Steyr AUG Returning to USA, Not Happy About Clones

We broke the news last year that Steyr were planing on exporting Steyr AUG parts kits to the Steyr Arms (USA) facility in Trussville, Alabama for assembly into complete rifles. These rifles will be going on sale next month. The Steyr AUG A3 SA rifles now feature the cold hammer-forged barrels that Steyr are famous for.

European Steyr AUG A3 at IWA. Yes, something is not quite right with that scope.

The Steyr AUG ceased to be imported when the BATFE raided Steyr’s partner Sabre Defence and shutdown their factory.

In the press release Steyr take a swipe at AUG clone makers

Several companies have attempted to reverse engineer the iconic Steyr AUG for the American public, but unless a rifle boasts the interrupted four-ring Steyr bullseye beside “Steyr Arms” stamped on the receiver, it is not an authentic Steyr product. Any imitation rifles and/or parts do not carry Steyr Arms’ unconditional support, nor will the company warrant or repair them.

The MSRP will be $2,099. This is $200 lower than the price when they were first sold in 2008.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jerry

    The AUG is seriously interesting looking but $2100 is still a lot of money, especially when you can get an FN2000 for just about the same price and get a truly ambidexterous bullpup as the same time.

    • BrianB

      FN2000 has a serious design flaw. If you have ever used it, you would never compare the two. It is also the reason why hardly anyone adopted it.

      • nick

        can you please tell me what is the design flaw?

      • Diego

        Please, tell us what is the desing flaw.

      • Doug

        FN just dropped their price on the FS2000 to approx $1600, so “design flaw” or not I think that brings them into comarison for potential buyers that haven’t decided which bullpup platform they want.

        If it’s the trigger that you call a “design flaw” from what I’ve heard the trigger pull sucks, but I’ve been eyeing the FN since they came out and haven’t talked to anyone that complained of anything other than the trigger.

      • RocketScientist

        I am very curious as well. My shooting-buddy owns one (FS2000), I’ve put probably 5-600 rds through his. I’ve not noticed a flaw, other than the mags can be a little snug to insert (and apparently taking out an anti-dust o-ring will fix that problem if you’re not going to be shooting in the dessert). I shoot lefty, so for me does NOT have the fatal design flaw that all other non-RFB bullpups have, namely flinging hot brass into my face/neck with every trigger pull.

      • PCP

        Handling a FS2000 is like handling a frozen mini tuna. It happens that frozen tunas are surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable. The stock scope sucks though.

        The only “flaw” on the gun that I can think is the rubber gasket on the magzine well. It was made to keep dust and mus out but also keeps EMAGS and etc out as well as preventing the mags from dropping free. It’s not such a big deal and it can be fixed by simply removing the rubber ring. And that there is no bolt open position due to the ejection system.

        And there is the ejection system, simply a brilliant piece of engineering ingenuity. It has the potential to make some pretty fucked up jams, if they ever happen. You has to consider that most of the ejection process is “guided” and the cases are rammed pretty hard, so I suppose the chances for a jam are quite low if the tolerances are kept low.

      • I own the Steyr AUG A1, MSAR STG-556, and FN FS2000 and, though I like all three, have far preferred the use and reliability of the FS2000. My FS2000 feeds, fires, and extracts any brand and type of ammo I’ve tested through it whereas the AUG’s have been more finicky about steel-cased and surplus ammunition.

        I personally disliked the FS2000 front handguard but switched it to the FN tri-rail with a stubby vertical grip. On the AUG and Clone I dislike the charging handle but again, there is a replacement for that and use the Rat Worx solution.

        I mostly use FN FNC steel mags in all of my STANAG/AR15 magwells these days and don’t have any issues with the magwell gasket of the FS2000. As a side note, I was a Magpul EMag lover for a time and now am more ambivalent. There are too many guns we test out that won’t use them.

    • W

      I wouldnt blame anybody for buying a FS2000. Those are a fine family of weapons. For some reason, I really like that safety. Im curious how these steyr rifles will compare to a microtech?

  • TangledThorns

    $2100 is ridiculous. Moving forward, if Steyr is upset about clones then maybe they should sell their original rifles instead of crying about it.

    That being said, I do like their pistols 🙂

    • Sian

      $2100 MSRP means hopefully $1500 street once the initial demand rush is met, which is not too bad.

      • William


        Here in Austria the civilian A3 sells for ca. 2000EUR including 20% VAT (which is of course lower in the US or even not charged at all).
        If we deduct the VAT and other taxes and round it up i come to around 1300EUR which is 1700 USD.

    • Spade

      Yeah, the whole “original rifle” thing is why I didn’t buy an AUGA3 and won’t now.

      I got the MSAR because I always wanted a new AUG. Old scope, no rails, all that. That’s what I wanted because that’s what I couldn’t get/couldn’t afford for all those years.

