KABOOMing for Fun

A Arfcomer decided to see what would happen if he loaded a .45 ACP case with as much powder as he could squeeze in and then fired it in a Hi-Point .45 pistol. His load was ….

Speer large primer .45 case, CCI large pistol primer, 230GR LRN bullet loaded to 1.250 oal, 23 grains bullseye.

The official Alliant Powder (manufacturers of Bullseye) load for a .45 ACP loaded with a 230 grain bullet is 5 grain of Bullseye. He managed to load more than four times the recommended weight of powder.

I don’t think science has been advanced by this experiment.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • ahil925

    This is no experiment, not without a control population. Now he needs to do it to a 1911, a Glock, a Springfield XD, etc…

    • A. Hodges

      You know, I’m actually curious to see how a 1911 would hold up against this. How much better/worse a steel frame would hold up versus that polymer frame of the Hi-Point.

      • When 1911’s ka’boom the barrel usually lets go the slide cracks and the frame is generally in good enough shape to reuse.

      • matt

        It is dependent on the type of a kaboom. Here is pic of a kaboomed Nighthawk 1911. Frame and slide both cracked.

      • matt

        err… thats a S&W 1911 PD which apparently Nighthawk did some work on.

  • DW

    I think he just hates that Hi point

    • noob

      or he might be going to phase 2: how far can he stretch hi-point’s customer service and lifetime warranty?

      • Craig

        that’s true, hi-points do come with a “no questions asked” lifetime repair warranty thats transferable to every owner, no matter how many times it gets sold

  • Avery

    If they were going to experiment with overloading a cartridge, they could’ve at least set up a chronograph and measured how fast the bullet was leaving the gun. Maybe even video of the bullet disintegrating in mid-air.

  • Burst

    I was wearing a mild smirk, up until that last line.
    when he tries, Steve has one of the best deadpans in the blogosphere.

  • I’m no Hypocrite, I love blowing stuff up, too.

    Isn’t this free “ammo” for the Gun “Control” Second Amendment Haters?
    I tell you, freedom of Speech, and of Experiment, aside, the last thing USA needs is Videos of Americans trashing stuff for fun – Specially the way the World’s Economy is…

    Now, if the guy said something like “this is what happens when Gun Specs aren’t respected”;

    1- It’s the truth;
    2-Gun-hating kooks had one less “stupid redneck video” (redneck being anyone not an effete) to gload about.

    • D

      Never try to tailor your message to not offend the opposition. It’s a losing practice. Once you start self-censoring, once you start down the road of concessions like “don’t do this, it might upset them!” then you have already lost the war.

      • Burst

        Protip: absolutely EVERYTHING offends somebody.

        With that in mind, best not to worry about it.

  • Tom

    iraqveteran8888 does a better destruction test on a highpoint those guns can take a massive beating.

  • Tom wrote on July 30th, 2012 at 10:18 pm Link To Comment | Reply To Comment

    iraqveteran8888 does a better destruction test on a highpoint those guns can take a massive beating.


    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! 😀

  • Far-out on the not related Category, but good to shock “Pacifists”, here’s an Ipad with a twist:

  • D

    It’s interesting to see where it failed at. I, to, am curious what the bullet kicked out of the barrel at.

  • hikerguy

    Boy……..The things we do when we are bored.

  • glokblok

    was it really necessary to do this?
    this is the kind of assclownery the gun control pukes use to justify themselves.
    please people, act responsibly with your firearms.

    • RocketScientist

      Isn’t it the case that it is THEIR firearm, to do with as they please? As long as they are not hurting anyone other than themselves, who are you or I or anyone else to tell them what to do with THEIR guns? Doesn’t the philosophy of self-imposing limits on what we do with our guns, to prevent others from placing limits on us seem a little… pointless? (quick guys, lets all cut our eyes out. that we won’t have to worry about going blind!). Just cuz you or I wouldn’t do that with our guns doesn’t mean this dude shouldn’t be able to do WHATEVER he wants with his

      • Griffin

        So if the person in the video was waving a loaded gun around, pointing it randomly at the camera man and his family or friends you wouldn’t say anything nor feel it reflects bad on gun owners? Are you seriously suggesting we aren’t supposed to express judgement so long as it’s his gun, his home, and nobody gets hurts?

        Where is the line at which it’s acceptable for us responsible gun owners to start commenting on the dangerous actions of others? Do we have to wait until they blow up their house accidentally? Or perhaps wait until they have a negligent discharge and shoot someone?

        It is indeed the right of the gun owner to do whatever he wants with his gun; it is also our right to declare assclownery whenever we see it.

