MechTech Glock Carbine

MechTech’s Glock Carbine kit has been around for a number of years but I have never blogged about it. The MechTech conversion kit is compatible with a number of different full-size and compact Glocks chambered in 9mm, .357 Sig, 40 S&W, 10mm Auto and .45 ACP. Unlike a number of other pistol carbine kits, this kit has a bolt which replaces the Glock’s slide. A feeding block is installed inside the pistol frame to facilitate feeding into the barrel.

The basic stock is $350, the quad railed version, with full length top rail, is $530.

Steve Johnson

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  • Axel n

    Yeah so I’ve never fired a glock but these pics confuse me; don’t the glocks have barrels that unlock by rotating the chamber end slightly downwards? How does that work together with the long barrel?

    • Axel n

      Oh never mind I just re-read the article, silly me!

      • Larry

        I had the KT Sub 2000 in .40 S&W and sold it a few years ago. It was alright but believe me it is not even close to the Mech Tech CCU. The Sub 2000 was not near as accurate or as well built as a Mech Tech upper and a “Glock” receiver. Anything half Glock is good. I paid $339 out the door for the Sub 2000 and didn’t feel that it was a good deal ( I can’t believe gougers are trying to sell them for $900 now). I paid $395 for the Mech Tech CCU and feel that there is not a deal out there to rival it’s AR like high round capability. It fires a .40 S&W at FPS and energy levels higher than my Glock 20 10 mm long barrel pistol according to a few sessions at the range. It is flat shooting with a 145 grail bullet and a slower burning powder out to 125 yards. I am going to test it at 150 and 200 yards when I get a good day to go out and test it again.

  • Sian

    well THAT’S interesting. So just a little piece of metal lets you feed into a fixed barrel using a Glock lower. with a $299 gen2 police turn-in you could have yourself a handy little carbine for about $700.

    should mention that basic ‘upper’ priced above don’t come with a stock. At least their rail accessories are competitively priced though!

    • noob

      heh, i wonder if they will sell a 10″ sbr without the stock as a “pistol”.

      • Eric S

        From what I understand there is no upper limit to barrel length on a pistol. So ideally as long as you remove the stock and remove it’s capacity to accept said stock (this is the important part) you should have a legal hand gun. The ATF seems to frown on making guns smaller, not so much on the making them bigger.

    • noob

      the 10mm auto is interesting. am i correct in thinking this is just about the only way to get a semi auto 10mm auto rifle?

      • Carl

        Olympic Arms makes a 10mm upper for AR15

    • Ko I

      I have three of these (38 super for 1911, 10mm and 45 acp for glock), and plan on getting a fourth. They *do* come with a stock standard. If you want a nicer stock, you have to pay more. They’re ugly as sin, but all three of mine have been flawless.

      • Chipsa

        They redid their pricing scheme. It no longer comes with the stock, but it’s a bit cheaper. That way people can get the stock they want on it, and not have a spare stock.

    • bjelac

      Cant you just build a AR using a PSA lower and parts to make a basic quality AR for less than 700.

  • mechamaster

    Umm… Where is the upper receiver safety button/selector located ?

    • 6677

      Glocks don’t normally have one

    • AK™

      I’ve seen it posted before on the internet..

      “Don’t put your booger hook on the bang switch..”

    • Sian

      Glancing at the manual, it looks like the bolt handle can be notched in the rear position. That’s as close as you’re gonna get. (And it doesn’t even engage the bolt hold open of an empty magazine..)

  • 6677

    They do it for the 1911 aswell:

  • I just wish they had a plain blued barrel. I guess you can do your own bluing, but it would be nice if they did it in the factory.

  • John Doe

    With this setup, you can get a well priced 10mm Auto carbine. It would be pretty damn good for hunting.

  • Brandon

    What’s the ATF’s opinion on converting a pistol into a rifle? I thought they frowned on it.

    • 6677

      What they don’t know can’t hurt them…

    • Cymond

      Rifle to pistol is forbidden. Well, actually, it’s an SBR and legal with the right paperwork.

      Pistol to rifle is legal. However, ATF previously held that it became a rifle permanently and switching back to pistol-form was building a SBR as above.
      Some may argue that it was legal to switch back to a pistol because of the Thompson Contender court case, but the case only directly addressed the issue as to whether or nor the rifle/pistol kit was considered a SBR. The court did not sufficiently address the ability to swap back nd forth from pistol, to rifle, and back to pistol. Also, I’ve heard claims on the internet that ATF held that the Thompson case only applied o Thompson, but I can’t verify that.

      Now, we have ATF Rule 2011-4. Basically, we can start with a handgun and “configure” it as a rifle, but does not become a rifle permanently. It is now legal to switch it back into a pistol. This only applies to firearms that start as a pistol; converting a rifle into a pistol is still making an illegal SBR.

      However, the firearm still must never have a short barrel and a shoulder stock at the same time. That isn’t a problem with the MechTech, but one must be careful when switching between an AR-15 pistol and an AR-15 configured as a rifle. Add the long barrel before adding the stock when going from a pistol to rifle. Remove the stock before removing the long barrel when going back to a pistol.

      From now on, I’m going to build all of my carbines as pistols first.

      • rassd71

        It depends where you live, in California it’s forbidden. I would personally love a decent pistol & carbine pair that both take the same mags, but would prefer one on a metal platform instead of tuppeware!

    • gunslinger

      From what i gather, yes it is legal to use the reciever of a pistol and add a barrel longer than 16″ before putting a stock on. however, once that happens, it is now a “rifle” and therfore can’t be turned back into a pistol, unless one would obtain a SBR stamp (even if the stock is also removed)

      but i wonder how bad the AFT would be banging down your door to make sure the rifle always stays in that configuration.

      • gunslinger

        Cymond has a better response. I didn’t see it when i started my post.

  • gunslinger

    It’s a nice concept. but…i’m gonna make a fool of myself right now.

    if you want a 9mm or 45 carbine…why not buy a Hi-Point? MSRP of less than 400 bucks? i guess the fact that you don’t have the glock lower isn’t as great?

    Now, if one already had a glock…i guess it’d be about on par to now have 2 firearms instead of one.

    • Highlander

      High Capacity Mags. You don’t get that with the Hi Point. Plus the Hi Point can be hard on the cheek for some reason. Never had the issue with the MechTech.

    • Cymond

      I believe these are marketed for people who already have a Glock or 1911. Same hi-cap mags, same trigger, and the ability to switch back to a handgun. They offer versatility and a caliber change for a fair price and without needing a gun dealer.

    • John Doe

      10mm carbine. End conversation. That would be awesome.

    • raven

      There’s always the kel-tec sub-2000. It’s cheap and can take glock mags.

  • gabriel o

    I want to do this to a glock 17 i have tucked away buts its very low on my “gun priorities” list……..i needs more money

  • jonesy

    The 10mm is really interesting to me as a velocity proposition. 180 grain @ 1600 FPS?

  • Don S

    These are very fun to shoot– very buttery feel, almost no recoil, and nice accuracy. Very overbuilt — seems much beefier than other carbine setups.

    .10 mil is fun, but what would be really interesting is a .357– serious FPS on that. I’ve the .40 and just threaded the barrel for a can.

    Anyhow, highly recommended. Any time I go to the range, everybody wants to shoot it and they all enjoy it.

  • dear every one can u buy this gun and how mach distance can we shut with this gun and can i get it in Afghanistan

  • Hay Yawl

    Wow .. other than the overall length / non breakdown for a bug out bag / truck gun .. this has it all over the Kel Tec sub 2000 which has turned into unobtanium along with their KSG & RFB to name a few .. by actually being available .. !