How a Fantasy Blank Firing Rifle Is Made

This shows the process of making a blank firing replica gun. The video shows the steps from CAD design to the finished working gun.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, these Japanese gun designers need to immigrate to a country where they can make the real thing!

Photos of the gun are here.

[ Many thanks to Kei for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • matt

    Whats up with them tinting the “scope” lens pink?

    • Avery

      That’s the way it appears in the animation. It’s supposed to be a human-scaled version of the giant robot Zaku’s machine gun from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. That’s why he appears at the end dressed as Char, the villain pilot from the show.

  • Gihren Loyalist


  • Burst

    I’d imagine staying in Japan and doing this has it’s own appeal.
    True, it’s not a real gun but you can fire it every day, without an outdoor range, permit, or waking the neighbors (probably).

    Japan’s lack of guns is a downer, but the rest of the country offers a pretty significant counterweight.

  • Bryan S.

    I would guess this isnt a “blank” gun as we would see. Its a cap firing blank gun. those are slick, you can reload the “brass” cheaply.

  • -V-

    I’d be very interested in the design of the burst mechanism there. S-1-2-3-4-FA is a interesting setup.

  • balaclava

    you do realize you don’t need to be in a country to design weapons for a client there right?

  • Tony

    This a Zaku’s gun from Mobile Suit Gundam

  • mechamaster

    Next time, he will cosplay as HiZack Mobile Suit, and carrying Stg44 Assault rifle, and go to ComiFes.

    • Gihren Loyalist

      Hizacks still used the Zaku rifle.

      What you want is the Geara Zulu. Some “mechamaster” you are.

      -SIEG ZEON

      • mechamaster

        Ow, I’m sorry, it’s Geara Zulu signature rifle that closer to real life Stg44. ZIEG ZEON !

  • Good thing this gun fires perfectly!

    Now if only he could make guns from the Earth Federation…