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  • higgs

    Usually these colored slides\mag plates denote simunition weapons.

    • JonMac

      Not in this case. As others have hinted, it’s a BBM ‘GAP’ blowback replica firing 8mm PAK.

      A black replica would be a ‘Realistic Imitation Firearm’, but still available for TV companies under one of the exemptions.

      They haven’t bothered to use their exemption, possibly because some idiot thought it looked scifi.

      Anyway, the show got cancelled after one season.

  • Ray

    It is just a readily available 8mm blank firing gun. If you ever get a chance to look inside them you’d worry about pulling the trigger, it is absolutely scary how shoddy the workmanship is.

    • Burst

      Glock joke goes here.

  • Lance

    Aww like M&Ms Glocks have all the colors of the rainbow 😉 LOL.

    • Ringo

      You mean skittles 😉

  • KC

    I like the orange on it; but I don’t like that orange means “safe” to a number of those in the gun community.

  • Graham2

    I think some idiot at the BBC thought these looked cool and got the actors to carry them. My first reaction was, ‘look, they’re only allowed blank firers in space!’

    It’s also a shame that the show was such utter, utter crap! No wonder they’re not making any more.

  • Steff Davies

    Outcasts was hilariously, terribly bad. So much so that I watched it avidly just for the laughs. Especially amusing to me was that though they’d managed interstellar flight, they’d still not managed to replace the bloody awful L85.

  • justin

    In future England, there are so few real guns left they decided that it was easier to make the real guns brightly colored (thats coloured for you brits) to distinguish from the Toy guns. Now if you want to see something you should see the British Police’s See through MP5A3s

  • West

    Happy Halloween…?

  • huey148

    not really liking it as most would assume a bright orange pistol would be for training, adds to the liability of a ND in my book…

    • Griffin

      My first thought went to ND as well. Bright colors such as Blue and Orange are often used for training non-operative pistols.

      I did, though, like it aesthetically.

  • alannon

    Oddly, I just watched the first ep yesterday. In addition to being hilariously bad, as mentioned above, it has a very strong anti-gun message.

    Not that it kept the “PaS” (peace and safety, I think) officers from blowing someone away.

  • Numan

    There are lots of real-life examples of the odd-coloured weapons, like this training Panzerhaubitze 2000 🙂

  • Jeff

    During the early 1990s crack wars, I recall learning that some of the gangbangers in L.A. had taken to painting the muzzles of their pistols orange. It was supposed to make them look like toy guns. The strategy behind it was the hope that it would disrupt the thought process of a responding police officer. The cop might be momentarily confused, and fearful of shooting someone who was not actually armed with a real gun. That second of pause could give the banger the edge. Pretty damned evil, huh?

  • james

    That’s probably just some bs the LA times came up with to defend cops shooting kids with actual toy guns. They defend the LAPD no matter how horrible they are.

  • Chase

    It reminds me of the old light gun for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was also partially orange.

  • Just Saying

    Certain colors like orange and pink should be banned from being used on real guns because they’re often used to denote toys or replica guns.

    • David/Sharpie

      …No, because then a cop will think “Oh, its orange, it’s fake” and it be a real gun and he gets shot.

      How about, if it looks like a gun, it is a gun, so until you can verify its fake, assume it’s real.

    • Andy

      In California it’s already a misdemeanor to make commercially available for sale a firearm whose overall color scheme is primarily bright orange or lime green.

  • BillCa

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

    Go to Google Images and do a search on “Training Guns”. Orange, Fire-engine Red and a medium blue are all colors used for non-firing training weapons. IMHO, allowing people to color real guns in these same colors is bad practice, just as allowing someone to paint the muzzle of a real gun orange is bad practice. What results is that police then have a rational reason for shooting anyone pointing a toy gun at any other person.

    It also works in reverse. Anyone who has taken any kind of close combat hand technique class may be accustomed to a blue, red or orange gun indicating an inert weapon. Some store clerk sees a thug with a blue gun and tries his disarm technique, but gets shot instead.

    In police circles, they use colored stocks on some weapons to indicate a weapon configured for less-than-lethal or specialty ammo. This is to ensure the proper weapon is used. It also allows witnesses (and video) to see that a L-T-L weapon was deployed.

    There are plenty of other less confusing colors out there. Let’s not give anyone yet another reason to enact stupid gun laws.

    • Cymond

      Why would anyone try to disarm an inert weapon?

      • BillCa

        You ask why “disarm” someone with an inert weapon? Because some will think it’s better to take it away so he can’t try using it against someone else. Sounds silly, I know. But there was an incident like this in the SF area a few years ago where the guy “disarmed” his robber of a toy gun (complete with orange muzzle). Go figure.

    • David/Sharpie

      Agreed, and police will shoot, and will not be held at fault if they shoot you and you were holding anything that looks like a weapon.

      The RCMP in Canmore (I think) responded to a call and after a few hours of negotiating he came out and pointed what looked like a rifle (I know you’re going to say WTF in a sec, but it was dark, somewhat far away, and he had legal guns) and they shot him, it was later revealed he taped an umbrella to his hands and pointed it at police.

  • Nicks87

    Rather have an orange glock than any 1911. lololololol!!

    Sorry I couldnt resist.

    • Phil White

      Nicks87, I knew it and I will take a 1911 over any Glock:-) There we cancelled each other out.

  • Orange Glocks are not capable of firing real ammo. They have been modified to fire a laser beam and use a CO2 cartridge to move the slide. They are used for simulation training on electronic tactical simulators.

    The Gander Mountain near Orlando uses them.

  • Outcast member

    I worked on Outcasts. It was shot in South Africa and the orange coloured Glocks are nothing more than Airsoft guns with painted slides, you will also see white SA80A1s (also airsoft).BTW show really sucked

  • Mike Knox

    Looking at these pics gave me a hankering for skittles..

  • Nicks87

    I paint all my glocks orange or bright green it makes them easier to find when you’re drunk lol!!!

    (Just kidding I would never advocate the use or handling of firearms while intoxicated)