Damage ECS Stock Now In Pink

Damage Industries ECS (Enhanced Combat System) stock and forend is now available in pink.

I can’t help but thinking there is large unfulfilled market for red and blue furniture.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • bima86

    oh god why ??

    • Bull

      why not? if you have the mould there is simple and cheap to change colors in the plastic. there should be more colors i think. πŸ™‚

  • Ben

    Now that’s a REAL man’s choice of rifle πŸ˜‰ Okay, now seriously, I know a few people who would be interested in this and it could bring a few of the more girly girls into shooting without the need of abominations like the hello kitty AR/AK

    • David / Sharpie

      A friend of mine (Guy) has a hello kitty backplate (Pink of course)

      He uses it to mock cocky people who challenge him to a shooting comp, and when he wins (He usually does) he pets his “meowing” gun as he holsters it.

      So funny.

      Personally I’ve ordered a Boondock saints “truth, justice” (Except in Latin) backplate in black.

  • Sian

    I dunno, red and blue are kind of reserved for non-firing training guns.

    • bbmg

      Presumably a mix of red, white and blue parts would make for a very patriotic setup though.

      ‘MURICA!!!! F*** YEAH!!!

      (Also Australia, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, North Korea, Laos, Liberia, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Russia, Samoa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Faroe Islands and Reunion)

      • Chase

        ABOUT 1/4 OF THE WORLD! F*** YEAH!

    • anon

      The blue I imagine would be more of a deep Navy/Midnight/Police blue, not the primary blue of practice weapons. At least that’s what I’d want.

      • Rob

        I’d definitely do a home defense build in a deep/dark/navy blue.

  • I think I might need to outfit my next AR in SHTF Brown…ya know, should the need arise πŸ˜‰

  • Anthony

    Why don’t they have skin colored stocks in different shades? This way I could walk outside butthole naked and no one could see my AR strapped to my back! There’s a real market!

    • Twisted, but brilliant!

    • cy

      Now That is a disturbing mental image. I don’t know if I can get it out of my head.

  • cy

    My Daughter wants me to build a pink ar for her.

  • Reverend Clint

    i want to see different camo patterns rather than straight colors

  • schizuki

    Suddenly I feel aware of breast cancer. And I want to shoot it in the face.

    • noob

      when chemo fails, there’s 5.56mm surgery.

      for the lady’s sake i hope you’ve been practicing your hostage rescue shooting

  • Kenny Blankenship

    I’m curious as to who is the original manufacturer of this stock. Mine came from Tactical Intent and is called a TI-7. Does anyone know?

    • Kenny Blankenship

      Nevermind, I looked it up myself. Produced by Molding Solutions, of which Tactical Intent is a subsidiary. I guess Damage Industries is rebadging them in exclusive colors, wish I had seen these before I got the regular black one!

  • tincankilla

    this is hilarious. 6 varieties of darkish/earthy colors and one bright pink. it’s like an afterthought that they put zero thought into.

    although I really do like the SHTF brown….

  • John Doe

    Perfect against fashion-conscious burglars.

  • Nick

    God I wish someone would make bright red furniture. If I see the words “Dark earth” or “OD green” again I’m going to bang my head against the wall.

  • Leonard

    I dunno, I am somewhat uncomfortable with live guns coloured in toy-like colours. But afaik even here in Germany, where gun laws are rather strict (and often arbitrarily so), this would be allowed.

    • Kaj

      Heh, I don’t really know much about Germany’s firearms laws, but I’m curious to see some comparisons between your laws (German) and my laws (Canada). I’m sure in some aspects you have more strict laws, but compared to a country who was disarmed by the Allies less than a century ago I bet we still don’t have the freedoms of use and variety of guns you have.

      • Leonard

        Hey Kaj,
        Although this is rather off-topic, I will gladly give you (and other interested readers) and overview of German gun laws.

        Generally, in order to be able to purchase a gun, you need a permit (Waffenbesitzkarte = WBK = gun ownership permit). These come in several forms. Most common are permits for sports shooters and hunters. Another form are permits for gun collectors.

        The permit for sports shooters requires you to have been a member of a rifle club for at least 12 months and to have practiced there regularly (with the club’s own guns) and need a form signed by the club’s chairman that testifies that you have a “need” for a gun. You also need to be over 25 years old (18 for guns in .22 lr) and you must have a clean police record. Furthermore, you have to take a four-day long course that teaches basics about firearms and the laws regulating their use and need to pass a test at the end of that course, which includes both shooting and a written test.

