Nifty Beretta Model 1938 in Syria

In the video below, a Syrian rebel shows off his customised Beretta Model 38. The stock has been converted to a pistol grip and the metalwork has been chromed. That is one nice looking gun, although I doubt the owner could hit the side of a barn at 20 yards when firing on full auto with a shoulder stock.

I think the weapon is the ’42 version of the M1938. Max at notes that the 1942 model omits the barrel heat guard/jacket but retained the barrel fluting.

[ Many thanks to Nic Jenzen-Jones for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • John Doe

    I want one with a matching chrome folding stock. Gorgeous gun.

  • Yves

    Maybe adquired via new Lybian goverment due the great number of old italian guns in Lybia or sended by one who think that all italian guns are references for Lybian and want to stay anonymous…

  • Fred

    Wait until “Al-Qaeda” (whatever it is) created, financed, trained and armed by NATO gets his new assignment in the USA…

  • Avery

    What’s with the dual trigger set-up? An early way of doing selective fire?

  • Shinigami

    To me that berreta looks very simmilar to a mp40.

    • matt

      It looks nothing like it. Where is the under folding stock? The cocking handle is on the wrong side. The hand guard & grip is make of wood instead of bakelite. It has a double set trigger instead of a normal trigger. It is chromed instead of blued. It has a brake where the MP40 did not. The “pistol grip” is the wrong angle.

      • Shinigami

        Such a hater you are , only saying what i think and you go all wikipedia on me -_-

      • matt

        I’m just sayin. The only similarities are they were both SMGs with tubular receivers.

  • hikerguy
  • robert

    EDIT: “without” a shoulder stock

  • Les

    Speaking of Beretta’s: A petition to brgin back the Elite 2 pistol!

  • schizuki

    WWII Beretta submachineguns were reliable, effective, beautifully designed and built, and are shockingly under-rated and sadly forgotten. If I could own one SMG from that era – hell, any era – it would be a Model 38.

  • charles222

    Gorgeous gun, indeed. The pre-Sten/MP40 submachine guns are great; the MP18, MP34, and Sterling are all lovely weapons.

    • Chase

      You forgot the Thompson. (I’m biased because I’m USAian.)

      First-generation submachine guns. Elegant weapons for a more civilized age.

      • Tinkerer

        Now I can’t help but picture Sir Alec Guinness on his Ben Kenobi attire, wielding a Thompson instead of a lightsaber.

    • schizuki

      Agreed, although I think you meant “Lanchester”, not “Sterling.”

      • charles222

        Yeah, I’m mixing them up. My bad.

        Point about the Thompson. The M3 took a dive off the ugly board, though. :p

  • Lance

    With the Syrian army winning back ground from the Islamists I beat you see more and more old and make shift weapon to make up for the AKs and PKMs lost in combat. I have seen some outside weapons in pics. Chinese Type 56s are becoming popular for the Islamist since the Syrian Army uses Soviet AKMs.

    • charles222

      “winning back ground?” “Islamists?” Are you sure you have the right war?

      • Lance

        Yeah Charles222 The rebels are Al Qaeda backed Sunni Islamist who state even on TV to the world they want to make a Sunni Islamist state after they kill Assad and wipe out the Shiites Muslims. The government is a two bit dictator but is alot more controllable than another blood thirsty Islamist state like Taliban would like to see it to be.

    • charles222

      Lance, I guess your awe-inspiring “disliked” count makes you an expert or something? Stop posting gibberish.

  • I wonder if they take care of their weapons any better/worse than their car engines?

  • mosinman

    they see me rollin…. they hatin……

  • Benjamin

    Lance you do seem to buy Assad’s propaganda easily.

    Only a very small minority of these rebels actually are pro-al Qaeda. The vast majority of these men are fighting for their freedom. Simply saying “oh its the shi’ites fighting sunnis” is a misrepresentation of the conflict. And for the record, a vast majority of Muslims around the world do not support sectarian violence, neither do they support terrorism and al-Qaeda.

  • Lance

    I want to respect you Benjamen You seem to show respect. BUT the western media is so pro Islamist in its coverage of this war in Syria. Thing is most reports chow that the rebels leadership want a Taliban like Islamic government. Check the news out. I dont care for the Syrian government at all they are bad guys too. But they are not as horrible as the Islamic brotherhood and Al Qaeda rebels. They are reports of Shiites Christians and none religious citizens being murdered by rebels in there zone.

    Obama is too pro-Islamist and like in Egypt and Libya these new governments have all the worst intention not only for the USA but for all minorities (none Sunnis) there.

    If I had a wish Id let no one win the civil war there both bad guys.

    Now lets leave this alone I was talking about guns and No politics.

    • charles222

      “I was talking guns no politics”

      No you fucking weren’t. You’re the one who brought politics into this by trying to claim that the FSA is “Islamists”.

    • Lance

      You can quit using bad language and you know ^*^( like Charles222 on anything) Strange I had major studies on Middle eastern politics while you no vet probably some 450lb fat jerk who never shot a ricle. I send news and a link all you do is cuss and say your so smart your a ^&(& idiot jerk222

    • Tinkerer

      For a “Major in Middle Eastern Politics”, you have both a dismal grammar and poor understanding of the one and only rule of this blog: “Firearms, Not Politics”.

  • Chase

    The skit you’re referring to was very funny, but I’m not sure why it’s related to this topic.

  • Chase

    Can anyone tell us what they’re saying? I only speak English 🙁 and all I could make out was something that sounded like “Allahu ackbar.”

  • Katya Mullethov

    The Beretta’s are great ! Now get a load of the Syrian “unboxing a container of Sturmgewehrs ” video that is poised to go viral .