imagine that the standard push pins used in a AR-10 would be significantly faster to assemble. You’d have the extra length of the upper reciever attached to the barrel, but… Or you could use something like on the ACR for the quick swap barrel capability.

    • alannon

      The barrel seems to be statically installed. I see a lower with a sidefolding stock, an upper, and a suppressor.

  • Nicks87

    Looks pretty sweet to me. As far as holding zero I think that with the design of the weapon it shouldnt be much of an issue at first but Im sure after a few thousand rounds the parts will not lock up as tight and may effect accuracy.

    However I dont think the rifle is made with longevity in mind. More of a get in/get out fast, type weapon.

  • Ian

    Eight inches costs $4500. That seems reasonable…

    They would have been better off selling just a carrier/folding stock kit for $1000 and becoming filthy rich.

  • Jeff

    Looks like an airsoft toy….

    • justin

      that was my first thought too. I think that it is the color, that light tan/off white just reminds me too much of the toy guys that were around when I was a kid.

  • noob

    are you going to get enough burn inside the barrel if you are using a 12″ sbr? or will most of the powder burn inside the supressor, or worse become a huge loud fireball shooting out the sides of your muzzle device and totally ruining your covert aspirations?

    would 6.5mm be a better choice for a takedown sbr covert rifle?

  • Kenny Blankenship

    Hey that’s the ACR folding stock, no wonder it took so long to get mine from Bushmaster, this company’s been buying them!

    • Vic Romano

      Right you are, Ken.

  • Arifonzie

    Can anyone tell me more about these
    “Clandestine Break-Down Semi-Automatic Rifle (CSR) proposal specifications”
    I have not heard about this before but it sounds interesting.

    • Nadnerbus

      we could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d expect to find the SCAR-H, HK417, and SR-25 to be involved in this program as well…if it proves to be a real government program and not just marketing hype, that is…

  • gunslinger

    a full minute seems a bit long for this, but i don’t think it was intended for instant firefights. it is billed as clandestine which i would think you have a bit more time to move about…

    but i sure as heck can see hollywood making this an “assassin style” gun for the next michael bay flick

    • fourstring

      I’d much rather see it in a Michael Mann film than a Michael Bay one hah

  • Zach C.

    Looks alot like the Robinson XCR M

  • Vitor

    Always nice to see a DI gun without a giant buffer not allowing a foldable stock.

  • W

    I personally think this is a very neat rifle. I enjoy seeing new developments being made and evolutions of certain platforms.

  • Mech11B

    This seems like a colossal waste of money considering the little bit of usage it’d likely never see. Upwards of $5000 per weapon? Does that mean the DoD has the money to finally give me new SAPI plates that actually cover my chest? No? It all has to go to dumb projects like this? Ok then

    • 032125

      I didn’t see anything in the article indicating that the DoD is purchasing these. Maybe I missed it.

    • Anonymoose

      I can think of many uses for a weapon like this, especially the way Obama and NATO have been handling the War on Terror and the Arab Spring in the last couple of years…

  • Anonymoose

    This seems more like it might be closer to the Remington R11, LWRC REPR, or Robinson XCR more than the AR-10 with that left-side charging handle. I can imagine this weapon being used in a way similar to the Soviet Russian VSS (accurate, hard-hitting, suppressed, short-barreled, takedown gun that fits into a briefcase).

    Also Steve, you keep saying in a lot of articles that these new semi-auto .308 rifles are “AR-10s,” but they’re most definitely not. They’re actually derived from the AR-10B, SR-25, and DPMS’s designs, which are all based on the AR-15A2 scaled up for .308/7.62NATO, and NOT the actual AR-10- so if you call these weapons AR-10s (instead of .308 AR-15 clones, or just .308 ARs), you might as well just start calling every new gun that uses DI or looks remotely ARish, regardless of caliber, an “AR-10,” including all AR-15-style rifles and carbines.

    • JonMac

      An excellent point. I’ll stop doing likewise.

    • Nicks87

      I think some people still use AR-10 to refer to .308 ARs because thats what most of us older guys grew up with.