        After meeting all requirements you can obtain either or both of two types of WBK. The “yellow” one allows you to purchase bolt-action rifles, single shot pistols and shotguns, while the “green” one allows the purchase of semi-auto rifles and pistols, though you have to register with your firearm department at the local council before purchase (green only).
        The green one allows you to purchase up to 3 semi-auto rifles and 2 pistols. You may get an exemption from this limit if you take part in competitions at district, state or national levels (+1 gun/level). The yellow one allows an unlimited ammount of bolt-action rifles.

        Rifles bought by sports shooters have to be at least 60 cm in overall lenght and the barrel must be no shorter than 42.5 cm (16.73″), so the M4 would be illegal here (instead, slightly longer variants dubbed “M5” are sold which meet the minimum size requirements). Furthermore, the rifle cartrigdes must be longer than 40mm (ie. no 7.62×39 or 5.45×39 !). Magazine size is not restricted by law, but the rifle clubs themselves usually restrict them to 10 (to be honest, nobody really cares though, and original-size 30 shot magazines aren’t uncommon, though seldomly loaded with more than 10 bullets). Attachment of flashlights, lasers or suppressors is generally not allowed (though I heard there are rare exceptions for suppressors…never seen a gun with one though). Bullpups are not allowed either. Biggest calibre allowed is .50 BMG, although due to Germany’s dense population there are almost no ranges longer than 300m and very few which are constructed for .50 BMG fire.

        Restrictions for pistols are rather arbitrary too. Pistols is generally anything under 60cm long. Certain calibres, such as the 5.7×28 of the FN Five-Seven are forbidden. Magazine size isn’t restricted for them either. MPs are usually classified as rifles, but need to meet the above mentioned sizes (ie no MP5, since it is too short). A civilian variant of the UMP is sold which is long enough, for example.
        Revolvers are almost unrestricted, but count as “semi-auto” on your green permit, so you can normally only have one revolver and one pistol, or two of each.

        If you’re a hunter, then everything is much easier and you have almost no restrictions. You may buy shorter rifles than sports shooters and an almost unlimited ammount of any type of gun (still no full-auto, of course). A hunters license requires a very extensive (either two weeks continously or a few hours twice a week stretched over a year) and expensive (>1000€) course.

        Note that ALL kinds of these permits allow you to carry your gun with you on your own property ONLY and once you leave your property, you must transport your gun inside a locked box and may only open the box once you have arrived at the range or the gun-smith. Laws also regulate that you have to keep your guns locked up in a safe any time you’re not using or cleaning them. The type of safe is also specified and each safe is limited to a certain number of guns depending on its level of safety. Ammunition has to be stored seperately from the gun it is fired in. Under no circumstance may you store a gun loaded. The firearms departement of the council has the right to check your house for proper storage of your guns, though checks are rare and no more frequent than a every odd year.

        There is a permit which allows you to carry a loaded gun with you (“Waffenschein” = gun license) but that is extremely rare (for example, in my district of 250.000 people, about 20 people have that kind of permit). This is usually only issued if you can prove that you are highly threatened (ie celebrities) and that a gun would be adequate to defend against the threat, or if you work in a security firm in a certain position.

        Note that all kinds of firearms licenses can be revoked for firearm-unrelated offences: Driving past a red traffic light twice may already be enough to revoke your permit. Also, once you are not longer actively hunting or shooting in a rifle club, you lose the right to own guns since you no longer have a “need” (BedΓΌrfnis) for them. This doesn’t happen instanteously though, and nobody will send a policeman to break your door down just because you gave up hunting last week and still have your guns…

        Despite the lenght of this post, this is only a small glimpse on German laws. It gets much more complicated and there are random exceptions. For example, every gun designed prior to 1 January 1871 is can be bought by anyone older than 18, same with all air rifles and pistols with a muzzle energy of 7,5 J or lower. Air guns as well as gas-pistols or pistols firing blanks can be carried with you (loaded) if you buy a “Kleiner Waffenschein” (little gun license) which basically has the only requirement that it costs 50€, thus many petty criminals use gas-pistols or blanks for robbing a store or fuel station.

        Hope this provided an interesting insight into the strange world of German gun laws πŸ™‚

  • SPC Fish

    if i didnt get an LMT SOPMOD copy from the Army i would be buying one of these. Hell i may still buy a set of pink ones and build my gal a 22 AR so she isnt always hogging mine. and 15 bucks would give her enough ammo for all day

  • Davey

    I think they ought to do yellow furniture next. A Dewalt carbine would be awesome!

