MasterPiece Arms MPA57sst in ATACS Camo

MasterPiece Arms MPA57sst, chambered in 5.7x29mm, is now available with a ATACS camo finish.

This model features adjustable sights, a side-cocker, scope mount and muzzle break. The MSRP is$660.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nathaniel

    Typo in the opening sentence.

  • JAFO

    Surely you mean a muzzle “brake”.

    Seriously, does anyone proofread this stuff?

  • glok blok

    looks like a modified m11/9mm. i wonder if it will be as in-accurate as the original

    • Trev

      Inaccuracy is a relative term considering the m11 platform and it’s 1200 rpm ROF.

  • Trev

    Poor Steve, the grammar nazis have become bolder!

  • Josh


  • Beefalo

    Has anyone actually had any trigger time with any of the Masterpiece MAC knockoffs? I’m curious how they perform.

    • Woodroez

      Very brief. Outside of the awful ergonomics inherent to that platform, the MasterPiece Arms pistols seem to work just fine! Closed breech direct blowback operation. Recoil was not painful, but I think the design of the MAC pistol made muzzle flip seem excessive, but this is, again, limited experience. If you buy it not pretending it’s really all that practical, they are absolutely fine.

      • Jeff Smith

        Woodroez, A good friend of mine has one and I have shot it several times. I completely agree with your comment.

  • Martin Rudolph

    The image says 5.7x28mm (FN) but the article says 5.7×29 (?). If its the FN i’m down, thats a SICK round. Just grabbed a PS90 because of it.

    • West

      Ive always wanted an FN 57 pistol but you cant shoot them at the indoor ranges in my city.

      • cc19

        A large indoor range in my neck of the woods said the same thing. “Too high velocity,” they said. But once they started selling them that rule conveniently disappeared.

  • West

    Interesting. Looks cool.
    I have quite a bit of trigger time with the M-10 9mm and, at least for me, the only way I was ever able to achieve accuracy on full auto fire was with a barrel extender to hold onto.

  • RDW

    Putting a pretty dress on a pig doesn’t change the fact that you still have a pig!

  • Michael

    Cheapest way to get into 5.7 shooting
    FN prices are crazy, I did buy a pistol, but the PS90 prices are out of my league. This might be a fun gun.
    American Eagle are producing a 40 grain TMJ round. Hopefully it will appear soon.
    Savage have dropped the bolt 5.7 Rifle from their web site

    • SKINNI

      The American Eagle round is out. I grabbed a few boxes about 2 months ago & put them through my PS90 with no problem. They were about $5 cheaper a box.

      • Michael

        Maybe they will make their way to Central North Carolina soon.
        Very keen to try them.

  • Chase

    Looks like a ghetto, camouflaged MAC 11. (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.)

  • Lex

    how much of a muzzle brake does it really need for 5.7?

    • Vhyrus

      Apparently… that much! I mean, don’t you trust the engineers and designers at masterpiece? They’re professionals, you know!

      • Karl Johnson

        These muzzle brakes are also a barrel extension for slightly better accuracy.

  • anon

    “Grip angle? What’s that?” -unnamed Master Piece Arms designer

  • Ben

    That camo looks amazing! 😀 This seems like a great firearm, should be a decent price due to the MAC design and reliable too, meaning that it’ll be a good 5.7 fun gun at a good price and of any of the carbine kits fit it it would be a great competitor to things like the AR-57 and PS-90. Needless to say I want one 🙂

  • Avery

    This guy needs to rebuild this as a MAC-a-RONI carbine and it would be a cheap MP7-like gun.

    Here’s one of the “MAC-a-RONI” conversion some guy did with a M11 .380/9mm.

    • DW

      lol, but the “MAC-a-RONI” looked…cheesy…

  • D

    That, is one ugly gun. But i bet it puts nice holes in things.

    • Ft.Defiance

      I assume keeping up with Modern events is not your thing. The 5,7X29 cartridges imported or manufactured in the United States are not “cop killer or armor piercing ammo” The issue of armor piercing bullets is an issue of design and energy. 9mm ammo can be made to pierce level three body armor and almost all rifle ammo including such “pipsqueak rounds” as .30 government and .2223 Remington will defeat body armor in most cases.

      • Phil White


        In the 1980’s Federal made armor piercing .357’s. We tried them on several vest and they surely did work. Of course they were banned not much later.

      • PT

        They may not be sold in the US but I’m sure the multi-billion dollar cartels will be able to get AP ammo for this.

  • Pete Geil

    This will be a big sales hit with the Mexican cartels: MAC-10 looks with “cop killer” bullets… or so they think

  • william

    to be honest I thought the igram model series was done after the igram model 11

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    I’m guessing a ‘muzzle break’ is a brake that broke?

  • Randy

    I have one of these MPA57sst pistols. Great weapon. Put 2K rounds through it with no problems. Mine is all black. Its actually very accurate. 4″ discs at 50 yards – no problem. I have a PX4 Storm that is not nearly as accurate as this weapon. I think the muzzle “break” is basically useless due to the low recoil. However, the “brake” is a cool design. 1/2-28 threads so it will fit on my AR. Love the gun though.