LMT “Proud to Protect the Olympics”

Lewis Machine & Tool Company send out a not-so-subtle press release congratulating themselves on supplying rifles used by Royal Air Force troops doing Olympic security. I think Lewis Machine & Tool have done an excellent job in a crowded market, supplying both the both the UK and New Zealand with AR-10 rifles, so I am going to parrot their press release 😉

Photo of LMT L129A1 taken at SHOT Show 2011

The press release …

Weapons produced by Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), a privately-owned Midwestern maker of elite weaponry, are being used by the Royal Air Force to protect the 2012 Olympics in London, England, against terrorist attacks.

According to a recent Daily Express U.K. article, Royal Air Force soldiers assigned to protect the Olympics have been armed with the LMT L129A1® Sharpshooter rifle, which is highly accurate over long ranges.

“From the beginning, LMT® has been proud to assist soldiers and law enforcement officials in protecting our country,” said Monica Sipp, Director of Sales and Marketing for LMT®. “We are equally proud that our products are being used to protect the Olympics, an event which fosters global unity.”

Since 1980, LMT® has provided the U.S. military, law enforcement and government agencies with high-quality weapons, components, and modular weapon systems. LMT® is based in Milan, IL, a village with a population of approximately 5,100, located on the Rock River near the Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities.

LMT® was founded by Karl Lewis, and has 130 employees. The company has a family-like atmosphere, and works to be an asset to their local community while providing employees with a rewarding workplace.

“Our company philosophy can be summed up in five words: Failure is not an option,” said Lewis. “Police officers, soldiers and other brave defenders who use our products need to know that their weapons will not fail them. The soldiers guarding the Olympic Games can feel confident, knowing that they are holding precision instruments which will not let them down if a conflict should arise.”

L129A1 deployed in Afghanistan.

Steve Johnson

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  • Big Daddy

    I’d rather carry that into a battle than an M16/M4 any day.

    • 6677

      Kinda goes both ways really. More accurate weapon system with a longer range and impact energy vs a lighter weapon with less recoil thus being easier to handle.

      The LMT is far cooler of course 😉

  • hikerguy

    LMT deserves to toot their own horn. They make an excellent product and I’m glad to see a small company do well.

    • Ian

      Your definition of small company is interesting.

  • bbmg

    “…the Olympics, an event which fosters global unity.”

    Nice one 😀

    *whine whine the chinese are winning because they’re taking drugs whine whine*

  • Denny

    Lot’s of (self)praise. Is it deserved? What is LMT’s actual technical contribution (innovation)? Does anybody know? Items such as forged barrel, cast foregard and various finishes do not count since they are now common.

    This looks to me like genenric Stoner’s AR10 with some bells and whistles. It could be Knight’s Amament product and it would looks same.

    • Mr Myzptlk

      Something doesn’t have to be innovative to be a well put together and effective weapon. I’ve used an LMT Defender with a 10.5″ barrel (is issued to a number of British police forces) and I really like their guns. However this press release kind of pisses me off, as it implies that the LMTs were specially selected by the RAF for the prestige of guarding the Olympics, rather than the fact that it is just the standard British DMR, with 100s being used in Afghanistan which apparently doesn’t warrant a mention.

  • zack991

    I ordered one of their LMT MRP Pistons in April and I was sent a email letting me know that it arrived from LMT. I just have to wait till I get back to the US to arrange the transfer.

  • 15yroldgunman

    Village of 5100 that’s a small city

  • Lance

    In my opinion the LMT is one of the better sniper rifles on the market. It sure beats the L-119 bolt action rifle. Im still a BIGGER fan of the M-110 and M-14 EBR but LMT makes a third place.

    • Esh325

      My understanding is that the M110 is more of a stationary rifle being that it weighs around 15 pounds, while the LMT is more of a DM rifle. While the M14 EBR may be more reliable, it is probably less accurate.

    • JonMac

      The L119 isn’t a bolt action. I think you mean L115.

      • 6677

        At least he wasn’t CoD calling it an L118A, a) the A should be followed by a number. b) The L118 is a light field gun, aka artillery.

        @Lance The L115 is a .338LM, its far more accurate and has a much higher impact energy and range than the LMT. The LMT is still an excellent weapon platform of course