    • cy

      I have seen pictures of a DeWalt carbine someone built. Looks kinda cool.

  • gunslinger

    more pink…hurm…

    i can get that pink is a “girls” color, and some girls will go giddy over a pink firearm. or at least not “resist” one as much.

    but then there are other women who can’t stand pink.

    but i guess it’s like the zombie craze…if you can sell to one more person…

  • Fred Splehp

    Their trying to reach out to the people who were distracted during their biology and geometry classes.

  • Random Encounter

    More likely than red/blue, there’s a lot of ignored color space in the greens, yellows, and oranges.

    Maybe a “hunter’s camo” red/orange finish?

  • hikerguy

    My daughter just walked by the screen and said “Pink AR dad! I want it!”. “Save your money” was my reply.

  • William C.

    Not quite as bad as that Hello Kitty AR.

    • Bob Z Moose

      You mean not quite as AWESOME!

  • JRW

    I’m building my lady an AR-15 at the moment β€” I asked her at the start of the build what color she wanted it in, even opened it up to any color she pleased. She said ‘OD Green β€” f#ck pink’.

    I agree, red, blue and orange are totally lacking.

  • Chase

    I have heard some people express dissatisfaction with the 90Β° angle of the LMT SOPMOD stock’s butt. This looks like a pretty good answer to that complaint. And cheaper, too.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I never got why people were so opposed to pink in guns. The anti-gun crowd poo-pooed the idea of guns that aren’t black or stainless as some evil plot to hypnotize women into buying guns. BS? Yep.

    My only reason for wanting a pink stock would be for laughs and craps. It definitely softens the images of the gun. Darn media. I couldn’t see putting a pink stock on my dream AR, but… I don’t know, maybe just on one of the IO STG-2000s in pink garb. Now, that would be a conversation starter at the range.

    • BombedCarnivore

      Pink furniture is on my dream AR.

  • george

    Somebody needs to start making white parts and magazines that can be dyed to any color.

    • SPC Fish

      its pretty easy to just get them “dipped” check out hydroprintservices.com

      The owner Scott is a real gun guy and can work with pretty much anything. and his finishes dont just rub off like a lot of things do.

  • Griffin

    I suspect there is a huge unfulfilled market for furniture not in solid colors or camo but instead patterns or graphics.

    Why there aren’t more stocks, hand guards, etc with skulls, spiders, and other graphics is beyond me. Judging by how gaga people get over AAC, and essentially any “hardcore” brand, lots would buy firearm gear with hardcore graphics.

    Not my thing, but…

  • B

    I would love to see some graphics done in say fall foliage or some Vietnam era tiger stripe camo.
    Or, go for broke, get some licensing from some companies like Microsoft, Activision, Capcom and Valve, and make Halo editions, Call of Duty editions, or other video game related ones (Left4Dead or Resident Evil/Biohazard to jump on the zombie bandwagon).
    I gotta admit, as much as I love video games, I would probably get Halo, Left4Dead, and Resident Evil furniture.

  • Frank J

    Not sure if they willing to come out in red or blue as Paintball marker manufacturer RAP4 comes out those part in blue and red for law enforcer/less lethal use.


  • JD

    I completely agree with the red and blue comment. I just saw a video the other night of the FNH 3GN team and one of the guys had a blue SCAR that looked pretty wicked.

  • derfel cadarn

    Let me say that these stocks play towards ones vanity and the pictures of Ann Barnhardt are attractive these serve little practical purposes. Yes they are equal in quality and performance to their counterparts,yet they would seem a poor choice for those that may need to be involved in covert action.

  • Mikado Delgado

    When is someone just gonna make a Stars-n-Stripes pattern for these things???

  • W

    SHTF brown. too funny. On a serious note, that looks like a excellent tactical base color for treks into the woods or desert πŸ˜€

    • hikerguy

      Brown is a color found in many environments. Beats me why this is not used as a base color as well. Black is not exactly found much in nature, and the various greens would not be applicable to all settings. Flat dark earth would also do well as a base color.

  • “I can’t help but thinking there is large unfulfilled market for red and blue furniture.”

    Cavalry Manufacturing makes M4 stock sets in Blue, Red, Orange, Electric Green, Purple, and Pink.

  • BombedCarnivore

    And now it’s not on their site anymore.