      When someone says AR-10 I automatically think of an AR-15 style rifle chambered in .308 even though, like you said, its not technically correct.

      • Anonymoose

        It’s still kind of like referring to a Rem 700 as an “M70” or a “Kar98” though, just because they’re based on the same operating system. The AR-10B didn’t come out until 1995, and before then they (licensed companies in Portugal and Sudan) only made select-fire AR-10s, which were discontinued in the 1980s and were quite easily distinguishable from production-model AR-15s, the AR-10B, and any of these modern .308 AR-derivatives. Hell, the SR-25 had already been in service with the SEALs for 5 years before ArmaLite decided to develop the AR-10B.

  • Lance

    Looks like a 7.62mm NATO ACR. Its sad Remington should have there ACR in larger calibers.

    • TJefferson

      It’s not Remington’s ACR it actually belongs to Magpul, so any changes to the design would have to come from them.

  • Mike Knox

    To be honest, looks like a good pitch but goes plop a couble blocks down the street..

  • mosinman

    haha i bet the CIA will buy a few of these rifles ;D

  • Tony Tannahill

    I would love to win!

  • John Doe

    Coming to a Michael Bay movie near YOU!

  • Gareth

    this is a really weird looking color combination. Makes it look like a toy made of plastic, or worse, wax. What’s wrong with good old black and desert tan?

  • Graham 1

    The name’s Bond. James Bond.

    • mechamaster

      Made-in Q-Labs.

    • My name is Please……BITCH Please!…….

  • Ivan

    6 grands for AR-10 with folding stock… this story would not take long.

  • Terry

    Its kinda cool but I have a John Browning designed Remington Model 8 that will go together in about the same time, if not quicker. And it’s a better design and more robust. Oh did I mention it was a design by Mr Browning? Just my two cents.

    • John Doe

      If Mr. Browning were still around, we’d have laser rifles that can be taken down to fit in your pocket. Mad genius.

  • Palmas

    Time to get serious folks, are you looking at the gas tube when its inserted into the receiver? No way that is going to last 15 minutes in the real world. As to accuracy, there is ZERO way that rifle is going to distinguish itself in that arena. Hell, you can watch him wiggle the barrel into the receiver. In an EDM or NEMESIS or any of the other systems that is cheaply copied here, that is impossible as the tolerances wont allow it.

  • TJefferson

    If it cost to much, maybe it was not designed for you. Also show me another semiauto, .308, Title 1 rifle, that can fit in a 16x10x6 case.

  • curiousG

    innovative in my opinion yes but I can’t figure out why it’s so pricey either. please someone explain? You can get LWRC, LMT, Noveske, FNH even Knights for cheaper and these are all well proven names and systems. I could almost be talked into it if it was some sort of take down piston gun. We all know higher price guns are usually associated with this but di? Can anyone tell me more about DRD tactical? Has this system been held to any specific standard to justify the price? Is there any pics of the gun showing the ejection port side? I would like to see them.

  • magboy

    Is the innovativeness of this firearm that it breaks down, and is chambered in .308?

  • wharfrat1940

    The price is just rediculous. I originally thought it was a FN SCAR 17S like I own for a good bit less $$$’s and I thought it was expensive! I am happy to hear about it, but that’s about as close as I am probably going to get!

    RAT in Houston, Texas

  • does it come in black? OD green? Flat dark earth? come on!!! for a pricetag like that it BETTER give options!

  • Thomas

    I got mine last week. It is wicked.

  • Thomas

    Very accurate and no kick to speak of. I like it alot better then my 17S. I will admit that it is not for everyone but if you take the price out of the equation everyone would have one.

  • Thomas

    7.62 is NOT comparable to 5.56. The only complaint is the price. Just because you cannot afford it do not hate it. It is an amazing piece that I have added to my collection for the simple reason that I can carry it down the street and or through the mall and no one has a clue what you have.

  • OleArmyDude

    I saw one of these blow up at the range a month back. The guy looked pretty surprised when it blew the magazine into pieces across the range. Turned the gun into a paperweight, the guy couldn’t even take the gun apart.

    • I would love more information on this. Where? When?

  • robert

    do you have to be Law enforcement to buy this gun ?