Kurdistan Workers’ Party Show Off New Anti-Material Rifle

New propaganda photos from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) show insurgents showing off their new rifles. The rifles appear to be chambered in a large anti-material caliber, possibly .50 BMG or 14.5x114mm Russian.

I am unable to identify the rifle. Its simple single shot design resembles the .50 cal rifles that enthusiasts build at home, a style illustrated in Bill Holmes’ infamous “.50-Caliber Rifle Construction Manual“.

The rifle does include some innovative features (for DIY gun). The bolt has a number of gas ports to prevent a catastrophic failure if gas leaks from the chamber (case failure). The free floating handguard has an integral bipod. The scopes look like illuminated Made In China specials.

These rifles look heavy and not the type of gun you would want to lug back and forth in the mountains between Turkey and Iraq while trying to evade the Turkish airforce.

The question with all large caliber homemade rifles is if they do more damage to the operator or to the opposing force!

[ Many thanks to Siyah for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Ben

    Looks quite like the Serbu BFG .50, the single shot version anyway.

  • BrianB

    Steve, just like al qaeda is not an insurgent group neither is PKK. They are a terrorist organization defined so by US and many other countries and have taken the lives of thousands of innocent civilians.

    • mordi

      shut up turk

    • W

      Insurgent groups do utilize terrorism to fulfill their political goals, though the definition of insurgency is a rebellion against a authority (Turkey; in order to acquire a autonomous traditional Kurdish area). Thus the PKK is a insurgency rather than traditional terrorists as we know. The PKK does fit into the category of a insurgency. Al Qaeda is also a insurgency.


      • Agri

        Bullshit, the PKK made a peace proccess with Turkey 3 times and Turkey backed out and started to attack the PKK again.

        Last peace proccess was 3 Steps, first step was to take the PKK guerillas out of Turkey which happend.
        The second step was supposed to be taken by Turkey by 1. of September 2013, and today the date is over, so Turkey does not want any peace proccess, these are blood thirsty mother fuckers and PKK need to deal with them the same way.

  • Denny

    As somebody has suggested in one of previous articles – any barely industrialized country is capable of making large caliber rifle. It can be even Bangladesh for that matter. From the look on user’s faces you can tell how they appreciate their acquisition. Heck, even if it shoots with 2MOA accuracy it is still good enough as long as scope does not fall off.

  • Jebusmobile

    It’s Anti-materiel rifle, not material.

  • Ilgar De─čirmenci

    I guess these rifles are used at Ambushes against Turkish army , Don’t think they carry it all the time . Only when try to make something big , a proper organized attack of at least 100 men , with probably no hope to get the rifle back so they just throw it . I guess these rifles are either supplied from Assad at Syria or Iran.

  • Rasp65

    The scope looks like one of those government overrun Counter Snipers

  • “Anti-materiel.” Don’t write about things you don’t understand, you just perpetuate ignorance. You also, as an amateur, didn’t even mention THE RECEIVERS!!! Great gun story (*not*), moron.

  • ALP

    PKK is a terrorist group.Killer chield.

    • Agri

      Those are all Kurdish children, you dog.
      That is what Turkish people is good at, murder kids and blame PKK, alot of these kids were killed in the bombing of Qandil since they live close to that place.

      Hundreds of European interviewers visit the pkk each year, and these people are in the camp for week alot of them just fall in love with their passion for freedom and stay with them, PKK is fighting for freedom and peace. 20 Millions kurd are in Turkey, not allowed to speak or practice their own culture.

      And right now Turkey is supporting the Free syrian army, and Al-Nusra in Syria this is as clear as day light.

      PKK closed the Border between turkey and Syria where the terrorist gets their weapon, but Turkey immediatley open up 2 new borders. Stop believing every fucking shit you hear you dog

  • deadeye

    what hell happened to firearms not politics, who gives a flip what these camel jockeys are.

  • Lance

    Looks like more head aches for the Turks.

  • Jeff

    If they’re giving them away I’ll have one. They look OK to me.

  • John Doe

    They look heavy, but still lighter and cheaper than a Barrett.

  • -V-

    Interesting. On the accuracy comment, if they are used truly as anti-material rifles against soft and lightly armored machinery, a great deal of precision is probably not necessary. 1 meter dispersion at 1000 meters is most likely sufficient to knock out a truck or disable an APC (at closer range). On the rifles, seems like they are very rationally thought through with the vented bolt. Is it the latest and greatest? Nope, but they also probably cheap as all come to make – and that has a certain upside of its own.

  • Devang

    Is it the chinese JS 05 or some related rifle? Its a 12.7x108mm rifle I saw on world guns ru. http://world.guns.ru/sniper/large-caliber-sniper-rifles/ch/js-05-e.html

    • Ben

      Ding ding ding! Certainly looks like a match or at least the closest so far, I can see 12.7×108 being a good choice due to power and cost advantages over .50 BMG, good find ­čÖé

      • 15yroldgunman

        Look at the bolt there very dissimilar rifles

  • what part of kurdistan (turkey, iran, or iraq) are these guys insurging against?

    • Baker

      In the P.K.K.’s case, all of them.

    • candygram

      The PKK is the main Kurdish rebel group in Turkey, though they often operate out of sanctuaries in Iraqi Kurdistan. They attempted to make peace and become a political party advocating better treatment for the Kurdish minority under a deal with the Turkish government in the late 90s after the capture of their leader but the Turkish government reneged on the deal and the PKK were driven back into rebellion.

      • Anickname

        They are terrorists. The type that gets easily fucked by other countries to rip a piece of land off of Turkey. The ideal type of idiots that are easy to become enslaved. Whilst they can live under the Turkish land they choose to terrorize.

        • 2nickname

          hahaha, funny guy! People who fight for freedom, the most basic human rights, are terrorists? What do you call the tuks than, who don’t allow 20 million people to talk their own language, practice their own culture? Please, come with facts, to Ata Turk talk…

  • Can someone really fire .50 from the rice-paddy prone?

  • I guess the right to bear arms is only good for Americans.

    • bryce

      well since the 2nd amendment is an american constitutional amendment, kinda make sense that the right to bear arms is kinda just for americans

  • Fred
  • nielsc

    Sniper rifles according to YPG

  • Agri

    Its called Zagros, it’s range is 3500 + meters.
    Single shots.
    Was very effective in the Iran vs pkk war in 2011.
    Made from ZPU.

  • Saladin

    Viva la kurdistan

  • Kelly Cowan

    Seems to be working. This is an upload from today, fighting ISIS in northern Iraq. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64wrJC98TTM