      • RocketScientist

        Yes, I am EXACTLY saying that if it is HIS firearm, HIS home, HIS fingers/eyes/ears/life he is risking then WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE. If a man decided he was curious to see what would happen to his 97 accord if he pushed it off a cliff on his property, or how well it would survive being doused in gasoline and set on fire, who the hell are we to say he can’t/shouldn’t? What’s the difference? And philosophically/ideologically, what is the difference between telling someone they can’t intentionally destroy their firearms (“there’s no reason you’d need to, and its irresponsible!!”) and saying they can’t own an AR or high-cap mags (“there’s no reason you’d need to, and its irresponsible!!”). At their root, they are identical. They are both cases of imposing your will on someone else for no other reason than that YOU know better than THEY do what they should do with their own time, money, and property. And that idea is morally repugnant to me. You don’t think it’s a good idea to intentionally kaboom a gun? DON’T DO IT! And as for the argument “its irresponsible things like this that give anti-gunners ammo to use against us”, that’s specious. By that logic do we voluntarily give up semi-auto rifles and high cap magazines and concealed carry guns, so as not to appease anti-gunners and maintain our ‘right’ to keep antique guns and the occasional hunting shotgun? Not me. I call that losing. Sorry for the rant. I just really get up in arms when people start suggesting they have more of a say in what I do with my time, property, and money than I do. Oh Lord… that pun was totally NOT intended.

  • Esh325

    It’s only a Hi Point.

  • Adam

    Like how his reloading room doubles as a test chamber. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Griffin

      My first thought too!

  • Mu

    The experiment isn’t even showing that it was the overpressure that did the gun in. He’s holding the gun by the slide, so the whole “convert part of the impulse into energy to rechamber” part of the gun’s operation is eliminated. Now we need someone to try it again with a regular load and show that the gun, of for that matter any gun, can survive these conditions.

  • El Duderino

    For his next trick, he could use the same load with several .45cal musket balls stuffed in the barrel. And shoot 10lbs of tannerite from 10ft away. And then strap JATO rockets to his ’67 Impala and fly into a cliff.

  • mosinman

    this is my reaction to this seeing this post! 😀

  • gunslinger

    can’t watch the vid at work. but… my first reaction was wow… what an idiot. but can’t say much more than that.

  • Two things:

    1) The cameraman and his subject need some practice getting interesting things into the frame.

    2) I wonder how quickly the Kb photos will be separated from the story and mutate into “Hi-Points blow up!” Internet legends.

  • Asdf

    And one more example of why you never shoot other people’s reloads in your guns.

  • Peter Ball

    ….and then they went back inside the double-wide to drink more Buds while watching NASCAR.

  • إبليس

    A video where we don’t have wade through five minutes of dialogue to see the explosion? Blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lance

    A good case of what NOT to do. I’m surprised the .45 pistol and round could take so much powder before blowing up. nice article.

  • Mike Knox

    Somewhere, Someone in Hi-Point is havin an aneurysm..

    • marlin

      Made in Mansfield, OH; poo poo them all you want it is a straight blowback pistol and they actually function well.

  • Chase

    I think it’s funny that they refer to themselves as “rednecks” when they actually sound less redneckish than a lot of people on YouTube. Although science was not advanced, this video was entertaining. 🙂

  • squashpup

    Wonder how long it’ll be before these pics show up on a “premium brand pistol” forum as proof that Hi Points are dangerous?

  • 5280Loader

    What a way to ruin a good Hi-Point…..wait a minute…..good and Hi-Point in the same sentence. LMAO! I wonder if the florecent orange sights were damaged. I would love to have those on my 1911. HAHA! 23gr of bullseye! I’m surprised there wasn’t a mushroom cloud.

  • daniel

    Damn. That caused like $80 in damage.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Purposefully overloading a cartridge to blow up a HiPoint is like shooting out streetlamps to make the sun go down.

  • Sven Weichbrodt

    What a genuinely irresponsible idiot. With attention once again focused on firearm ownership in the USA this is not what we need when individuals try to represent themselves as responsible gun owners.

  • James

    If any of you guys have functioning guns you just don’t want anymore hit me up!!!! I don’t care if it’s a Hi-point or Raven or Rohm… I’ll gladly just meet up with you and take them away. I know it was that guy’s gun and he has a right to do whatever he wants with it but just so EVERYONE knows I will never turn down a free firearm.

  • Laserbait

    I’m impressed that there wasn’t more carnage.

  • Now that was interesting, i thought it would blow up into many many small pieces. Red Neck Testing Group. good job.