  • Lemming

    Just thought I’d tell you guys that I’m drooling all over my keyboard right now. Agh, just shave a couple hundred dollars of the price tag and I’d have anew gun for my collection.

  • Nater

    I might have to start buying AUG mags or a STANAG stock. This is the only bullpup I’ve ever really been interested in owning. They really need to make a railed forend for it.

  • gunslinger

    i’ve been interested in one of these, but i doubt i’ll drop the coin on it yet. still have other items i’d rather have first.

    i do find it funny when a company has people asking for their product, but wont release it to a paying public, then gets upset when copies/clones are made and people buy them. yes copyright/trademark law issues asside, people will do what they can to get what they want.

  • Munkfish

    “Our warranty doesn’t cover other company’s products!”

    Yeah, and?

  • snake

    Return to US market? Too late.

  • Tony

    It is always good to have something other than an AR or an AK.

  • I can only imagine Steyr is semi-passively attacking MSAR with that comment. Correct me if I am wrong but the AXR was a clone, made by TPD in the Northwest, but had authentic Steyr parts supplied directly. The Sabre Defence AUG A3 was a license build and therefore not really a clone. They used the plural of “several companies” but don’t know of any other copied, manufactured, and sold on the market they could be referring to.

    • Frank

      Well it wouldn’t be the first time microtech copied someone else.

  • Stella

    Forgive my ignorance: does/will Steyr’s civilian AUG accept STANAG magazines? PMags?

    I want a bullpup–badly in fact. Saving for one will spur me into having my ARs spayed/nurtured: I let nature take its course and am now saddled with four chambers to feed. As I am swimming in AR magazines, however, compatibility is a pretty big deal. I think the Tavor is compatible, as is the FS2000, though to shoot that I am going to have to weight train my trigger finger.

    • bob

      Stella, Steyr offers a conversion AUG stock that will take NATO spec STANG magazines. You can purchase it from CDNN or Steyr USA for $250-$350, I think. I am going to purchase a Steyr AUG myself the minute it gets released, I foolishly didn’t pick one up the last time they were available. Steyr is well known to stand behind every firearm they sell with spare parts and excellent customer service, heck they still warranty the pre-ban AUG’s sold in the 1980’s!

      • Sian

        would be nice if they offered a version M16-mag-stocked from the beginning. They’d sell a ton of them.

      • Stella

        Bob: thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

        I agree with Sian in that having to buy another stock for magazine compatibility is a hidden but nonetheless requisite cost. Despite the virtues of the AUG mag, I think I speak for many enthusiasts when I say that I’m not interested investing in a 5.56 magazine system that is not comparable with the AR platform. That does not make the AUG less awesome, just more expensive.

        I’m still holding a torch for the Tavor though.

    • Aaron

      You may have seen it already by the time I’m posting this, but Steyr is offering 2 models of the AUG for the American civilian market. One is for normal Steyr mags and the other is made for M16-type mags (called the “NATO” version I think). There is no cost difference that I know of.

      That’s the one I plan on getting 🙂

  • Jonah

    Any information about California-legal versions?

    • Mike

      You’d have to change the muzzle device, design a new bullet button system and add a few inches to the overall length. Doubt Steyr wants to do all that.

      • James

        I live in CA and my shop PRK Arms in Frenso and Visalia were able to legalize my MSAR STG 556, there is a bullet button already made for the AUG. If anyone can do it, im sure PRK can.

  • AR

    $2100 is a good deal…if the package includes a 9mm conversion kit in addition to the rifle.

  • cc19

    The A3 is nice and modernized and all, but my love of the system came from seeing it in the 80’s. A1 retro model too please, Steyr. In OD green.

    • AFAIK, the rail comes off and 1.5x original scope can be mounted in its place.

  • george

    Can you really whine about clones when people aren’t able to buy the real deal? No, you can’t.

    • W


  • Tanstaafl2

    I don’t predict very brisk sales at that price – kinda steep

  • Peter Ball

    $2100? The Austrians at Styer really need to have a long talk with the Austrians at Glock about making a reliable, top quality, affordable weapon. For that price they might as well not bother ’cause the MSAR E4 will kill them at the point of sale.

  • Scouse

    The clone? Built with wrong height to the scope, it is over 1/2″ too low, crane your neck any which way, it sucks.

    I like the comment on price, comparing the Glock priceing.

    I have been to the plant in the town of Steyr in Austria, the way they make these rifles, masters of production, they could sell these at $1.000. US, and make a profit, the cold hammer forged barrels? Incredable process.

    The Steyr magazine, is the best in the world, practically indestructible, see through, and so easy to fill. Steyr here had a special on them. in black, $10? I think, I bought 4.

    Stick to the Steyr magazines, so many crap M16 mags on the market.

    Alternative method of holding this rifle, right hand shooter. Do not deploy the hand guard, just bring the left hand back to the front of the trigger guard, grip tight, tuck left elbow into the body, very stable.