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  • L.Jefe

    In mother Russia, hand explode on Glock!

    • Tobse

      In soviet Russia, Glock disassembles You!

  • Brian P.

    For some reason…this actually makes me want a Glock even more now.

  • Vhyrus

    Why make them in Russia though?

    • Freiheit

      Wild ass guess: Because if its made in Russia it might be easier to bid and win Russian contracts and sales.

    • Komrad

      To get around import laws probably.

      • charles222

        Potentially lower production costs? I’d bet Russia is a whole lot less worker-friendly than most of Europe is.

    • atm

      Putin is shaking things up over there again with laws against foreign-owned companies. Having the guns sold in Russia assembled there probably offers Glock some level of protection.

  • Alien426

    Seems pretty bad to me. They have a high markup on the materials they use (don’t remember how much producing a Glock would cost based on material and machining, only that it was said to be very low). Glock does very little R&D (next generations of existing designs mostly). Yet they won’t manufacture wholly in country…

    Disclosure: My sister is about to lose her job because her department is being outsourced to Romania.

    • atm

      I’ve seen $80 in raw material, $200 total to produce, with labor and overhead.

    • Denny

      You are absolutely right. This is way of present and so much more of future. The original names are more or less just a “shell” with nothing behind it (with exception of collecting profit, of course). This applis right accross the manufacturing from icecream thru clothing to industrial valves. The ‘side-effect’ is that one time know-how societies will not be able to feed themselves.

    • Justin

      Just got done reading the new glock book. Glock’s always made it corporate policy to play various shell games that reduce their tax liability. Probably one of those maneuvers.

  • six11
    1750 USD
    Licensed as sport pistol for use in russian shooting ranges/clubs as stated in description from Orsis and I guess it will be easier to acquire for local LE departments. Civilians can’t own handguns.

  • gunslinger

    whats the difference between “made” and “assembled” in russia?

    • Zincorium

      ‘Made’ means that at least a majority of the parts that go into the gun were manufactured in Russia.

      ‘Assembled’ means that the parts were shipped in from elsewhere and only put together in Russia.

  • jack

    Just another great reason not to buy a glock,that and they make then out of recycled milk jugs.

  • Foetus

    And this is what you call… An East Glock !


  • AMX

    I’m not quite sure, but that appears to be an actual Glock slide, too.

    Mildly surprising, IMO – using frames from Austria, and slides from the US, seemed quite shrewd as far as export regulations are concerned.

  • mechamaster

    Glock with Russian quality. Hopefully this is more reliable and durable like AK. Also, cheaper if it’s possible.

  • tincankilla

    for “assembled in russia” and plastic, i expect to pay proletarian prices. $250 or so sounds about right. anybody out there making affordable glock clones?

    • Kyle

      Smith and Wesson did. Then they got legally screwed for it. So did GSG by H&K. If you make a clone of something that’s popular in .22, the original maker will sue you out of existence then make it themselves. IT’s why Colt got into the .22 AR game and why Umarex now makes .22 MP5’s for higher cost than GSG was making them at.

      • W

        smith and wesson “got screwed” because of patent infringement with the sigma. they literally copied it. Glock had every reason to get ass chapped.

        You are correct with the GSG though. Of course if i was a firearms manufacturer and another different company started making 22 clones of it without my approval, i would get pissed to. I find it irritating however, that they didnt at least charge a similar price. The last part with higher pricing is a bit of asshat behavior to say the least.

      • W

        oh i also forgot to add,

        if you want a “affordable glock”, get a moderately used gen 2 or 3. you can find them for 300-400 bucks depending on where you look.

        if you dont want to spend even that, i suggest a hi point (which are good at their own right for the money).

        A serious alternative is a Ruger SR9, CZ P09, or Caracal. Those are cheaper though you would be hard pressed to find them for under 400 (perhaps used).

        Thats just my .2 cents. Milage may vary.

  • ducky

    The proof stamp on the slide looks exactly like on the austrian made guns.
    How’s that? Thought they test fire complete pistols and not barrel and slide seperately (to be shipped to Russia for assembling complete pistol).

  • Lance

    I notice Asian writing on the slide. Maybe for Hong Kong Police or Malaysian police??

    Since Russian LE uses Glocks wouldn’t be surprised to see more made in Russia anyway.

  • Tim Vasquez

    Pretty interesting. Surely Glock is confident with the integrity of the assembling.

    • Lance

      The Russians are one of the best gun makers in the world. they are often overlooked BUT they make some great weapons. There AKMs they sold in all over Commie groups in Africa in the 70s and 80s are not cared for but shoot well and work great today. That’s one great testimony. And why out of cheaper labor nations in Europe Glock chose them.

      • W

        anything Russia, whether its guns, armored vehicles, helicopters, and aircraft, is generally very robust and durable. Remember, they have to work in the arctic conditions and be operated by lesser trained soldiers. Im curious to see how these Russian Glocks fare.

      • Denny

        You may even want to go as far as into WWII times: Germans or British never managed to outpace T34 tank. But back to recent decades…. western perception that “everything was for money” in past USSR is not correct. The weapons and equipment were given out to allied regimes mostly for token fee or for free. Remember, the system was nat based on might of money (as capitalist tool), but success of ideology. History teaches stages and current result. This story is part of it.

      • I’d imagine that the trigger bar assemblies and adjustable rear sights are shipped to Russia from Austria. Aside from those subassemblies, you can assemble/disassemble a Glock with nothing more than a 3/32″ pin punch, and it’s not very hard. Glocks are actually simpler than AKs.


    DO WANT! Would be a perfect companion to an Izhmash Arsenal AK…

  • Alex-mac

    This just makes Glocks cooler.

  • Mike Knox

    Somehow, I’m hoping this helps Izmash..

  • J Manlicher

    When people say glocks are made of plastic, it’s like saying 1911s are made of tin. Not all plastic is the same, just as not all metal is the same.