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  • Chris b

    My mother is 64 and still has the faint scars on the back of her legs from stealing strawberries off a local farm as a child. The farmer loaded a few doses of 12g rock salt. In a post war era -she was grounded for a month and forced to apologize to the farmer for trespassing and stealing. Cant see that happening now .

    • noob

      And the shells full of salt were probably red, just like the ones still loaded with buckshot.

      a simpler time.

  • Mouse

    I actually want one of these. Now to convince my family to leave the doors open to let flies in…

  • 6677

    I already have a fly gun. Little circle of plastic with a spring loaded tube in the back. Clips directly onto a roughly pistol shaped piece of plastic. Pull trigger and theres a nice splatted fly on the wall. Also works well on siblings and sleeping stepdads

  • bbmg

    you can also adapt an existing air rifle or pistol:

    • Jeff Smith

      @bbmg, Air rifles without pellets are actually pretty effective on their own. I use an old Daisy air rifle (the kind you pump 10 times) to kill wasps and bees. You get a splatter if you use it on anything that doesn’t have a hard shell. It doesn’t have as long of a range as the bug blaster, but the length of the gun gives you a distance of about 3 feet.

      • bbmg

        Indeed. A pneumatic spudgun with a barrel full of water is also good medicine for something like a wasp’s nest 😉

  • Jeff Smith

    How is this man not already a millionaire? I’ll buy a dozen of these!

    Also, what a terrific way to salt your food. It can be so hard to get just the right amount.

  • gunslinger

    my inlaws go camping quite a bit, and the flys are always bugging them and the other family they camp with. this might be better than the old fly swatter

  • JMD

    I’ve got to get one of these for my next camping trip. That looks like a ton of fun!

  • Mike Knox

    I had an Idea about loading rat-shot .22s with rock salt a while back, results were not impressive but rather amusing..

  • schizuki

    A gun that shoots salt? Good God, it’s Bloomberg’s worst nightmare. All it needs is an underbarrel super-soaker full of Pepsi.

  • Gary

    Wouldn’t salt be considered corrosive ammo? LOL

  • Mike

    Put’n one in my bug-out-bag. 🙂

  • Cameron

    Looks like those bugs just got…*puts on sunglasses* as-salt-ed.


    • schizuki

      Now that’s funny.

    • Nick

      What a great way to precisely salt ones food.

  • Gabriel

    this guy looks like the Situation from Jersey Shore. Regardless I would like to blast on insects with his invention!!